Space for Change - New Space for Choice
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On December 31, 2008 beginning at 9:00 am EST through January 1, 2009 at 9:00 pm EST, Ken will again call all of the energy of the planet into himself: to prove to you that you do not have anything to fear.

On October 7, 1995, Ken Page called into himself, energies that normally exist only in the unseen worlds.
These energies are always around us as a part of creation. They were captured on film and reproduced for you here from the original untouched photograph. In the background of this photo are thirteen discernible aspects of Ken that also exist in other realities.

Each of us are in the process of INscension© - we are holographically integrating many different aspects of ourselves at this time.

The purpose of Ken's demonstration was to prove that when you have compassion (acceptance without judgment, idea or opinion) for everything in creation, then you can experience Oneness and be balanced with your fears. Negativity has no power - it is simply energy


Space for Change - New Space for Choices

**There is no energy outside of you that is going to get you, hurt you, or take anything away from you**
** As human beings, we are all very powerful**
**You always have many choices**

It is vitally important that another vibration be added at this time to the Collective Consciousness on our planet. The vibration is Choice. If each of us could realize that there is a choice now - one that has never been there before in our reality - this will provide a new direction, another path to take. We can then make different and better choices for our lives. This is the space where choices exist.

By having compassion for all creation - Oneness - a new space can be created in the old energies or emotions of the past.

To prove that you do not have to remain in fear, Ken called all the energy of the planet into himself for 9 hours on November 1, 2008. All that remained was quiet and stillness. We asked you to email us with your fears. Thousands of you wrote to us.

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We are now looking for one million people to choose to release their fears. Email us with your fears, negative thoughts, emotions, anything you choose to release, to clear from your space or from your heritage, your culture, your country and your world.
Now we ask for your help. Please forward this newsletter to your friends, pass it on to your e-mail lists
Help our planet heal itself by helping yourself and others to heal.



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