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April 2001 Message: Healing Earth and Soul

  • Patterns from the Past
  • Eighty-two People
  • Collective Consciousnesses Released
  • Upcoming Events with Ken
Patterns from the Past

It's good to share with you again. At 4:30 am I was awakened to write these words.

I traveled last month. One week in Pennsylvania, one week in Maryland, one week in Flagstaff, Arizona and then a week long training class at our home in Mountain Ranch, California. The trip was the most personally challenging of my life. I had never experienced so much willingness by the collective consciousness to change forms.

If there was ever a catalyst for change, it's the 6.5 plus billion people on Earth continuing to give their life and energy to the ways and ideas of their cultures. The level of confusion, chaos, hunger, war, anger, devastation, sickness, and pain is heartfelt by the Earth and mankind. Do you think we are hurting or destroying our planet based on our personal addictions, feelings, emotions, and projections? Is our soul not connected to the Earth?

Don't you wonder if the Earth's heart and soul is looking for us to be all we can be so that she can heal from all the pain and hurt we have projected onto her? Can the Earth feel our heart beat, the breath of our souls? Is there is a rhythm between the Earth and ourselves? How can we help our planet and not project our energy or ideas in the already confusing world of chaotic energy the earth is reacting to?

It's my belief that we are a part of God or Spirit when we are in both spirit and physical forms and that God experiences our lives through us. If this is possible, we have all experienced everything in one way or another. Old collective consciousnesses from our past lives are attracted to us, because the consciousnesses believe we are their creator, and continue to follow us through our life times, knowing that we can help them be more than they are.

I think the combination of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realities is a key to healing ourselves and our planet. In my work, the first thing I do is release the primary energy or collective consciousness around people -- which comes from their past lives -- and discover what their promises were. Maybe it was fifteen past lives ago when they said, "I'm going to do something about war," or they said, "I'm going to do something about sadness," and they find out that they were actually a part of what they have been creating. This takes us out of the victim role and shows us that we are actually creators.

I know there are other healing techniques that deal with the collective consciousness also, but they usually deal with it later into the session. In my opinion, it should be dealt with right off the bat, because then it allows other techniques to not be distorted by the primary energy. It also makes it easier on the healers because they do not have to hold this energy very long in their energy fields.

Finding the collective consciousness that an individual is balancing is extremely important. Once people find the collective consciousness and are able to balance it, their vibration changes and they stop attracting that type of energy. We then have the ability to heal the consciousness around us and free others trapped in it. There are pieces of us and other people trapped in these old patterns. Releasing the energy of collective consciousnesses is one of our most important spiritual jobs.

It is so important for people to discover their role in balancing the collective consciousness. It shows us how special and unique we are, and that we all have an important role here on Earth. It is important for the soul to know that we have been doing our healing, because even though people may know that they are special, they compare themselves to others and don't see the uniqueness of their own paths. They have a lot of frustration because they haven't found the vehicle to really prove to themselves that they are really who they think they are.

Eighty-two People

Last month I worked with eighty-two people. Spirit asked me to go further than I had ever gone before, and the physical demands were great. I thought it would be interesting to show you what was released by my clients. Considering that there are thousands of healers and light workers at work at this time, no wonder major shifts are taking place, and we are becoming more and more conscious.

When I asked a client the question, "How much energy are you subconsciously using to keep yourself out of love?" All eighty-two people responded that they were using their energy to keep themselves out of love -- an average of 71% of their energy.

When I asked the question, "How much energy are you subconsciously using to keep yourself from taking your power?" The group, on average, was using 77% of their energy to keep from taking their power.

When I asked how much energy they were using to keep from being happy, the average amount of energy was 61%. There was an old program that said that if they were happy, someone would take their happiness away or hurt them or their families.

When I asked how much energy he or she was using to hurt themselves, the average was 57% of their energy. Think about this. What if your subconscious mind is using 57% of your energy to hurt yourself so that no one else can hurt you. This subconscious idea is based on past life programs.

The last question I asked was, "How much of you has been missing?" The average amount of energy these eighty-two people said they were missing was 55% -- and that piece of them left at around three years of age. What if a part of your spirit or soul decided it was safer to watch outside of your body than to be totally in your body. When we become spiritually aware, we become aware of the part of ourselves that is missing.

Collective Consciousnesses Released

Each person can change or balance a piece of the collective consciousness that has been on earth since we started to create. Each one of my clients in my trip last month were healing a part of the planet. It's important to release what is ready to be released. If we attempt to change others who are not ready to let go of a belief or of an energy pattern, it will cause chaos in that person's life and in their area or country. There are many hot spots on Earth that are in total chaos. What happens to that area when we give it more energy based on our ideas of what we think that area needs?

Here is a partial list of what was being released in Maryland.


  • Russia: stuck energy, fear, cold, hunger, loneliness
  • India: suffering, pain
  • Afghanistan, Africa, Israel: anger, separation, depression
  • Volcanoes: fear, death
  • USA: energy keeping people stuck
  • Afghanistan: distortion
  • Iran: holding back, suppressing
  • Africa: hunger, starvation, fear
  • Afghanistan: keeping women suppressed
  • China: negative emotions
  • Egypt: conflict
  • Russia: unhappiness
  • Turkey: distortion
  • Middle East: turmoil, chaos
  • Far East: anger, hate

Partial list of what was being released in Arizona.

  • India: confusion
  • Germany: dark cloud energy, stupidity
  • Poland: taking people's energy
  • World, Asia, USA: keeping people without love and power
  • Brazil, Africa: fear, lack of choice
  • USA: disconnection, confusion, sadness
  • Africa, Nairobi: ethnic cleansing
  • Iceland: suppression
  • Europe: keeping people from breathing their life force energy
  • Israel, Canada: fear
  • Brazil: hopelessness
  • Israel: anger in the minds of the people
  • Asia: bloody wars
  • Russia: evil
  • Africa, World: disease

Partial list of what was being released in Pennsylvania.

  • Malaysia: hunger
  • Germany: the way they see the world
  • Israel, Mexico: distrust
  • Africa: hunger
  • Europe: hate
  • Italy: confusion
  • Japan, Finland: confusion, chaos
  • USA: confusion
  • Yugoslavia: separation
  • England, World: depression
  • Tasmania: wild life destruction
  • Germany, Israel, Japan: despair, murder
  • Middle East, Bosnia: heaviness and fear
  • Australia: death and numbness
  • Asia: chaos

As you can see, there is a great deal of change going on around us and within each of our lives. Most of us would agree that our lessons and lives are going faster than we can handle. We can best help others by healing ourselves and finding that place inside where we love ourselves and have compassion for others, allowing a more gentle way for ourselves and others to learn life's lessons.



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