November 2008 - The Hidden Side of 2012
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November 2008 - The Hidden Side of 2012
Nov. 1 - a New Space for Choice

*Fear and the Way Out
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Fear and the Way Out

We are living in a frightening and troubled world. The news reports today state: FEAR is GLOBAL. Even the brightest and best women and men in the world can't agree on what could happen with the economy or with life as we know it. Those of you who read these monthly newsletters think differently - outside the box of normal 'reality'. We are in the vibration of 2012 now. The world population, atomic bombs, war, hunger, sickness, disaster and other events have altered time.

Too many people are being told that fear and limitation exists. Even some who choose 'love and light' are giving insights that are limited by the dualities of right and wrong, good and bad etc. This is what we have been hearing through emails and phone calls:

"I was told by my --- (here you can fill in the blank with 'my teacher, my psychic, my healer, my medium, my friend, my intuitive') that I have dark energy around me - I have a spell or a curse - ET's are invading my space, I am full of negativity - something is going to get me - someone will hurt me - I have alien implants" and the new favorites: "Reptilians have attached themselves to me - 2012 will only bring doom and gloom for me"

Everything and anything that is fearful is being told. There is a way out. We must stop spreading this type of 'advice', for it does not help anyone, does not empower anyone or provide them with the tools to recognize the choices that do exist in our world. Self-empowerment is the gift that we can give each other. The ideas, thoughts, projections of others can affect our emotions, our state of being, our physical body and our reality. Fear only creates more fear. All these ideas literally freeze people, preventing them from even looking at or accepting any other reality.

There is no energy outside of you that is going to get you, hurt you, or take anything away from you. You have many choices. As human beings, we are all so powerful. It is vitally important that another vibration be added at this time to the Collective Consciousness on our planet. The vibration is Choice. If each of us could realize that there is a choice now that has never been there before in our reality - this will provide a new direction, another path to take. We can then make different and better choices for our lives. This is the space where choices exist. If you want to understand about Collective Consciousness and the non-projection of energy while still helping others, you can read 'The Way It Works' free. (we think this is a must for everyone)

By having compassion for all creation - Oneness - a new space can be created in the old energies or emotions of the past.


Nov. 1, 08: A New Space for Choice

To prove that there is no energy outside of yourself that you must fear, Ken will call all the energy (good and bad) on the planet into himself on Nov. 1, beginning at 9:00 am and continuing until 9:00 pm. . He has called all the energy of creation into himself for short periods of time and only quiet and stillness remained. Join us as we prove to you that you can be without fear. Before Oct.31, e-mail us at Let us know your fears, negative thoughts, emotions, anything you choose to release, to clear from your space or from your heritage, your culture, your country, your world. (please be brief and specific - 2 or 3 lines). By taking your intentions into Oneness and having compassion for everything that has ever been made, a new space will be created for new choice to begin for you.

Forward this newsletter to your friends, pass it on to your e-mail lists. Help the planet heal itself. We will let you know what happens to Ken on November 2.

If you want to understand more, read the first section of 'The Heart of Soul Healing'. If you want to know how all creation exists, review the charts that depict the soul's evolution as contained in 'The Art of Transference'. You might also want to help yourself by changing your vibration (from the old to a new, lighter vibration) by using this simple energetic clearing technique. These are free tools that you can use for your own self-empowerment, your ability to make choices for yourself and to keep yourself healthy. Just give yourself some time to explore.

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