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September 11, 2001 Message from Ken: Attack on Our Spirits - The 911 Call

Attack on Our Spirits - The 911 Call

By now we have seen horror and devastation beyond the memories of most of us. Family, friends, our own freedom — has been touched. Our lives have been attacked, our freedom has been challenged. For those of us who have not experienced war before, that day has come.

I struggle for the meaning in this devastation. Seeing people celebrating in the streets of the West Bank was overwhelming. There have been more wars in the name of God -- or Allah, or any of the other seventy-two names for God — than for any other cause.

We in the US are minorities in this world. Our 270 plus million people only make up 4% of the world population. How many Americans believe in metaphysical or spiritual ideas? I believe we can help to heal and bring peace to the world during this time by having compassion for all creation.

I received a phone call from a friend asking me what Light Workers should do during this tragedy. Each of us must reflect on what this has done to the world, to our country, and to our homes. We have been personally wounded. I feel deep loss and sadness.

I ask each of you to take a moment to reflect on your freedom, the life spark within you, and your will to move out of these heavy feelings of helplessness and anger.

During this time, I am looking inward, being quiet, and grieving for those who lost their lives. The grief is personal, as though I have lost a loved one or a part of myself. What has happened today has affected the entire collective consciousness of our planet. The energetics are far-reaching. The energy around the ideas of war, revenge, and hate are highly charged.

You can help by loving yourself and having compassion for the world. I believe that all of us are helping in more ways than we can even imagine. It is important to rest, eat right, and be aware of what is going on in your own body. Be sure that you keep your life-force energy moving by being as physically active as you can.

If you feel that you need to send light, love, or energy and at some point feel physically overwhelmed, you may want to use these techniques to help you recenter yourself.

Each one of us must do what we believe is in alignment with our own hearts and souls. By being true to ourselves, we are empowered during this time of tragedy.

God bless our brothers and sisters.




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