Is this Heaven?

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November, 2003 Message from Ken – Is this Heaven? _______________________________________________________________________

           Own your Dream

           November 8 – The Harmonic Concordance

           “Healing the Healers – Staying Healthy While Helping Others”

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Own your Dream

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November 8 – The Harmonic Concordance

 “Is this Heaven?”     “No, this is Iowa.”    “Iowa?”     “Yes”    

“Oh, I thought this was heaven. “      

“So where is Heaven?”       “It’s the place where dreams are made.”

                        -Movie:  Field of Dreams

We’ve all seen this movie, perhaps many times.  I watched it again recently and found it to be a great reminder.  So, is this Heaven?  Can this be Heaven for you?  For years, I’ve been teaching a favorite workshop of mine called “Heaven on Earth”.  In that workshop, everyone is given an opportunity to feel what it is like to change their vibration, to feel unconditional love within themselves - for themselves.  In that workshop, I watch as participants feel their own heart, practice the Living Light Breath, learn to re-center and BE One with all there IS.  They feel a moment of pure joy.  By changing their vibration, every person can feel the energy of creation within themselves.  Finding the place where fear has no meaning, allows a space for creation to occur - a space where dreams are made.  When that space is created within ourselves, we create our own ‘Heaven on Earth’. 

Watching the movie and reading the multitude of messages and e-mail references to November 8, 2003 as pointing towards an important occurrence in our lives, leads Nancy Nester and me to share parts of our discussion on this upcoming event – our own thoughts: 

On November 8, a particular astrological pattern will occur which many are heralding as a paradigm Shift of the Ages - an opportunity for the inhabitants of Earth to meet the descent of God-Consciousness upon this plane.  This significant occurrence is being called “The Harmonic Concordance”.  Many believe that this occurrence will open an energetic ‘stargate’ for emotional and physical manifestations of consciousness to elevate awareness.  It is also said that the Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse which makes up the Star of David pattern on November 8, 2003 offers circumstances which are extraordinary for  a simultaneous awakening of souls.   So, now the entire consciousness of Earth has an opportunity to shift towards unity and ascend to a higher vibration for healing of our individual selves and in turn, the planet.

Hasn’t this gate always been open to those willing to go through it?  For many years, particularly since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987,  seers, astrologers, psychics, and others have pointed to numerous opportunities for Earth’s ascension process - a shift in consciousness.  Each of these ‘portals’ or ‘gates’ has been represented as a major step. 

My May 2003 newsletter spoke about levels of awareness, shifts in consciousness and shifts in the collective consciousness.  For mass consciousness, or a major shift in the collective to occur, there must first be a shift within each individual on this planet. 

As each person changes, shifts and heals, that energetic affects the consciousness of the planet.   In my opinion, and in the opinions of some other futurists, were the collective consciousness to suddenly shift, chaos throughout the entire planet would result.   That’s why shifts are subtle, not massive.  Step by step, individual by individual, the collective changes, subtly.  Seeds of awareness get planted and over time, when carefully watered and tended, grow to an awareness that we are all one spiritual being having a physical experience.  That’s the major shift in consciousness that can and must occur.  How can we assist in raising the vibration of the planet if our own vibration does not change?

Increasingly, I have encountered more and more individuals who are fearful of losing themselves to a change in their vibration.  Most people only know what they do NOT want in their lives. They are fearful that anything they create will only be, look or feel like more of what they have created in the past.     

Like Christmas perhaps, this November 8 offers each of us a day when everyone acts and feels a little kinder toward their fellow man. Worldwide meditations, ceremonies and gatherings will be about peace, brotherhood, light, love, wholeness and the unity of everyone. 

So again, we challenge you to think for yourself and answer these questions for yourself: 

Ought we not to be celebrating each moment in our NOW this way?  Ought we not to be creating our own Heaven on Earth NOW in this way?   Our dreams can be created right NOW, if we only choose to open the gate of our minds to allow ourselves to walk through and find the clarity of Light and Love within ourselves.  It’s not outside in the planets or the stars; it’s inside each of us.  NOW.   Why do we need a special day to release fear, come out of the shadows and be at peace with others?  Why do we need to have ‘permission’ to feel the opportunity of shifting within ourselves, of moving out of our fears?

Take a risk.  Be courageous.  Look within and recognize that the opportunity for shift in consciousness for yourself offers an opportunity for a shift in the collective consciousness of all humankind.   This shift, just like every other opportunity, gate, portal, year, month, day and moment that occurs is about taking responsibility for our own actions - for integrating Light and Love into ourselves so we can BE Light and BE Love for others to receive.  It’s not about projecting our own ideas, expectations or judgments on others.  Even with a November 8 magical moment of the planets and stars, unless we come into our wholeness, find and heal all the fragmented parts of ourselves, we can not grasp this ‘opportunity of a lifetime’.   It will end up being in the long run, just another day. 

Creation means new, not old.  In order to create your own shift in consciousness, let go of the past hurts and wounds.  The simple act of clearing your energies daily can help you. .  You might want to take advantage of this one opportunity.  Try it for a while and notice your own shift – see how you feel.  Remember, the more you love yourself, the more your vibration changes. The Living Light Breath ™  offers a tremendous benefit, allowing us to re-center in our pineal gland and feel our emotions in a new way, providing us a glimpse of our true reality.   Go further still, and read the entire book ‘The Way It Works”:

If you do want to change, BE the change you want to see.  Listen to that still, quiet voice inside yourself.  Take advantage of the abundance of opportunities.   Then, each magical moment will provide you with more chances to shift, to create, to change your vibration and bring about your own Heaven on Earth.

“Healing the Healers – Staying Healthy while Helping Others”

As promised, here is another excerpt from our new book:

Do you have an intimate relationship with your God-self?  Do you have an awareness that your energy affects the energy of everyone around you and that their energy in turn affects everything you are and feel?   The state of awareness, of being conscious, may come upon us as a troublesome, fearful process, forcing us to turn away from life circumstances that no longer feel comfortable or fulfilling.  It may be subtle, just like slowly turning from one food to another, changing our tastes to fit our wants and needs. Individual exploration however, can not be avoided, it is inevitable if we are to find our own power, identity and self-worth.  As set out in the last chapter, only by opening ourselves to the experience of Creation can we experience everything ever experienced from all other times and all other realities. 

As we become aware that we are all a part of one energetic body, we discover other experiences, other feelings present within ourselves that do not seem to have any correlation or concrete foundation in the life we are currently experiencing.  It appears therefore, that we do in fact experience other lives, other lifetimes, and bring with us certain issues or the dynamic energetics of the past.   This information has been adequately addressed and documented from the words of thousands of clients during healing sessions, hypnotherapy sessions and from well-founded research. 

The dynamics of energy from another life can have a great bearing on what is affecting us today.   As we’ve discovered in our own healing practices, on some level (and it must be a deep soul level), we have each come to earth to experience and then to master certain past issues.  Understanding what those issues are and coming to terms with their reality can create havoc or chaos within the physical body. 

Certainly every human being experiences a series of challenges or ‘tests’ throughout their lifetime; often coming in the form of a loss, either health, wealth, family or personal status.   Loss can present us with an opportunity to explore deeply the reasoning behind our condition.  When everything around us feels like slippery or shaky ground, we all want to look heaven-word for answers.   So now the issues that were previously misunderstood become our greatest teachers.  They appear as if from nowhere; a catalyst of energy requiring us to explore even deeper.  What is not understood from a past experience continues to follow each one of us because it actually believes that we are its creator!  It recognizes our vibration, or our signature, or the signature of our soul as the one who was there in the past creating the energetic.  Now, that energy or consciousness, affects us in the present time.  We shall continue to attract circumstances and people to our lives that reflect the energy of our past experiences until we recognize that we are the magnet creating the attraction.

Reaching the level of understanding that we are all one with creation, we now know how our energy directly affects the collective.  People feel something so much, or put so much energy into it, they’ve actually created a consciousness with a life force that wants to continue to perpetuate itself.  Is there a collective consciousness of cancer?  Is there a collective consciousness of different physical or emotional conditions?  Is it possible that if we get a disease within our physical body, that this consciousness is attracted to us?  Does this show us the power of our thoughts?  Is it possible as we start to heal ourselves that we actually can change the consciousness of our past and free others who might be trapped or stuck in this whole quagmire of energy?

                        -----  to be continued

©2003 Ken Page. 


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