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February 2001 (number 2) Message: Am I Clear?

  • Extraterrestrials Inside of Us
  • Am I Clear? Am I Spiritual?
Extraterrestrials Inside of Us

There are many things happening around me that I believe are important to share. Last week I received two special phone calls -- both people were from the same city, had the same first names, and both said they were under alien attack. There is a lot of fear, worry, and disempowerment when it comes to ETs. Who are they? Why are they here? The callers had read and heard the worst, so their fears attracted that kind of energy or vibration to them. The greater the fear, the greater the desperation and powerlessness. I have worked with thousands of people who feel that they have been involved with alien beings.

Some of these feelings or memories of alien contact come from the collective consciousness of the communities we live in. Our dream state can also open up these realities. Is it possible we have been in or lived in other dimensions or other realities? What happens when we become conscious? Is it possible that we get information we don't know what to do with? I feel there are many teachers who have brought in fear of ETs, and because these teachers are popular, people believe everything they say without discernment.

The two people who called me were handicapped by their beliefs and frozen in their ideas. In my teachings I show people how to be one with all energy -- separate from nothing. Oneness dissipates the polarities or dualities that we, as humans, have put on ideas. I am not afraid of any alien or ET group on Earth or anywhere else. Why am I not concerned that they will get me or affect me? Because I give them no energy. And by giving them no energy, they have no power over me.

There is so much misinformation out in the world today. And there are many different truths. I have worked with thousands of people who have had ET experiences, negotiated thousands of times with every type of alien group a human mind could create, and the results are -- another great story. Once these people find out where this information came from, it changes their vibration and they are not affected by fears and worries any longer. Are we one or are we separate from everything?

Am I Clear? Am I Spiritual?

The other day a woman from New York called me at 5:30 in the morning. She needed help. She asked me if I was clear. I said, "I know what my issues are, and I work on myself all the time. If you are asking me if I am as clear as Jesus or Buddha, then the answer is no. All I know is that it's early in the morning and I was dreaming and my dreams were pretty clear." I thought she had asked a great question.

I remember six years ago when a great spiritual teacher and friend called me and told me that I was not spiritual. He shocked me at first. So I said, "How should I be spiritual?" And he answered, "Like me."

One thing about friends and family is that you know all their secrets. So I said, "You know, I can accept that I have created fifty percent of this call. So that could mean that I'm spiritual and you're not." Since then, we have not talked much. He told me he threw the I Ching for me and that I should do a Vision Quest. I thought to myself: Why is he using the I Ching when we have our Higher Self? I did go on a Vision Quest.

So who is spiritual? And who do you want to be like? I have worked with many of the most spiritual teachers on Earth. I know about their private lives, and I assure you that you would not want to be them (or me). There is nothing wrong with us, we are just human. And that factor complicates our spirituality. If there is a greater human physical need, our spirituality usually suffers. (That's life.)

I was once in a room with seven other spiritual teachers and one of them said that he couldn't do a conference unless he made forty thousand dollars. At least he was clear! Was he spiritual?

How about spiritual teachers who take other people's ideas and call them their own, saying the angels came and gave it to them? Spiritual?

How about spiritual teachers who think they know what's best for others and do their best to change others based on their own beliefs. Spiritual?

I had a friend who ran a healing center. He told me his center was like a pond -- so many fish -- and he didn't want other healers taking any of his fish. Spiritual? He also told me: How dare you think you can teach others without putting in your time?

One more thought: In many spiritual communities, the members gossip about each other -- who is more spiritual, who is doing what. They behave as though they have no life and gossip to feel important, righteous, and superior. I've had this happen to me many times, even by "friends."

A good friend told me she couldn't stand the gossip of her students. It was getting old and tiring, and was killing her. A few weeks later she died. That was three years ago -- and the sad part is the people she worked with are still gossiping about each other and energetically getting off on the feelings of others.

We as spiritual people can learn a lot about our spirituality from our personal lives and our past history as humans. Our metaphysical community has a long way to go. So maybe we are all spiritual in our own ways, and maybe if we could allow someone else's ideas to be okay we could become more than our history.

So the question is: Am I clear? Am I spiritual? Are all the teachers and situations that I have written about spiritual? The answer is yes -- as long as we don't compare others to how we choose to be spiritual ourselves. By not judging people according to my standards and ideas, I keep working on myself and the things that don't feel good and harmonious within me. There is no need to redefine myself in comparison to anyone else. By being myself it's easier to be one with all creation and therefore vibrationally invisible -- having total choice what to feel and what not to feel.

I allow others to be spiritual in their own way. They have been great teachers for me. I hope someday we can all be friends again.




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