July, 2008:
Our Energetic Patterns: Keys to True Healing
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July, 2008 Newsletter
Our Energetic Patterns: Keys to True Healing


* How Energy is Stored As Imprints
* Interactiions with Others
* Confusing Inner Programs
* Releasing Imprints
* Calendar of Events


Our Energetic Past - Keys to True Healing

We believe that we are here on earth to master all the conditions that we have placed on love – as individuals, families, religions and cultures. Most of us are holding onto millions of ideas about life and love from our past, and most of these ideas carry an energetic charge. Deepak Chopra says we have at least 60,000 thoughts a day – 90% of those are thoughts about our past. This means that about 54,000 thoughts, or sparks of energy from our past are being created energetically each day, building up within us until we either implode, explode or change.

So, what can we do about these remnants from our past, and how do they reflect our lessons about love? Both Nancy and I feel that we carry our lessons with us as patterns or imprints on our bodies. These patterns may come from the first years of our lives, from past lives or from inner-dimensional levels of our being. We all continue to grow spiritually by working out our issues about love – as individual souls and as a part of the collective consciousness (energy that we as humans have given to all life events). Any patterns or imprints that we still carry, together with the emotions they evoke, are important keys for us to use in learning about love in this lifetime. The ultimate goal is to bring ourselves into balance and love so that we can all become One.

Despite the vast amount of time we spend with ourselves over a lifetime, the discovery of our true selves – and loving ourselves – seems to be the most complex and puzzling assignment we will ever undertake. Clearing and releasing our energetic past imprints and patterns can free us to face the reason we are here – to truly heal, to balance and harmonize with ourselves and reconnect with our inner truth of unconditional love.


How Energy Is Stored As Imprints

Any intense emotion, felt at a time of crisis or drama, becomes energetically stored within us. Extreme anger or bitterness over a situation, for example, can become trapped inside our psychic space. The event is stored along with an energetic charge by our inner mind. Even though years may pass since the original event, certain words, a touch, or a look may trigger an emotionally charged reaction. As we continue to think about these past, unresolved events and give them our attention and energy, additional feelings of anger and bitterness are generated and added to our stockpile of feelings. Over time, we carry around a whole range of “trigger” patterns overlaid upon our physical being.

One of the most common patterns on my clients is an imprint or pattern around their wrists. What if, in a past life, you were tied up, held, or restrained in some way? This has probably happened to most of us at one time or another. Even if this has not happened to us physically, perhaps there was a time when we felt held back in some way, either mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

For example, the lesson from an imprint on a wrist might likely be an issue of power and control. If we are going to fully learn about power and control, someone will - at some point - come into our lives to test us. Suppose in a past life or event, that someone tied or held our hands in some way. There was probably something they wanted us to do and we chose not to, or something they wanted us to stop doing and we kept doing it anyway. The person or persons responsible for restraining us most likely had highly charged thoughts, projections, and energy around what was happening as well. In such circumstances, we may have reacted by being scared or angry or both. Physically we might have understood what was happening to us, and even to some degree we might have sorted out the reasons on an emotional and mental level; yet the imprint still remains because the issues were never fully resolved.

All hurt is recorded as unfinished business. Stored emotion affects the way we see, feel, and interact with others. Most emotions expressed in this way have a deeper root of fear. Perhaps the base root of all fear is the fear of change. These bits and pieces of unresolved situations draw more and more energy over time, until they may become controlling factors in our lives. If we continue to do this, we may reach our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual limits and begin to experience physical reactions within our bodies, such as tension and disease.

If we have a stored imprint, it means we did not understand the event completely at the time it occurred. Our Higher Self saves everything that happens, including incomplete energetic experiences, for us to look at another time when we may be better able to put all the pieces together. As long as something happened to us that we did not understand completely, we will continue to wear that imprint on our bodies today, no matter where in our history the event occurred.

Spiritually understanding our lessons is often the most difficult. Experiencing pain and fear are clearly not what we originally came to Earth to learn. If we had come in to learn about love, for example, but instead experienced loneliness, heartache, separation, and pain, we might develop a program that subconsciously tells us “To love fully means I will suffer.” Until we clearly define and separate our lessons from what we experience, we will continue to confuse our experiences with the lesson, and may hold ourselves back from fully loving or being loved.


Energy is Activated and Amplified through Interactions with Others

Accumulated thought forms and emotions act as catalysts for our imprints. Over and over, these thought forms draw to us similar situations or people, until we completely understand all there is to learn about that emotion and how to balance it within ourselves. If we are here to learn about power and control, we may create situations where we feel powerless. If we are here to learn forgiveness, we may draw people to us who we continually need to forgive or who must forgive us.

If those around us continue to trigger our issues, remember that they are mirroring the exact issues we have, on some level, agreed to learn and resolve on our path towards mastering the conditions we have put on love. So what is the most effective action we can take when we are triggered? We can use those times when we get thrown off-balance to go back in linear time within our own minds to find and understand where our issues really began. Understand the energetics around the issue itself, whether it is about feelings of abandonment, self-worth, trust, guilt, shame, being alone, power and control, or anything else that comes up. Until we understand the energy around the issue itself, our Higher Self will continue to create event after event, helping us to keep focused on what we have come to learn. Once we understand the issue, there ceases be a charge around it. Until we realize we have agreed to co-create these events, which act as catalysts to keep us focused on our issues, we unknowingly continue to divert most of our creative energy into drawing such circumstances and people to us.


Energetic Imprints lead to Confusing and/or Erroneous Inner Programs of Behavior

Prior to coming to Earth, when we are united with Source, we plan what we are going to learn and teach on Earth. While with Source, we are aligned with the energies of love, compassion, understanding, and clarity.

When we physically come to Earth, we experience diverse energetic events -- some of them unpleasant, painful, and shocking. If we were to experience many devastating traumas over one lifetime or a series of lifetimes, the inner mind might decide that if we were to love openly and completely, we might lose our lives, our families, or everything we care about, love, and believe in. In a similar manner, if we were to take our power or do what we truly came to do, we might conclude that something painful or traumatic could happen to us. Once we make such a decision, we begin to subconsciously use some of our energy to hold ourselves back from our full potential.


Releasing Energetic Imprints from our Bodies

When we give energy by thoughts, feelings and/or emotions to a pattern, it means there is still some part we do not fully understand. Many of our energetic imprints are different aspects of the same lesson. When an area of the body is holding an imprint, Heart & Soul Healing follows the energy back through our inner mind to discover the original belief that set the program into motion.

Once we understand the truth of what we are learning, the held energy pattern is released. The freed energy is then made available for us to create those things we choose to have in our lives. When we really know and understand something, we possess the most powerful tool we can use to change our consciousness and integrate our knowledge into the unified whole of our being. Once we have real understanding within ourselves, our bodies no longer need to hold the energy pattern in place. Once understood, the energy pattern has fulfilled its purpose, which is simply to get our attention, so that we can understand why we have come to Earth and what we are supposed to do.

Our fully awakened knowledge and understanding automatically becomes part of our wisdom and awareness, changing the way we create and who we are. When changes are made on a cellular level, the changes will be permanent, for they will occur on every level and within every cell of our being. Our very vibration changes and thus, it is impossible to be what we were before.

For more ways to release energetic imprints and begin a change within yourselves, read The Way It Works. Begin to work with the energetic clearing technique. You WILL notice a difference in yourself, your interactions with others, your actions and your reactions within three days.

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