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June 2000: Beginning Cycles

*Travels to Australia
*The Dream - Where I Came From
*Coming to Earth

Many of my clients and associates feel that time is moving faster now. I actually feel time is slowing down. Time is changing. Time is passing so slowly that we are starting to realize everything we create. Our thoughts are becoming our reality, which makes time appear to be going faster. This new space is the most exciting time I've ever felt. New energetic patterns are appearing on my clients -- there is a split right down the center of their foreheads. It appears that everyone, in one way or another, has the internal need to balance their feminine and masculine. There are many other dramatic changes that I'm seeing and feeling with our collective consciousness. I'll share this story, along with a dream I've had, later in this newsletter.

*Travels to Australia*

I have been on the road for the last two months, traveling through out Australia and then back to Texas for my daughter's High School graduation -- class of 2000 (hurrah!). I have developed some great friends: Jackie and Martha in Australia and Helen in Texas. They have been my sponsors and have done a truly great job. If it wasn't for them, I would not have completed a promise I made a long time ago to bring balance to the collective consciousness. I've been doing this kind of work my whole life, working with all kinds of energies on earth and elsewhere.

The story I'm sharing with you started about 5 years ago when a dear friend, Chira Morgan, died. I discovered that someone had been using black magic on her -- some of the oldest and deadliest energy on the planet. I swore that I would find this energy and it would have to answer to me, which of course made these last years energetically very challenging.

In Australia, while doing a Heart & Soul Healing session with one of the nicest teacher / healers I know, a deadly consciousness came out. She knew who it was and where this consciousness came from -- a teacher / guru she had studied with 10 years before. The relationship with him had traumatized her for years, and later she found out that he was into evil black magic.

As I was working with her, the consciousness filled the room. I told my friend that we must become one and by doing this we will create a third being, which I believe is the Trinity. The Trinity will transform the dark consciousness back into pure creative energy. As we became quiet and allowed ourselves to become one, a beautiful, loving compassionate life force was created and the dark force became quiet and dissolved into pure creation. It was all over in less than five minutes. No fighting, no wars, no pain -- just pure life force. After I finished my session with her, I went back to my room, showered and sat down on the sofa. A feeling came over me -- like someone took a paint brush with all the colors of the rainbow and filled in all the empty pieces of my life / lives that I had never understood. There was just a knowing and no need for the past. No karma, no dharma, just quiet, peaceful oneness. I then fell asleep and had this dream, which was apart of many dreams.

*The Dream - Where I came from*

This dream begins in the place between the Suns. The Time Guardians requested an emergency meeting in the gathering place of souls as soon as the rift in time was discovered. The rift had caused the interdimensional gates to move out of alignment and had also created interdimensional bubbles of frozen time. Within the bubbles of the time rift there were many trapped souls. The rift affected the flow that consciousness was traveling. If unattended, the rift could cause soul memory to be erased as well as the eventual destruction (erasure) of the Akashic records. As the consciousness was held together by the Akashic records, it was a serious situation, requiring immediate action. The Akashic records are in flux right now.

The rift was caused by a renegade band of aliens and fallen angels who had banded together in their quest for power and control. They sought to change time in every dimension as a means to stop instantaneous creation. (Up until then Earth was one of the few places where there was a time delay for creating. Creation was slowed down so that humans could learn the mechanics of creation). Because time was delayed here on Earth, we were learning about creation in a whole new way.

In order to repair the rift, the Time Guardians requested that a representative of each affected dimension gather at a central meeting point and combine energy. This had never been done before and required meticulous planning. The Guardians decided that the best chance for success would be to have all the representatives gather on Earth on September 9, 1999.

They began looking for Beings who could repair this rift in time and intervene and assist consciousness. They needed Beings who were fearless and strong willed, and who would agree to be semi-erased so this mission could remained cloaked. They were looking for Travelers. They agreed that Sananda Ra was one good choice. He had been on many interdimensional and hyperspace missions. However, when Sananda Ra had been away on his last mission everyone on his planet, including his family, was massacred by an armada of galactic outcasts. Sananda Ra retired to heal and prepare himself to meet the armada. He went to live among a group of beings who were creating in an instantaneous moment. They had separated themselves from all society and were creating individually, each in their own holographic world.

The Time Guardians had kept track of Sananda Ra. He was very old and they felt that they might be able to talk him into helping. His time bubble was located at the base of a large mountain range on a planet that had a purple violet atmosphere and nine moons. As they approached the space he lived in, it looked like a reflective mirror.

As the Time Guardians stood in front of Sananda Ra's holographic bubble, they appeared as 12 beings -- each reflecting a different aspect of him at critical times in his life. As they stated their case, an opening appeared in the bubble and they walked in.

Sananda Ra's home looked like a tropical garden, lush with orchids, trees, birds and animals. A narrow river wound through with clear, crystalline blue water, and a bottom that sparkled like diamonds. There was a sweetness in the air which fed the soul. All the life forms in the bubble were breatherians -- there was no need for food.

As the Time Guardians moved to the center of the bubble, they saw Sananda Ra tending some delicate flowers. He had long white hair. He must have been over 300 years old. He was frail but strong. His back was to them and as they approached, he asked them what they wanted. As he turned around he was surprised to see the 12 aspects of himself, but instantly recognized their significance. Each aspect portrayed a specific numerical vibration of Sananda Ra as he progressed through his life. He remembered a prophesy that one day 12 aspects of himself would come and he would know that it was time to move on.

As the Time Guardians explained what they needed, Sananda Ra immediately agreed to be one of their Travelers. He knew that he had been waiting and training for this mission -- a mission that would change his consciousness and the consciousness of the collective. His work would be supported by others who were also chosen to be a part of the life mission to transform the collective consciousness.

Sananda Ra had been a rebel, and had not fit into any of the cultures that he had tried to live among. When he retired to his holographic bubble, he created his own reality and lived among his animal and plant friends for long periods of time, living in relative isolation and contemplation. He studied geometry, physics, mathematics, music, language, art and the natural sciences. The geometry of the universe fascinating him and he knew this knowledge was the key to the Akashic records.

The Time Guardians told Sananda Ra that he would need to go to Earth to help repair the rift in time and realign the interdimensional gates. The planet Earth was chosen specifically because of its time delay in creation. As a Traveler, Sananda Ra would forget everything that he knew -- who he was and who he had been as Sananda Ra. As a Traveler, he would be reintegrated with an aspect of himself who was already on Earth -- now a grown man with the spiritual name of Ra Ma, which symbolized the balance of male and female. Ra Ma was on the cusp of spiritual consciousness -- and momentarily caught up in the material world, waiting, unknowingly, for integration with Sananda Ra. The Time Guardians explained how Sananda Ra would merge with this aspect of himself and continue the mission from there.

As Sananda Ra / Ra Ma, he would live a life of alienation and separation until he became conscious. He would become a healer and experience everything he was creating and everything his clients had created in their lives. Certain vibrations would appear, which would change his vibration. If he saw 9 people and had 9 experience, or if his saw 99 or 999 or 1999, -- every time a series of 9's would appear -- his vibration and frequency would change. He would become more and more in tune with his connection to consciousness and therefore, to the interdimensional gates. The gates were hidden within every single human and no one on Earth had yet found them. Certain people had come very close, but when their vibration was in alignment with the gates, they disappeared.

The Time Guardians had left energetic keys -- like holographic blueprints -- to help individuals become conscious of who they are and what their mission is. Becoming fully conscious was the first step in recognizing the interdimensional gates. These keys were hidden within the laws of numerology and astrology, within each of the ancient mystery schools, and within certain sacred sites. The keys were also hidden behind the heart of every person on Earth.

The Traveler would need to discover the holographic blueprint on his own during the course of his life on Earth. He would discover the keys, become conscious and then recognize the truth that he had carried within himself all along. It was The Way It Works.

As the Time Guardians outlined the plan to Sananda Ra, they assured him that he would have guidance and assistance. He was asked to leave for Earth immediately. Sananda Ra knew this was the moment he had been waiting for. As he said farewell to the land and his beloved animal and plant friends, he realized how much he would miss them and await their reunion.

The Time Guardians told Sananda Ra to rest and prepare his spirit for the journey to Earth. He would remain in a deep sleep until a scheduled nuclear test blast on Earth was activated. The underground atomic explosion would temporarily open an interdimensional gate into human consciousness where Sananda Ra would enter the Earth / human plane.

*Coming to Earth*

He awakened to find himself sitting alone in a darkened car, staring through a rain-soaked windshield. Looking around he quickly saw he was very slowly rolling down a narrow two lane highway. His heart was pounding wildly. As he gained control of the car and pulled over onto the narrow shoulder of the road, he noticed his hands were shaking. Everything was strange and new. The rain on the car roof boomed like thunder. The soft glow of the dashboard lights caught his reflection, startling him. Then he heard the quiet tones of a radio announcer coming over the airwaves.

"This is KSOL, serving all San Francisco Bay Area listeners. This segment is dedicated to a very special person, known as Ra Ma, who has just joined us. Ra Ma, we know you have just tuned in, and we have a little story to tell you, so listen carefully. You are known here as Ken Page. You are 38 years old and you live about one hundred miles north of here. Just now the original Ken Page was almost involved in a head on crash, but instead of crashing we used this opportunity to bring you into this dimension through the gate opened by an underground nuclear blast. Because you previously existed in a timeless state of creation, you were able to enter easily because you know how to be present -- how to be in the moment."

As he listened to this, a glimmering outline of an older man appeared next to him in the passenger seat. As his awareness focused on this strange passenger, he knew that he knew him. His body began to tremble. All his senses were wide open. The old man picked up the narration where the radio announcer left off. "I am a Time Guardian. You knew me in another life and dimension. You have just had what the beings here term 'a close call.' We call it a walk-in experience. Here, let me show you."

With a wave of his hand the windshield turned into a screen. On it he saw a car speeding through the night rain. Someone was behind the wheel. As he watched, he realized that he was the driver of the car and totally immersed in the experience unfolding before him. A glint of light sparkled in the drops of water on the windshield. The glint grew larger, separating into two flickering balls of light and then into two brilliant headlights. They were on his side of the road. He panicked and stomped down hard on the brake. All four wheels locked up instantly. The oncoming headlights now filled the car's front windows as the car slid sideways towards him at fifty miles per hour. Everything began to slow down, becoming surreal. He could hear the tires sliding helplessly on the rain-slicked asphalt and saw the blurred orange parking lights between the brilliant flaring headlights of the oncoming car. His heart pounded as the headlights grew larger. It seemed as though he was sliding into a brilliant white wall and he thought to myself, "this is what it's like to die." Then every thing became brilliant, blinding white. The next moment was how he awoke -- himself, in this body, slowly rolling down the road.

He turned to the old man full of questions, only to find he had disappeared. But he felt calm. Unspoken questions had been answered. He understood he was Ra Ma / Ken Page and he was driving home.

Further down the road, he stopped at an all night cafe and gas station. As he gassed the car and looked around, he noticed the place looked like something out of the 1930's. He went inside to pay for the gas. The person behind the counter was the same old man that had joined him in the car, except now he was very physical. Seeing Ra Mašs flash of recognition, he simply nodded and smiled. With a kind voice, he said, "There is a story I need to tell you."

Ra Ma glanced into his eyes. They were deep and clear blue, just like his. He realized the old man looked like his father and mother combined and he felt calmer and more unified than ever before. The old man began to share his story. As he spoke, Ra Ma saw little pictures in his mind's eye, as if he was reliving all the experiences the old man was telling him.

"Young man, your life is about to completely change. No matter what happens to you, do not lose heart. I am not permitted to tell you everything about your destiny. Even if I could, it would not mean anything to you now. What I can tell you is that you and some others who you will one day meet, have some very important work to do here. One of the reasons you were chosen is that you are unique and brave, and have the ability to create your own reality. During the life you have already lived, you have been a rebel, and have had a hard time fitting in."

"This is not to scare you, but in the times ahead you will see great and important shifts in your life, as you lose nearly everything that is now meaningful to you. You are here to experience all of life on Earth. We felt it was necessary for you to forget everything you knew, who you really are, who you were. We know it has been difficult for you to fit in with the customs of this planet. We felt this would be the safest way for you to hide your identity during this time of growth. In the end you will need to master every experience on earth in this lifetime. Listen to your inner voice, it will not lead you astray. You have the ability to register within you all that you witness. At times this will overwhelm you, but it is a vital part of why you are here."

"What you need to know is within you and in the people who will seek your help. Only a few before you have found what you are seeking in this place. You are on a great mission. There have been those who achieved wisdom, power and understanding but when they found it they disappeared. We have left certain keys for you, pieces of the puzzle. You have also been given a holographic blueprint of it, encoded as a template, but for now it is to remain hidden. The template can only be activated through a combination of timing, wisdom, compassion, experience and energy. No one else can activate this information. You have learned how to stay safe, how to survive. You have more to learn about power and helping and healing. There are those who will want to stop you. They are very powerful and they will stop at nothing. For this reason it is important for you to stay alert, to stay present. More than this I cannot tell you. I wish you well and I hope we will meet again."

When he finished the old man turned and disappeared into a back room of the cafe. Deep in thought, Ra Ma got up to continue his journey. As he got into his car he realized he hadn't paid for the gas. As he turned back to the cafe, a different scene opened before him. The cafe was now closed up, weather beaten, the windows boarded. A long faded "For Sale" sign was hanging askew over the pumps. The whole place was deserted and forlorn. Confused and rattled by the sudden change, Ra Ma quickly started the car, driving once more into the dark night. He dearly wanted more than ever to get home.

To be Continued . . .



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