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February 2001 (number 1): Why Am I Here on Earth?

  • Why Am I Here on Earth?
  • Subconscious Patterns
  • Soul Fragments and Lost Souls
Why Am I Here on Earth?

I wrote "The Way It Works" to answer the questions I hear over and over from my clients. The questions are always the same: "Why am I here on Earth? What is my purpose? Why did I pick a planet and lifetime with so much pain and suffering?"

Perhaps a better question is, "Are we creators or are we victims?" Most people believe and behave as if they are victims. It's hard for them to believe they would purposely create the things that happen to them. As creators, I believe we are here on Earth to master all the conditions we, as humans, place on love. The situations we create in our lives allow us opportunities to master these conditions; I believe we return here over and over until we do master all the conditions we place on love.

Earth is a realm of dualities consisting of love at one pole and hate at the other. In between are all the other dualities we experience as humans: War-Peace. Joy-Anguish. Hope-Despair. Happiness-Sadness. Abundance-Poverty. Betrayal-Loyalty. Beauty-Ugliness. Dualities are the dynamic fields in which we compose the lessons we create for ourselves.

If we are here on Earth to master unconditional love, don't we also have to master love's duality -- hate? How many of us have mastered the love-hate duality within ourselves? How many of us hate ourselves? Or parts of ourselves? I am not sure it's possible to unconditionally love others until we first learn to love ourselves. What we can do now, however, is have unconditional compassion for others while we are learning to have unconditional love for ourselves.

In 1985, I developed a system of personal transformation called Multidimensional Cellular Healing™. I've renamed this process Heart & Soul Healing™. During a Heart & Soul Healing session, I assist my client in his or her journey toward love, compassion, and understanding their purpose here on Earth. The dynamics of a client's lessons about love often originate in past lives.

Are there even such things as past lives? After doing more than 30,000 past life regressions, I believe there are many possible answers to that question. Whether past lives are linear or holographic life times, they are the way my clients, via their subconscious minds, create stories that help them look at and understand their present lives in a different way.

I believe we are all a part of God and the collective consciousness of all creation. If all of us are One and part of the Creator, sharing a collective consciousness, then we collectively experience everyone's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realities. If this theory is true, then everything that has ever happened to anyone anywhere -- at anytime -- is also a part of us.

Perhaps this concept is too overwhelming because of the linear way most of us perceive our lives. So for now, let's agree that there are past lives, or at least past experiences, and that we have been on a linear path to this time and place. How does this understanding help my clients answer the question of how they ended up here, often in the middle of so much suffering? For my client Leslie, one of her past lives helped her to understand the dynamics she was still creating in her present life.

Leslie had a past life as a peasant in Old Russia. Her family experienced famine, hopelessness, fear, conflict, and pain. They suffered unbearably and she vowed, "I am going to do something about this situation if it's the last thing I ever do." What if the energy and feelings around that promise, made centuries ago, is still with her today? How would that affect her life now?

Leslie has two spiritual tasks to address in this lifetime. She needs to master unconditional love for herself and complete the promise she made in the past. She began this life by choosing her parents. The energetic patterns around them were what initially attracted her spirit. Their energies and issues were the exact reflection of the conditions she needed to master to evolve.

Leslie's parents in this life mirrored life in Old Russia. They were poor, in bad health, helpless, living in a cold apartment, and unable to handle conflict. As she grew up, Leslie blamed her parents for her troubled life and misfortunes. She was determined to do something about the conditions that crushed her parents and seemed to be plaguing her life as well. She constantly recreated situations of conflict, hopelessness, and poverty in her life and wanted to know why. What she wanted was exactly the opposite.

During her Heart & Soul Healing session, Leslie remembered the past life promise she made in Old Russia and realized that to achieve the abundant, joyous life she chose for herself, she would have to balance the dualities of abundance-poverty, hope-despair, and conflict-peace within herself. Leslie realized she would be free to change her world by loving herself as she was -- in spite of everything she felt she lacked and disliked about herself -- and having unconditional compassion for her parents. By addressing and mastering the negative end of a duality, despair for example, she was able to bring unconditional hope into her life.

Most of my clients, like Leslie, subconsciously continue to use the same energetic patterns, first encountered in their parents, to attract people, relationships, and challenging situations to help them learn to master unconditional love. The love-hate duality is a major life lesson we all must master in our spiritual evolution.

If we master every condition we place on love, we will have unconditional compassion for all creation. We come to Earth lifetime after lifetime and eventually experience everything that has been created. By experiencing all possible creations ourselves, we learn unconditional compassion for the creations of others -- without judgment. Imagine. Judgments create separation from others, ourselves, and our Creator. When we no longer separate ourselves and love ourselves unconditionally, others will feel that love in themselves.

Subconscious Patterns

It is apparent we have forgotten what we came to Earth to learn and master. Even if we do not consciously remember what our lessons are, they will still be drawn to us energetically. Whatever we attract in our business and personal relationships will reflect the conditions we are here to master in this life.

We chose our parents and others in our lives to help our transition from being pure spiritual energy into the physical manifestation of being human. They help start us on our way to mastering unconditional love here on Earth. Most of us have only a few conditions left to understand and love in this lifetime. We test ourselves on our issues over and over by energetically finding people to reflect our issues back to us. Our subconscious mind looks for energy patterns similar to what we still need to master in our lives and attracts them to us like a magnet. The person now standing in front of us is a mirror image of what we need to look at within ourselves.

My client Sharon, for example, needed to master her fear of taking her power. In this lifetime she continued to attract people to her who dominated and bullied her to the point that she no longer knew what her true feelings and needs were. She felt victimized and misunderstood by her boss at work and her husband. In our session together she went back to a past life, in the 1600's in England, where she was in a life and death situation. Some people in her community feared and hated her because of her understanding of herbs and her ability to heal with her touch. Although she helped and was loved by many people in her community, she scared many others because she was different. They did not understand what she was doing and thought she was evil. The church declared her a witch, and she was taken from her home, chained up, and tortured. They made her falsely confess to evil and vile acts against her neighbors. She was a healing, loving person, but because of her service to others, she was now hurt, angry, and suffering. She died in the middle of all these painful emotions; since she died in a confused state, her spirit needed to understand why this happened.

Sharon understood physically what happened to her in that past life because she was accused of being a witch and evil; however, she was still confused emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She did not understand why she was killed for being in her passion -- for doing what she loved to do.

Everything that has ever happened to any of us must be understood emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. At the moment of our death, I believe we go into the Creator and the collective consciousness. We reflect on the lifetime we just experienced to make sense of what happened. We always come to Earth to learn or teach some form of love. In order to understand the lessons of the life we just left, we start at the beginning when we were with God. We view our life like a movie and stop at every feeling and situation during its course that we did not fully understand.

In Sharon's particular past life, even though she loved what she was doing, she ended up experiencing pain, suffering, torture, and death. As a result of such confusion over many life times, an aspect of her subconscious mind decided it was not safe to love, take her power, or be who she was.

Ideas like these become thought programs and each of us has one or more deep inside our subconscious minds, playing out in our lives today. We end up using these energetic programs to attract other people to us to test our self love, our personal power, and our definition of who we are. Understanding these three areas is a vital part of our spiritual journey.

Soul Fragments and Lost Souls

I have been working with clients for the last fourteen years and have had many different experiences with the phenomena called soul fragments or lost souls. These are pieces of disincarnated souls that have lived before. They are still here in the third dimension and out of their proper time and space. They are in stuck or locked in our reality because they are overwhelmed by different types of emotions or other energies from their own lifetimes.

Some Reasons Souls Remain Earthbound:

A few general observations have been noted in the thousands of Heart and Soul Healing (HSH) sessions that have been conducted, but are certainly not true in every case. Each soul encountered is individual and unique, with its own personality and story.

  • Many times the soul experienced a sudden death and was confused, or was murdered and is full of revenge
  • Many times they were confused and didn't know they were dead and went into a body that wasn't theirs
  • The soul may remain exactly as they were at the moment of death, holding on to the final emotional thought
  • If, at the moment of death, the soul was drugged by anesthesia, medicine, alcohol or drugs, and they remained "spacy" or confused
  • Those who committed suicide continue to feel hopeless and depressed and unworthy of going to the light
  • Some never looked up "to see the light" because they were so concerned with the fate of loved ones or were bent on getting revenge
  • Some earthbound souls don't know where else to go
  • Earthbound souls are intent on finding a home in someone else's body, and form strong energetic attachment to the "host" even though they may not particularly like or care for the "host."
Types of Attachment:
  • Shadowing: Perceived as outside the physical body and consisting of vague feelings of being watched or feeling like someone is present in the room
  • Oppression: Perceived as inside the auric field and manifests as sudden mood swings or unusual emotional thoughts
  • Obsession: Perceived as actual invasion of the physical body where invading spirits bring in their own traits, habits, mannerisms, phobias, allergies, preferences and personality. This can cause untraceable physical conditions such as headaches, breathing difficulties, weight gain, extreme fatigue, unusual heart problems, changes in blood pressure or heart rate, compulsions or unusual and undesirable habits, depression, suicidal thoughts, emotional outbursts, violent crying, rages or temper tantrums
  • Possession: This is when the original person's psyche and normal conscious behavior is completely pushed aside to allow entrance of the invading spirit, which then has complete control over the body, speech patterns, thoughts expressed, behaviors and mental processes.

As you can see there are many different ways that souls can become lost and attached to us. What are these souls? Where did they come from? To answer that we have to ask another question: Are we One or are we separate? If we are One it is very possible that these are parts of ourselves from the past that are inside or around us that are out of time and effecting our reality today. It appears to me that these fragments and lost souls are part of ourselves that are stuck in some kind of emotions or energy that keeps them locked into the third-dimensional reality.

In many of my workshops I have called into myself many of the discarnated spirits of the planet. Doing this does not affect or hurt me. They just use me as an interdimensional gate. When we love ourselves unconditionally and are unconditionally compassionate towards others, the light and energy we then create acts as a beacon that allows these different types of beings to use us as a gateway allowing them to integrate and to shift into a different reality. You can do this as easily as I can.

It is very important to keep loving yourself, because the love vibrations will change all these attachments, allowing them to move on to a better place. There is a basic clearing technique and it is very important for people who do not know how to love more than they have been loved. I teach a very simple meditation that works very well and anyone can do it four or five times a day. Each time you go to the toilet think "Clear," eliminating any emotional or mental waste along with the physical waste. Then put your arms out and pull your fields in as if you were hugging yourself. Finally, love what you don't like about yourself. What this does is change your vibration and any of your energy that is holding any of these different fragments or lost souls will shift.

Then put your hands on your upper chest, close your eyes, press down and see how heavy these attachments have been on you. As you close your eyes, look up with your spiritual eyes and there will be a beautiful light. In the beautiful light call for the guides and angels to hold every fragment or soul or anything else that's out of time that's with you. Ask the angels to hold them. Be sure a guide or angel holds each one of them. Then say, "I am going to send them back to God with love on the count of three." And then count, "One, Two, Three." Take your hands off your chest and you will feel them releasing. This technique works every time.

If I could offer some advice, it is important not to take hard drugs or drink alcohol to the point of getting drunk. Doing so will badly affect your energetic field and may allow lost souls to enter your space. Everything should be done in moderation. If you do lose your way and are overwhelmed then use these very simple ways to clear yourself. Remember, the more you love yourself, and the more compassion you have for yourself, the less likely anything negative will be attracted to you. Also, if you are negative then that energy attracts negative energy. If you are positive then energy can constantly shift and nothing can get stuck inside of you.




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