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March 2001 : Let the Healing Begin

  • Steps towards Healing Ourselves and Our Planet
  • Dehaunting a House, Building, or Area
Steps towards Healing Ourselves and Our Planet

This month, we want to share information about healing ourselves and areas of our planet that are out of balance. To begin, this newsletter addresses how to dehaunt a home, building, or area from energy or lost souls that are stuck in the past. Also included are techniques for keeping energy clear -- for use in places like hospitals -- and suggestions for supporting people who are undergoing surgery.

I feel these techniques will be useful in your life and will give you and the people you love more freedom and choices about what to feel and experience.

Please check the end of this newsletter for my upcoming schedule of workshops.

Dehaunting a House, Building, or Area

Sometimes a client will come to us after moving into a new home or area where souls or spirits may have previously gathered and now need to be released.

Some of the reasons a spirit may be attracted or remain in a place are because the earthbound spirit/ghost:

  • Was confused or didn't know it had died
  • Experienced sudden or traumatic death or suicide
  • Had a fear of going to "hell" or of being punished
  • Didn't know where else to go, so it remained around familiar territory
  • Had obsessive attachments to living persons or places
  • Felt guilty or had an inability to forgive themselves for deeds done
  • Had strong bonds of love or devotion to family or friends
  • Had addictions to drugs, smoking, food, alcohol, or sex
  • Found someone with a similar or like vibration
  • Had a sense of unfinished business or unfulfilled mission
  • Had a desire for revenge
  • Had unfinished karmic agreements with a particular person or group
  • Was drawn back to a grieving loved one who had not released them
  • Had concern over the fate of family and/or children
  • Had made a prior promise ("I'll never leave you.")
  • Was ashamed of former actions
  • Was around morgues, funerals, cemeteries, or hospitals
  • Was in battle or combat duty or in life threatening situations

A lost or earthbound spirit, sometimes called a ghost, is only a piece of a person's soul, not the entire soul. It is a part that became fragmented or separated - energetically trapped in a portion of the collective consciousness, such as pain, fear, anger, sadness, or disease. For example, if an individual was sick, they are more vulnerable to having a piece of their energy/spirit 'stuck' or caught up in the collective consciousness of their disease, such as cancer. If an individual died suddenly, a part of their spirit could get caught in the confusion, uncertainty, fear or other dynamics present at the time of their death.

In most cases when clients come to us to dehaunt their homes, the client has not taken the spirits onto themselves personally, yet the souls or spirits stay about, causing a disturbance. When working with lost souls, try to sense the kind of energy that is around them. Explore the history of the house and the area. The house, for example, might have been built on land where some sad event happened, such as a hanging, duel, Indian slaughter, or Civil War battle. Find out if there were any disasters or explosions that affected the entire consciousness of the area. Also consider the type of energy of the past social structure and churches. Any of these factors may be drawn into the home or building you are clearing.

Whatever kind of negative energy was present, it is still enveloping the home or building and any lost/earthbound soul fragments trapped within it. The old vibration of distorted energy creates a vibrational field and will react to whatever feelings the present occupants have. If someone in the building is angry, scared, depressed, or sick, for example, then the similar energy of a lost soul identifies with the discomfort now being experienced by the present occupant. Through the similar emotional vibration, the spirit/ghost now enters the resident's energetic field, getting caught up in the distorted energy of the living person.

To release such earthbound spirits, think of the lost ones as possible pieces of yourself, or some part of you that has been caught that you are now going to free. Don't think of the spirits as separate from you but as part of you. Because of all the spiritual work you have done on yourself you have two advantages:

  1. You can approach the situation from a place of compassion
  2. Because you are used to running all the different consciousnesses through you, you are balanced with the feelings or experiences of hate, sorrow, or anger. You have the ability to change that consciousness.

By being familiar with these consciousnesses, you can release souls trapped within that consciousness. If you are called to help release lost souls, consider your calling a blessing, because you are helping to do something very important. Perhaps some spirits or ghosts are not "nice," because they have been energetically active, trying to get your attention. If they were simply playful you might not have done anything to release them back home to Source.

Sometimes, lost souls can be trapped in different kinds of energy fields, such as an electromagnetic line, that has attracted other lost ones into the same pocket of energy. The area may have become an open doorway that continues to attract unwanted energies like a magnet. If such a situation is present, it may become important to change the grid lines of the house. Sometimes grid lines cross or come too close together. Once the grid lines are restored to their proper place, the energy automatically balances and the lost souls can easily be released.

To release lost souls, begin by finding out the history of the dwelling. This is important because it is necessary first to release the energy or collective consciousness around the structure. Unless you first release the distorted energy/collective consciousness, you will not be able to release the trapped souls.

As you connect with Source, place your hands on your chest. From the Clear Light of Source, ask for a guide or angel to come down to help you and to gently hold the earthbound spirit or spirits that may be around. Ask that there be a guide or angel for each of the spirits so no one will get lost or left behind. As you ask the angels to hold the lost souls, put your hands on your chest, pressing down gently, Wait for just a moment and then count to three. At three, with your intention to release any spirits, press down on your chest briefly and then release your hands from your chest, lifting off and sending all the lost spirits/soul fragments home to the light. Know the process is complete.





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