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November, 2006 Newsletter - The Commonality among Spiritual People

* The Commonality Among Spiritual People
* True Freedom
* Discernment

The Commonality Among Spiritual People

It appears that the term 'spirituality' has a different meaning for each of us. The one common thread that exists is that everyone in their own way has a driving force to find their truth for themselves. So why have we come together, here on earth, at this time? Why do we choose a different path than anyone else? Think about it. What part of our past has ever made any sense to us?

Over the years, in private sessions with clients, I have asked the simple question: 'How many times have you been religious?' The answers almost always reflect that they have spent multiple lives being spiritual. Our spirituality played itself out through organized religions and different religious idologies. In the past, it seels that ever time we felt spiritual or wanted to help or serve in some way, because of the time or the region that we lived in, we would become part of an organized religion. This almost always led us on an unforseen journey. As we have seen, religious ideas have been behind many wars, conflicts and judgments.

The old ideas associated with these beliefs of the past are holding many people in stagnation and has made our spiritual journey extremely difficult. A wise person said: 'It is time, we will have to decide to do what is easy or what is right.' Many of us are tired of doing what is right. Taking the easy path has however, put us onto a path of chaos and deep emotion - a path of feeling disconnected. We see this all over the world. Most people are afraid of moving forward and yet, fearful of going back. So they become stuck. They do not want to be hurt any longer and yet, losing their 'story' (their life ideas and identity from the past), is too fearful.

The whole world seems to be projecting their ideas on each other. We can no longer hide from these projections. The opportunity is here for us to remain balanced with our own thoughtforms and the thoughtforms of others. I believe that we have come together, here on earth, at this time, to balance the past ideas of religion. We can do this as we have been a part of those ideas in the past. Now we have the experience of our religious past and we can have the compassion to bring about a shift of ideas, thereby bringing religion and all the religious ideology into balance.

I asked one of my long-time healer friends who used to see clients, why she stopped with some spiritual healing practices she had learned. She said that at the time she chose to stop, the work she was doing did not make sense anymore and she was no longer sure it was actually helping people. She realized that each person had a different story and that story was essentially the trap in which they were stuck. She felt she was also stuck in the same trap herself and could no longer feel authentic with the work she was doing with others. She observed that Metaphysical people are fickle, looking and searching for sometyhing new and different to fill the voids they feel or what was missing in their life. She stopped seeing clients and began to focus more fully on what the truth was for herself.

True Freedom

The world continues to give energy to old ideas or beliefs. I believe we have to be free from these limitations in order to create more choices and gain different outcomes for ourselves and for others. True freedom is about having choice. In order to gain it for ourselves, we can no longer project our ideas based upon past experiences on anyone else. This limits our ability to be One with all that has been created. We must do whatever allows us to be open to our creative self. We must look inside. If we can become more creative, than we experience an easier change in our self awareness. We must step freely into the full potential of creating without limitation.

The way out is to become more sensitive and less reactive to energy. I have found the easiest way to do this is to remove our center away from our emotions by centering in our pineal gland. Develop the subtle senses so our normal senses will not become overwhelmed. We can activate our pineal gland to feel and experience the total expansiveness of our universe. After developing this ability, then we can move back into our heart in a different way - being totally open to experience Oneness with all creation. All the information we are receiving today says this is the next vibration - creation without limitation.

One of the first steps is to ask ourselves how we keep attracting situations, people and circumstances - negative or positive - into our lives. What energetic pattern or vibration continues to play out in our present life? Is there some element of Consciousness that is attracted to us and empowers our thoughts which then assists in bringing our creations into physical form? Is it because we were a part of this consciousness in another time? I believe this to be so.


I believe we give energy to whatever ideas or thoughts that are seated in our consciousness, without regard or any awareness to the effect on our current life. We continue to attract old energetic patterns to us subconsciously. The challenge for each of us is to find or bring to our awareness, our conscious mind, those thoughtforms that are no longer appropriate, that no longer work - the ideas and energetics that are from our past, playing themselves out in our present life circumstances. We can do this by asking ourselves what part of us from the past that we have given any energy and attention to - is manifesting as chaos in our world today. When we remain stuck in our 'story' (our life ideas based upon our past experiences), only chaotic energy can manifest and we will continue to attract the manifestations of those old, undiscovered belief patterns. Discernment is a great gift to cultivate. We can find our own Truth and accept that everyone else's Truth is going to be uniquely different - uniquely there own. By being True to ourselves, we are in alignment and can tap into the flow of pure creative energy.

Today's world has many different religious ideas. Unfortunately, many religions have perpetrated fear in order to control. With the techniques of Heart & Soul Healing, we can show you that nothing can affect you and that you never have to be afraid again. We can help you free the old collective consciousness that is holding you, or your family, in the old energetic patterns of the past. Once you have a quiet mind - there is no fear that can penetrate your world. Every fear-based mecanism ( UFOs, Entities, Devils, Curses, Spells) will be ineffectual and you will be able to manifest peace and love into your life in every moment. Join us as we discover our own Truth.

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