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October 2001 Message: My First Journey to Spirit

  • A Story from Ken

  • The Yucatan Connection -- Ken's First Spiritual Journey

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At this time of recovery for all of us, I thought it would be good to share with you an old adventure of mine. This story happened to me in 1985 and was my first spiritual journey. It took place in the Yucatan with my uncle, Drunvalo Melchizedek. When we returned in 1985, I taped the entire experience onto cassettes. It took ten years before the tapes were fully transcribed.

My thanks to Shirley Ann Holly for finally putting my story on paper and adding the details about the sacred sites.

I hope you enjoy this story and that it will help you reflect upon your own spiritual journeys.


— As told by Shirley Ann Holly (from Ken's 1985 taped recordings)

Ken's uncle, Drunvalo Melchizedek, called him in mid 1985 at a time when Ken was on his own path. Ken had been developing a hologram company to make religious figures, knowing that the holograms would open up both sides of the brain simultaneously. Ken had also been involved with the Taos Pueblo Indians and reservation since he was about ten years old. So when Drunvalo contacted him, Ken had the sense that this trip would be important for him. At the time of the call, Ken was living in Clear Lake, California which was significant to Ken's journey..

Drunvalo said that his guidance had directed him to collect a group of crystals and take them to different pyramid sites located in the Yucatan area of Mexico and Guatemala. Drunvalo wanted to know if Ken would go along. This was different from anything Ken was doing at the time, and he agreed to go on the trip. In fact the importance he felt compelled him to go. Ken asked for more details and this is what Drunvalo said:.

Drunvalo had been asked to visit specific pyramids in Mexico and Guatemala and leave a series of specific crystals at those locations. Information about the crystals had been given, including size, kind, color, and caliber. In order to ensure that he had the perfect crystals for the trip, Drunvalo asked his friend, Katarina Raphael to choose the crystals for each specific site. The crystals were chosen to closely match the common colors of the recognized chakra points of the human auric field. This is what Katarina chose:

Uxmal - Black Tourmaline
Labna - Carnelean
Kabak - Gold Calcite
ChichenItza - Green Adventurine
Tulum - Blue Lace Agate
Kohunlich - Purple Flourite
Palenque - Amethyst
Tikal - Kunzite

Katarina would later receive additional information and write books on crystals and crystal healing.

The journey itself had also been clearly defined. Beginning at Uxmal, Mexico, the sites had to be visited in a particular order plotted along the course of a fibronachi spiral. The order of sites were Uxmal, Labna, Kabah, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Kohunlich, Palenque, and Tikal. At the time, Ken wasn't consciously aware that he was going on anything other than an exciting trip with his uncle. He did, however, feel that the trip would be important for him, too. Making definite plans to meet Drunvalo in about three weeks, Ken set about to get everything ready.

It was also during this time that Ken received his next clue about the mysterious agreement that his Taos Indian friends had entrusted to him when he was younger. He had gone into Oakland to work as usual, but had been unable to park in his regular lot as it was full. He found a spot on the street close to his office and went through the day as usual. Upon returning to his car at the end of a long and tiring day, he saw a ticket on his front windshield. Disbelieving, as there were no restricting hours posted along the street, Ken stepped up to yank the ticket off his car. Turning over the ticket, this is what he read:

Hello Ken:
Stay focused and in your own space, even if you are in unfamiliar places.
Staying focused will be your ticket into new worlds.

Ken looked over his shoulder as if the writer of the note would still be lurking around. It felt a little spooky, but maybe it was just the harmless prank of one of his spiritual ancestors. Stuffing the ticket into his pocket, Ken didnšt really know what it meant or how to use it. Furthermore, he couldn't even begin to imagine why or how it came to be on his car. Still pondering the message, he drove towards his home in Clearlake. Because he was scheduled to leave soon on his trip with Drunvalo, he had already decided to stop at a special shop along the route.

The Obsidian Stone

So it was that he happened to wander into the tiny rock and mineral shop in Clearlake Oaks. The little store was about five miles from his house, and it had caught his attention several times in the past week. The shop was run by an older man who had owned the store for over forty years. In one of the display cases was a wonderful obsidian piece that looked like a pendulum. The stone itself had been cut and shaped like a huge tear drop and was about six or seven inches long. The stone's color was a beautiful glossy-black, and it was quite wide at the top. Something in the secrets and the shadows of the polished stone spoke to Ken. He asked the shop's owner if the stone had any particular use and why it had been shaped in that particular way. The old man replied that the stone had been hand carved into that shape over thirty-five years ago. An eccentric customer, who had lived on the other side of the lake, had ordered the piece and given explicit instructions on how he wanted the stone carved. The customer had intended to use the piece as a pendulum, but unfortunately he had passed away before he had been able to pick it up. The stone had lain in the shop's display case ever since, and no one had ever even inquired about it in all the years it had lain there.

Although Ken wasn't quite sure why he was so attracted to the stone, he had a strong feeling that the obsidian stone would prove to be useful on his upcoming trip. The shop owner was thrilled that someone was finally interested in buying the stone, and Ken was pleased to be able to purchase it for about $20. It was such a great bargain that it didn't matter to him if they would end up using it on their trip or not.


The day for Ken's trip finally arrived, and he left for Merida, Mexico. With a population rapidly approaching one million, Merida is the largest city, as well as the capital of the state of Yucatan. Merida was founded by the Spanish in the mid 1500s on the ruins of the defeated Maya town of Tiho. It still retains much of its Spanish architecture with its charming narrow streets, ornate colonial buildings, and colorful shady parks. Located in the northwest portion of the Yucatan peninsula, Merida is near beautiful beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, and lush tropical jungle. Like most of the tropics, regions along the Maya route have just two seasons: rainy and dry. Daily rains can soak inland jungle roads, creating sludge trails that are impassable to all but four wheel drive vehicles. On the day that Ken arrived, the weather was fairly mild and a light warm rain was falling.

Ken checked into a hotel to await Drunvalo's arrival the following day. About five o'clock that evening, just as the sun was about to set, Ken decided to go swimming in the hotel pool. Outside, it was still sprinkling lightly, so there was no one else around the pool. Happy and content, Ken began to swim lazily around, thinking about his upcoming adventure. As he glanced upwards at the last rays of the setting sun, he suddenly saw two rainbows appear in the sky directly above him. He had never seen rainbows like these before. The two translucent, radiant rainbows, one on top of the other, had appeared out of nowhere. The rainbows held great significance for him. Their presence served to reassure and reconfirmed his upcoming trip. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the rainbows were a visual and physical confirmation that he was in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. It felt right to Ken and reconfirmed his belief in the magical, the exceptional, and the extraordinary. Actually, it was just as it should be for Ken was doing exactly what he believed in.

The trip with Drunvalo had been difficult for him to fully explain to his family. On the surface it had appeared strange for him to go off to the wilds of the Yucatan with his Uncle. He didn't really know himself why it was so natural to take such a trip. He was, after all, taking important time away from his business to travel thousands of miles simply to leave different colored rocks in remote sites in places he had never heard of before. In fact, when asked about the trip by his family and friends, all Ken could say was that he just knew it was something he had to do.

Early the next day Drunvalo arrived, and they were ready to start their adventure.

The Adventure Begins with Uxmal

For the rest of this story, please go to the following link on our web site: The Yucatan Connection



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