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December, 2005 Message Is This Heaven?

We've sent you this message before. We think it is timely and deserves a repeat!!
Happy Holidays from us to you, from our hearts to yours.
May you truly feel the abundance of all blessings for the New Year.

Is This Heaven?

• A Holiday GIFT



“ Is this Heaven?” “No, this is Iowa.”
“ Iowa?” “Yes”
“ Oh, I thought this was heaven. “
“ So where is Heaven?”
“ It’s the place where dreams are made.”
-Movie: Field of Dreams


We’ve all seen this movie, perhaps many times. We watched it again recently and found it to be a great reminder. So, is this place Heaven? Can this be Heaven for you? For years, in our workshop entitled 'The Art of Heaven on Earth', we share with everyone what it feels like to change their vibration, to feel unconditional love within themselves - for themselves. We watch as participants feel their own heart, practice the Living Light Breath, learn to re-center and BE One with all there IS. They feel a moment of pure joy. By changing their vibration, every person can feel the energy of creation within themselves. Finding the place where fear has no meaning, allows a space for creation to occur - a space where dreams are made. When that space is created within ourselves, we create our own ‘Heaven on Earth’.

Watching the movie and reading the multitude of messages and e-mails being posted containing the important references to current events, dates and times as pointing towards profound occurrences in our lives, leads us to share our own thoughts:

This past November 11, a particular event occurred which many heralded as a paradigm Shift of the Ages - an opportunity for the inhabitants of Earth to meet the descent of God-Consciousness upon this plane. For many individuals, specific dates, times and planetary alignments hold very powerful beliefs that energetic ‘stargates’ open, allowing emotional and physical manifestations of consciousness to occur. It has been said that numerous circumstances occur during these times which are extraordinary for a simultaneous awakening of souls. The entire consciousness of Earth at that moment has an opportunity to shift towards unity and ascend to a higher vibration for healing of our individual selves and in turn, healing our planet.

Seers, astrologers, psychics, and others have pointed to numerous calendar dates as opportunities for Earth’s ascension process - a shift in consciousness. Each of these ‘portals’ or ‘gates’ has been represented as a major step. We accept that focused intention can bring about miraculous and momentous events in our lives. For every moment of every day, we offer this alternative thought: Haven't gates, portals and other opportunities always been open and available to anyone willing to go through them - at any time?

We've written many times about the different levels of awareness, shifts in consciousness and shifts in the collective consciousness. For mass consciousness, or a major shift in the collective to occur, there must first be a shift within each individual on this planet. As each person changes, shifts and heals, that energetic has a direct effect on the consciousness of the planet. In our opinion, and in the opinions of other futurists, were the collective consciousness to suddenly shift, chaos throughout the entire planet would result. That’s why shifts are subtle, not massive. Step by step, individual by individual, the collective changes, often subtly. Seeds of awareness get planted, and over time when carefully watered and tended, grow to an awareness that we are all One Spiritual Being - having a uniquely physical experience. That’s the major shift in consciousness that can and must occur. By raising our vibration, we can and do assist in raising the vibration of the planet.

In our travels throughout the world, we work with individuals who are fearful they may lose themselves if a change were to occur in their vibration. Think about it: if change were to occur in your life, would you always embrace it? Change - when it comes, cracks open our very zone of comfort. Change affects everything in our reality. For some of us, that's not always easy. Most people are certain about creating something new - having change occur: They know exactly what they do NOT want in their lives. So, do we really know what we DO want in our lives? Can we create something entirely new without looking at what we don't want? It's often a bit fearful actually. What if we create something new, only to find out that it looks or feels just like what we have created in the past? Another pattern repeated.

During special holiday seasons, we are mindful of kindness toward our fellow man. Worldwide meditations, ceremonies and gatherings will be about peace, brotherhood, light, love, wholeness and the unity of everyone.

This year we offer you a challenge: (think for yourself and answer the following questions for yourself):

Shouldn't I be celebrating each moment in my NOW with kindness, light, love, wholeness and the feeling of Oneness with all creation? Shouldn't I be creating my own Heaven on Earth NOW in this way?

Your dreams can be created right NOW. Choose to open the gate of your mind to allow yourself to walk through and find the clarity of Light and Love within yourself. It’s not outside in the planets or the stars; it’s inside you, inside each of us - NOW. We do not need a special day to release fear, come out of the shadows and be at peace with others. We do not need to have ‘permission’ to feel the opportunity of shifting within ourselves, and moving out of our fears.

Take a risk. Be courageous. Look within and recognize that the opportunity for shift in consciousness for yourself offers an opportunity for a shift in the collective consciousness of all humankind. This shift, just like every other opportunity, gate, portal, year, month, day and moment that occurs is about taking responsibility for our own actions - for integrating Light and Love into ourselves so we can BE Light and BE Love for others to receive. It’s not about projecting our own ideas, expectations or judgments on others. Even with a magical moment in alignment of the planets and stars, unless we come into our wholeness, find and heal all the fragmented parts of ourselves, we can not grasp this ‘opportunity of a lifetime’. It will end up being in the long run, just another day.

Creation means new, not old. In order to create your own shift in consciousness, let go of the past hurts and wounds. The simple act of clearing your energies daily can help you. You might want to take advantage of this one opportunity. Try it for a while and notice your own shift – see how you feel. Remember, the more you love yourself, the more your vibration changes. The Energetic Clearing Technique shows us how to BE in the present moment (where all the action occurs...). The most important part of that technique is bringing in the vibration of Love to our physical body.

The Living Light Breath ™ offers a tremendous benefit, allowing us to re-center in our pineal gland, away from the emotional center of our bodies, allowing us to see a much bigger picture and feel our emotions in a new way, thereby getting a glimpse of our true reality. These healing techniques are all found free on our website - so everyone can benefit from the choice of receiving.

If you do want to change, BE the change you want to see. Listen to that still, quiet voice inside yourself. Take advantage of the abundance of opportunities. Then, each magical moment will provide you with more chances to shift, to create, to change your vibration and bring about your own Heaven on Earth.


A Holiday GIFT

During the upcoming holiday season, we encourage everyone to look beyond your experiences this past year and believe that nothing is truly as it appears to be. There is always a disguised blessing, the GIFT, though often the experience of learning can push you beyond what your previous knowing thinks it can allow. We believe the greatest GIFT we give each other, one creator to another, is a choice. Often this choice has never before been realized. Letting go of what someone else's choice must be or how that choice ought to look like for another is true awareness and acceptance. Helping to bring about the awareness of choice for another soul, and letting go of any expectation in that choice, allows for a new space where miracles can happen.

This coming holiday season, we would like to give you a GIFT. Each holiday past holds a memory, good or sad. Some of you may even hold the memory of one particular holiday that was truly wonderful, often comparing each following holiday season. The mere holding on to that memory can bring about emotions that are not always welcome and can often be quite challenging. This holiday season, we suggest that you let go of ALL memories of holidays past. By letting go of even the good memories and allowing yourself to be present in the moment of 'This Holiday' for itself, you will have a choice you never had before. You will have the choice of LOVE, the space where miracles can occur.


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