Surrender to The Dream

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October, 2005 Message Surrender to The Dream

• Does anything make sense?

• The Dream


Does Anything Make Sense?

After the walk-in experience/small stroke which I experienced on August 1, both Nancy and I felt that it was definitely time to empty out the old to make way for the new. In this way, it would be easier to 'Start Over'. I have to admit that since that event, I began to realize that I have always wanted to just 'fit in' with those around me. So I had, in the past, adapted to their way of being. In attempting to meet people in whatever space they were in, I found I had to move out of the moment to find their place of being. In trying to understand the way that others are in this world, I became aware that basically - there has been so much I do not understand.

All of this now appears in a much clearer way for me: what I have been working to understand actually doesn't make any sense! I now realize that this is what has been the most challenging for these past years. Why do I work so hard to fit in or to be accepted? How does that make sense to my emotional well-being? How does that affect my physical self?

From my clients in the past twenty-five years, there is one thing that I know for sure. Almost 80% of everything 'out there', I no longer care to be a part of: war, hate, evil, distortion, sickness, polarities between male and female, power and control issues etc. And yet, those conscious forms persist and actually increase because so many people will give energy to them every day. When we hold onto an idea of what something must look like, or how someone must act, our expectations can cause disappointment. Even when we judge ourselves, it's usually based upon what society, our parents, friends or coworkers, partners or spouses think about us. So why does that matter to us?

See what I mean? How does any of this make any sense? In our September newsletter we wrote: "Our choices have brought us to this space - an opportunity to start over, even if today, we don't know where that will lead us". We all come from Source through different and yet unique paths. Each of us has memories and dreams that we can not explain, nor even perhaps, rationalize in our present world. Do our dreams make any sense? They hold a reality that our worldly selves may not understand - a key to the destiny of our soul - our life purpose. For me, it means going forth with my own job and what I know that job to be. I remain focused on what I came to do and be as present in each moment as I can be. Slowly, not always within the timing I choose, some things about myself make sense.

Slowly - we awaken to our dreams.


The Dream

Here is something Ken wrote quite awhile ago, based upon the reality he knew from his dreams. Each of us finds a piece of ourselves within this story - a destiny of sorts or a sense of knowing that in spite of what challenges we face each day on earth, we have a knowing of our purpose, our soul's 'Dream':

This tale begins in the space between the Suns; in the gathering place of souls. I am a Light Traveler and messenger from the order of the Messiah. My home planet has a purple-violet atmosphere, nine moons, and few inhabitants. I dwell within a ten-square-mile energy bubble built and terraced on the lower slopes of a large snow capped mountain range. Visitors are mesmerized by the crystal-blue, sparkling waters cascading down from a nearby mountain and through the middle of the land to meet the wide river below. The air is sweet, pure, and vigorous and fortifies all our physical needs. We get our nourishment from the air we pranic breathe allowing us to happily forego other nourishment. The outside surface of my bubble is gold and reflective like a mirror, making it invisible to most. I have many close companions living with me, though none of them are human.

During my travels throughout the galaxy, I invited many beautiful creatures to come and live with me and many accepted gladly. Years ago I transported seedlings and saplings here and now live as a companion to thousands of varieties of trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers. Living here are also many species of four-legged beings. I admired them during my planetary travels and asked each pair if they would please grace my land. Here the lions lay down with the Iambs, as well as with many other gentle creatures. The upper surface of my bubble is over three miles high and is full of colorful birds, dancing insects, flying mammals, and great winged raptors. Songbirds, rushing creeks, and the sounds of song fill the air with the hum of conversation and play. I spend most of my time wandering the land caring for its needs, communicating, swapping stories from our different genetic memories, and sharing about magical times.

One day an angel appeared. I welcomed her and she came to where I was tending the roses. With my long white hair, I must have looked all of my 300 years. I was getting old, but energetically I was still strong. I greeted her, but instead of replying, she startled me by changing into twelve different life forms of myself, starting as a young boy and progressing to the present. In that moment, I remembered the prophecy passed to me so long ago by my grandmother. She said that one day twelve vibrational aspects of myself would appear in succession, and I would know it was time to go on the most important journey of my life. My Grandmother told me long ago that my name had the vibration of the sun.

Then the twelve aspects of the angel merged back into one being and she spoke to me, being and she spoke to me, “You, Sananda Ra, are a Light Traveler from the order of the Messiah, a messenger, and are summoned by the Time Guardians to an emergency gathering. The angel explained to me that the Time Guardians had discovered a time rift that distorted and misaligned the interdimensional portals and passage gates. The rift created frozen time bubbles, trapping many souls and affecting the flow of consciousness. It was a serious situation. The rift could erase soul memory by destroying the Akashic records, the archives of all consciousness.

Civilizations that had been trapped by the polarities of light and dark, which caused separation from Source, had been secretly controlling many regions of the galaxy for thousands of years. They created the time rift to stop Earth-like civilizations from realizing that they are divine, multidimensional, fully capable of instantaneous creation, and able to challenge the power and control of the dark-side. I had confronted these fragmented souls many times in the past.

The Guardians were asking for volunteers from every dimension who could combine energies and seal the rift. They asked me to recommend fellow Travelers who were fearless, strong, loyal, and experienced warriors in galactic time travel. I knew many friends who were up to the challenge to help with this mission. The angel told me that each volunteer would merge with an aspect of themselves on Earth and then be brought into conscious awareness for this mission. The Guardians planned to gather all the volunteers on Earth by September 9, 1999.

Then the angel presented a new and startling condition. This time we were not just being asked to do battle with the dark-side, as had always been our method before. For this mission to succeed the Travelers needed to eliminate the dark-side by merging it with the light. The light and dark were of equal strength in the lower dimensions. They needed to be rejoined and transformed into Clear Light which existed before polarities were created. That was the key to repairing the time rifts and creating Heaven on Earth.
The methods with which we would accomplish this spiritual alchemy were secreted away within our hearts. Discovering that key information within ourselves would be the most difficult and challenging task we faced. Once we knew how to do that we could be sure of victory. The Time Guardians had left energetic keys, holographic blueprints, to help the cloaked volunteers become conscious of who they were and what their mission was. Becoming fully conscious was the first step in recognizing the interdimensional gates. These keys were hidden within the laws of numerology and astrology, within each of the ancient mystery schools, and within certain sacred sites. The keys were also hidden behind the heart of every person on Earth. The Travelers would need to discover the holographic blueprint on their own during the course of their lives on Earth. They would awaken, discover the keys, and recognize the truth that they had carried within themselves all along.

The angel looked directly into my eyes for a long time. Then she said. 'The reason I was sent here is to ask your help as a messenger. The Time Guardians were concerned that because of your age and all that you have done already, you would decline this mission because you may never return home. They sent me, a representative of Spirit, so you would know that this mission is supported on the very highest level. The Time Guardians need you on Earth to help repair the rift in time and realign the interdimensional gates. As a Traveler, you will need to forget everything you know, who you are and who your were. You will awaken and remember first in order to help the other Travelers become aware of their spiritual missions.'

I immediately agreed to help. I had been resting, waiting, and wondering about this day for a long time. I knew that the time was close, because I could feel change shifting and vibrating within and around me. I had been training throughout my life to be part of a mission that would change all consciousness in the universe, including my own. I had separated myself from others so that I would not be personally attached to an outcome that might affect my mission and ability to witness. I was ready to fulfill my destiny, ready to go anywhere I was needed.

The angel asked me to begin immediately. I needed to change form and merge into a being my Higher Self had created in the third dimension of the planet Earth. This being was my soul’s reflection on Earth with whom I resonated most strongly. His name was Ken Page, already a part of me energetically. We were closer than twins, although I don't believe he was aware of me. For this mission, I took the vibrational name RaMa, symbolizing the balance of male and female. Ken was subconsciously looking for this energetic vibration. He was on the cusp of spiritual consciousness and momentarily caught up in the material world, waiting unknowingly for integration with me. Ken lived a life of confusion and separation. When we integrated, his spiritual awakening would accelerate. He would become a healer and teacher and become aware of everything he was creating, as well as that of his clients. A part of our mission was to awaken these fellow Travelers.

As the angel outlined the plan to me, she assured me that I would have guidance and assistance on my mission. She told me to rest and prepare my spirit for the journey to Earth. I would remain in a deep sleep until a scheduled atomic bomb test was detonated on Earth. The atomic explosion would temporarily open an interdimensional gate into human consciousness where all the volunteers would enter the human soul plane undetected and cloaked. Knowing this was the moment I had been waiting for, I said farewell to the land and my companions. I then realized that I had underestimated my love for my home and my family; I would miss them. Hopefully, they would await our reunion.



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