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December 2008 Newsletter


By now, you know that we are seeking one million people who are willing to release their fears.

On December 31, 2008 beginning at 9:00 am EST through January 1, 2009 at 9:00 pm EST, Ken will again call all of the energy of the planet into himself. Having compassion for all creation, Ken will be One with everything and everyone: All war, sickness, pain, sadness, hunger, killing, religions, anger, control, hopelessness - all energy that exists on earth - everything that mankind has ever created.

WHY? To prove to you that you do not have anything to fear. When you love yourself and have unconditional compassion (total acceptance without judgment) for all creation, nothing outside yourself can hurt you.

By having compassion for all creation - Oneness - a new space can be created in the old energies or emotions of the past.

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A friend from England sent this commentary in response to our November newsletter:

" There is an ancient Tibetan practice called Tonglen of which you are an (unknowing?) Master. It means 'exchanging self for others' and consists in breathing in the darkness of the world to the crucible of the heart, transforming it into the clear light of liberation and returning it as a free gift from whence it came. There are stories of practitioners being cured of leprosy by practising this. It is fully documented in The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche. I know that your 'averse to nothing: incorporating of everything' approach is the truth. " (C.S.)

I have never been to Tibet nor been aware of having practiced 'Tonglen' in the specific way. So where did this information come from? The consciousness of Oneness contains all the information from Creator. Being One with all creation enables each of us to receive all information held within the consciousness of One.

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Did you know?

Abraham is the father of all three of the world's main religions. Islam, Judaism and Christianity trace their roots to him, though the story of his life differs in each religion. Islam (the arabs) through Ishmael; Judaism (the Jews) through Isaac and the Christians through Jesus. So the question then becomes: Why aren't these religions all One with each other? Because the belief systems of each were changed by mankind throughout the centuries.

Who would not want to have us prove that Oneness exists? To begin, we could list any of the world's religions: One billion Catholics, One billion Muslims, One billion Hindus, One billion Christians. Then there would be any person, teacher or group that advocates fear or preaches fear in order to 'save you'. Lastly there would also be another two billion people with all of their own ideas, beliefs, judgments and fears about life. So you see - Being One with all creatiuon is not so challenging. It's only those people who want to stop you from taking your power that continue contributing or 'feeding' your fears. After all, if you believed you were One, you would lose your fear and you would no longer need them to save you. You would find the peace and quiet inside yourself.

The fear is: that there is nothing you will find 'out there', no energy, no force, nothing. By releasing your inner fears, you will recognize that nothing exists outside of yourself that can hurt you.

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We are looking for one million people to choose to release their fears. Email us with your fears, negative thoughts, emotions, anything you choose to release, to clear from your space or from your heritage, your culture, your country and your world.
Now we ask for your help. Please forward this newsletter to your friends, pass it on to your e-mail lists
Help our planet heal itself by helping yourself and others to heal.



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