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July 2001 Message: The Indigo Light

  • Indigo Children

  • Changing Worlds

  • Another Father's Day

  • Mothers and Fathers

  • Wisdom from Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Indigo Children

There is much being said about the Indigo Children. I'm sure it's true and there is a lot more to it -- we all are the Indigo People. That light and vibration is with each and every one of us. If we do not allow these children's souls to evolve and their spirits to be nurtured, they too will forget. Look at the children in Africa, South America, and India. They also have that vibration within them and look what has happened to many of them. I read in a May 2001 issue of USA Today that there are 320,000 children involved in fighting wars today. These children are as young as seven. We are the guardians of these children and the Earth. We must allow them to keep their creative abilities alive.

During this wonderful time in history, every one of us can reawaken the Indigo vibration and be that light. Life is so precious. If we can touch a child's soul each day, we can make a difference.

One of the greatest problems with our spiritual new age society is the act of continually saying "I don't want to be here on Earth." It is extremely damaging to repeat this over and over to ourselves -- consciously or unconsciously. What does your body-mind-soul make of this? What will it create in your life? I ask each of you to please think about this.

We are very powerful individuals. So powerful that, indeed, we have forgotten our true power as beings that are a part of God. As the veils of separation are removed and we face this knowledge, our pure inner power will be unleashed and we can be overwhelmed with our creative potential. It will be a new level of responsibility.

What does it mean to take your power? What does it mean to no longer have separation between yourself and God? What does it mean to awaken the Indigo light and vibration within you? I ask each of you to reflect on these questions. If you choose, briefly write down your thoughts and insights on this topic -- in a short paragraph or two -- and e-mail us. We will share some of your responses in our next newsletter. Please, no lengthy e-mails.

Changing Worlds

You can easily see why our world is changing so rapidly. Our relationships with ourselves and others will be our greatest challenge. The last frontier is the physical world. We have been gifted by Source with our magnificent human form. Our we honoring that gift and fully exploring its potential? If not, Why?

Finding a balance between your internal and external words during this time is key. For those of you that are having problems, ask your Higher Self to give a physical form to your spiritual path so that you can see and experience it clearly. Get out of your head and stop asking others for your answers. Allow your daily path to unfold and the magic of spirit to create physically the spiritual world you live in. You must allow your awareness to be present so that you do not miss your path or the information you have been asking for. Spending time in nature -- even if its a local park -- will make it easier to understand the depth of your live. Stop being so serious -- let yourself play!

Another Father's Day

On my last trip to New Mexico, one morning I awakened about 4 AM feeling so sad that the sorrow poured out of every cell of my body. All I could think about was my children and how I have not been there for them. I have six beautiful children -- and twin grandchildren. I wish I could tell them why I did the things I did, but that would only be making excuses for past events that I cannot even explain to myself.

I have been a workaholic and a spiritualaholic throughout my life. I let my work consume me. There are so many addictions in our world that take us away from what is really important: our family. In my book, "The End of Time," I tried to explain my past -- for my sake as well as my children's. It's free to read on my web site.

My children have two mothers. Good, strong, loving women. I remember once when my second wife, Rhonda, said to me "How can you place God over your family?" I have never forgotten that. And I ask myself that same question every day.

Now that I have found God inside of me I wish I could do my life all over again. There is very little in my past that I would do the same. So I keep my focus on the now moment and stay present. I cannot live in my past as the depth of my regret is overwhelming. Each day that I live, the burden of my past eases as my path now takes me further into God's grace.

My past is complete. Disappearing into nothing. I no longer need to have a past of any kind. I have a knowing and a compassion for myself, my children, and my world.

My greatest gift to my children and my children's children will be the information gathered in my quest for God and the truth about our human hearts and our spiritual souls. Will this save them from doing as I have done? Save them from searching the world for something that exists all along inside of them? I pray that my children will understand. And I pray that they will feel the Indigo vibration within themselves and remember who they are.

I have helped thousands of adults and children and I truly believe that I have done what I came to do -- help others to find their truth within themselves. Now, the only thing I can say to my children is: I love you and I will do my best to be here for you now.

Mothers and Fathers

I hear every day from my clients how much anger, disappointment, and sadness they feel towards their mothers and fathers. I would hope by now we realize that our parents could only love us as much as they could love themselves. The part of life that confuses me the most is the question: Did we choose our parents for this life or was it just chance?

I believe we did pick our parents because they were the best reflection of what we needed to learn or master in this life time. It appears that we keep attracting that same energy in our own relationships today. How else can we master compassion?

When we forgive ourselves and let go of our parents and the mistakes of our past, we will allow a new space to open within us and our Indigo selves will flow forth.

Wisdom From Gabriel Garcia Marquez

We received this by e-mail and felt that Marquez's words should be shared. Gabriel Garcia Marquez has retired from public life due to health reasons: cancer of the lymph nodes. He sent this farewell letter to his friends, which has been translated and posted on the Internet.

Marquez's style of writing was often referred to as "magical realism." Doesn't that describe the enchanted kingdom where we all live?

<<:::>><<:::>>      <<:::>><<:::>>      <<:::>><<:::>>      <<:::>><<:::>>

If for an instant God were to forget that I am a rag doll and gifted me with a piece of life, possibly I wouldn't say all that I think, but rather I would think of all that I say. I would value things, not for their worth but for what they mean. I would sleep little, dream more, understanding that for each minute we close our eyes we lose sixty seconds of light.

I would walk when others hold back, I would wake when others sleep. I would listen when others talk, and how I would enjoy a good chocolate ice cream!

If God were to give me a piece of life, I would dress simply, throw myself face first into the sun, baring not only my body but also my soul.

My God, if I had a heart, I would write my hate on ice, and wait for the sun to show. Over the stars I would paint with a Van Gogh dream a Benedetti poem, and a Serrat song would be the serenade I'd offer to the moon. With my tears I would water roses, to feel the pain of their thorns, and the red kiss of their petals...

My God, if I had a piece of life... I wouldn't let a single day pass without telling the people I love that I love them. I would convince each woman and each man that they are my favorites, and I would live in love with love.

I would show men how very wrong they are to think that they cease to be in love when they grow old, not knowing that they grow old when they cease to be in love! To a child I shall give wings, but I shall let him learn to fly on his own. I would teach the old that death does not come with old age, but with forgetting.

So much have I learned from you, oh men...

I have learned that everyone wants to live on the peak of the mountain, without knowing that real happiness is in how it is scaled. I have learned that when a newborn child squeezes for the first time with his tiny fist his father's finger, he has him trapped forever. I have learned that a man has the right to look down on another only when he has to help the other get to his feet. From you I have learned so many things, but in truth they won't be of much use, for when I keep them within this suit, unhappily shall I be dying.

1982 Nobel Laureate in Literature



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