Mothers and Fathers
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May, 2005 Message : Mothers and Fathers

Mothers And Fathers

Being in the Moment



Once we love ourselves, the next task is centering between the past and the future--in the moment. When we are compassionate and in the moment, we are free to create. The moment is the access point for the finest reflection of Source we can be.

Most of us are not in the moment. We replay past regrets, such as ‘I wish I told my grandmother I loved her more before she died’, ‘I wish I finished college’, or ‘I should have been a painter instead of an accountant as my dad wanted’. Or perhaps we get stuck in the future with our thoughts: ‘when I have money I'll go back to school’, ‘when I loose thirty pounds my life will be perfect’, or ‘when I find my true love I'll finally be happy’. By hanging on to past or future events or emotions, we are never truly present in the Now.

If we love ourselves and are present in the moment with compassion, a wonderful thing happens; our entire being radiates out through our compassion. This is what I believe we are here to do. Being in the moment is the only place of true power. It is the only place where we are able to use our choices to create change. Choice collapses the limitations of time. The instant of choice is always in the moment. The moment is the only place we can make a change. It is the place to create, overcome limitations, or change directions.

Free will is the creative force of our universe. Free will is only experienced in the world of choice, in the moment of realizing, acting, and becoming the "knowing" itself.

Getting to the Moment: The key to the entire process of learning, being, and creating is to stay in the moment. If someone triggers a reaction in you, they are only mirroring the issues you've come to learn and resolve. When you get thrown off center, go back in linear time and understand when and where a particular issue began for you and what you are still learning. It is important to understand the emotional charge around the issue, whether it's abandonment, self worth, trust, guilt, shame, or power and control. Until you understand the charge around the issue, your subconscious will continue to recreate event after event so you can keep looking at what you agreed to learn.

Anytime you find yourself out of the moment, it is valuable to examine where you went--past or future--and what issue sent you there. Once you understand your issues--mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually--they will no longer have an energetic charge. Until you realize you are creating a series of events to keep you focused on your own issues and what you have agreed to learn in this lifetime, you will continue to subconsciously divert most of your creative energy into drawing such circumstances and people to you, keeping you out of the moment.

Timeless Moments: The only place we can truly change our being is in the moment. If we are not in the moment, there will always be some form of distortion. Time really has no meaning‹it is only a measure of change. We are spirits having a physical experience. Spirit exists outside of time. Thinking we are bound by linear time stops us from connecting to our true holographic selves, which are multidimensional, timeless, always in the moment. Perhaps past and future lives are all the same. Perhaps they merely represent stories that help us understand our lives better. It makes no difference whether the stories we carry around within us are real or not. What is important is to access the wisdom and understanding they contain and use it now. The real value of any information is how it enriches and supports our lives today and helps us to understand more about ourselves.

By accessing this timeless state within our cellular being, we access direct self knowledge and wisdom. Being in the moment, centered in the pineal, allows us to immediately access the original traumatic events that set up the issues for us in this life.

Many times we were unable to stay in the moment because past events were so overwhelming and painful they continue to confuse and disturb us. The pain of what happened causes our subconscious minds to block the real truth of the event. Heart & Soul Healing™ techniques (the clearing technique) (Living Light Breath) uncover and integrate the information we need. Our conscious mind then understands mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually what the lesson was, and we are free to be fully in the moment.

Missing Parts: How can you be present in the moment if you are not fully in your body? Many of you decided to protect yourself energetically by getting out of your body because you were violated and hurt in the past. Almost all my clients realize ninety percent of them is energetically missing. Most left their bodies by age four by saying "I don't want to be here." They are so full of feelings and emotions from their past that now they do not know how they feel. The missing parts of each of us are with the collective consciousness observing, learning, understanding, and becoming aware. Our task is to bring our missing parts back into our bodies and be totally conscious and present in the moment.

Bringing ourselves back into our bodies, loving ourselves, and being in the moment will allow us to work miracles.



The month of May has a day filled with moments of special feelings for mothers. June’s special day honors the fathers of this world. Between us, Nancy and I have one mother and one father still alive. We also have ten children and three wonderful grandchildren. Two of our children returned to Creator early in their life. We feel very blessed and honored to have experienced each of these special relationships.

This past month, I have been in Canada – away from home, away from those that I love. It has given me a lot of time to reflect on relationships. Each day during private sessions, clients have told about their feelings of disappointment and sadness towards their mothers and fathers. I would hope by now we realize that our parents could only love us as much as they could love themselves. The part of life that confuses me the most is the question: Did we choose our parents for this life or was it just chance?

I believe we did pick our parents because they were the best reflection of what we needed to learn or master in this life time. It also appears that we keep attracting that same energy in our own relationships today. How else can we master compassion? When we forgive ourselves and let go of our parents and the mistakes of our past, we will allow a new moment to open within us and our Indigo selves will flow forth.


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