Illumination of the Heart & Location of the Soul
(from: 'The Heart of Soul Healing', Chapter 20) ***

The day that Spirit asked me to make my next leap of faith started out very quietly. I was in a space of feeling calm and relaxed, grateful that all was well in my world. Before getting out of bed, I began to practice my daily visualization. Centering in my pineal, I did the Living light Breath before calling in all the different collective consciousnesses of creation. What happened next was completely unexpected.

The different bands of energy began to come together, except this time they formed outside of me. I noticed everything felt energetically different. Then I saw what appeared to be a large shimmering bullet-like shape forming about fifty feet in front of me. As I began to focus more on the object, it became bigger and bigger until it looked like a rocket. As if this was not enough, it began to move right towards my heart! My immediate reaction was to say, “Stop!” and roll out of the way; but I knew it was vital for me to fully experience what was happening. As I watched this object gather speed, I focused on staying present, centered, and quiet.

I was apprehensive as the rocket of energy headed straight for me, but I did not want to miss this chance. In the past, when faced with spiritual challenges I did not understand, I had said “Stop,” and have regretted that; as I now recognize it may take several years before another spiritual opening can occur. I was determined this time would be different.

After an endless moment, the energy hit my heart and imploded. It was not my heart itself, but my spiritual heart chakra located on my body’s centerline next to my heart. The energy ignited my heart in the same way my pineal gland had been activated by moving my life-force energy up my spine. Instantly, my heart opened into the shape of a lotus flower. The flower unfolded and the petals extended until my whole body was completely enveloped in a new awareness. I knew then the location of the soul.

I discovered a space between the heart and soul that was electric, neon-white (like lightning) which is the essence of the void. This gate or portal leads directly to our soul: the eye of God or our reflection of Source.

As I became aware again of my surroundings, I realized my conscious awareness had expanded. I was completely centered within my heart. I understood that the last duality in our spiritual reality is that we feel separate from God. The outward illusion is the picture we create of the world around us. The inward illusion is the feeling that we are separate from Creator. Once we accept that we are one with Source, there is no more duality; therefore, no more karma or dharma, and a new time begins.

A great level of compassion enveloped me, and I accepted all that I had created. My consciousness continued to expand outward in every direction from my heart center, and I became aware that an aspect of my self was facing my soul which had been hidden behind my heart. In that instant, a bright light enveloped my consciousness and I became one with the Trinity. The electric, neon-white light now completely filled the space between my heart and my soul and as they united, it created a sphere that became the Sun.

Up to that point, I was still living in a dual world of soul and body. When I became the Trinity, I was not that person. I had become the center of the lotus flower, with each of the petals a part of me. Losing my linear reality, I began dreaming and thinking in spirals, connecting with all life everywhere.

As I reviewed these recent, multiple transitions and transformation of my soul, I could see that they were repeating and reinforcing one another. I was sure there was more to come. After this segment passed, I knew that I truly loved everything and I no longer faced reality as I had known it. I was now facing Source. I became an expanding gate. I was standing between two worlds but really not part of any world. I was in the space in between, in a new space that was expanding into the other spaces. I had entered the gate, become the gate, and now the gate was getting wider and wider.

That was what I had first experienced years ago when I started centering in my pineal and connecting to the light. First it was a tiny thread of light that, as the years passed, became brighter and brighter. When it became massive, it moved to my heart, engaged my soul, and transformed my consciousness. A beautiful feeling of serenity and peacefulness flowed in and around me. I mirrored everything but was no longer centered in my heart or my pineal. My entire body became my conscious heart, the body of the Sun.

I also knew that everyone was about to experience the same thing, for we are all one, and whatever is happening to one of us is happening to all of us. All my senses had been amplified and were changing the way I saw, heard, felt, and tasted. Everything blended with a new richness, causing new sensual experiences.

As I looked outside, I could see a new and special quality in the rays of sunlight. With my now expanded clairvoyant eyesight I could see the rays had a depth and sensation I had never felt or seen before. It was as if I could see the real light and frequency underlying the very fibers of creation.

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