April 2007 Newsletter: The Long Road Home
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April, 2007 Message
The Long Road Home

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By the time you get this newsletter, I will be in Slovenia where I will be teaching and doing private sessions. It might be a bit challenging because of the language differences, yet it is good to be back at my work. It has been a long road home to myself.

As some of you noticed, I have been gone for the last few months. Nancy kindly called it a sabbatical. The truth was: I had quit everything. I decided to go away and work on a small ranch with a few horses – get extremely physical – and find the buried parts of myself. See I needed to clear my head. Since last year, Nancy and I have experienced the fullness of survival struggles. Living in a motorhome last summer and re-locating our home and business was physically, emotionally and mentally challenging for us (We promise to write more about that later.)

My own frustrations became so pronounced last Fall when a person came to Georgia, yet would not allow me to help. All of her being wanted to release old energy and she was crying out for help. The conscious mind was at one moment asking for a healing and at the next moment resisting every attempt of help or assistance. She was fearful that if she let go of her past, she would no longer have an identity, could no longer be the important individual she felt she was, and might no longer have the relationship she thought she wanted. I just could not understand this. My mind could not accept her resistance at the potential for complete healing. I knew it was possible.

For years, I have witnessed miracles and awakenings of personal awareness and knowing. The questions that seemed perplexing to me were: How far must someone be willing to go to heal themselves? How much healing is possible? Remember, if we change completely, the people around us could be very upset for we would no longer be who they think we must be.

Soon my own questioning became my frustration - of my teaching abilities and my communication skills in helping others. My frustrations began a downward spiral that was not good for my health, my work or my relationship. In the space I was in, everything had became a giant question. Disappointment quickly moved to aggravation and beyond.

Within a few weeks of working on the ranch, I started to tap back into the energy I recognized – one that was creative. The book we had been working on for the last couple of years was still so much inside my head and I needed to get it out. We had written a lot, provided some chapters in these newsletters; yet our personal survival struggles over this past year put the book on the back burner. This in particular was something I found so frustrating within myself. For everyones' sake, I felt the only answer available at the time was to leave. My mind had to become quiet in a place where I was completely off the grid - where no one knew who I was - without any demands or people wanting more from me than I felt I could give. So I packed a few necessary things and left – everything and everyone. I had to be and feel so much in the moment that I did not even know what the future would hold. If not, I might not have found myself, found this new place I had been looking for inside myself, in order to return home to Nancy, to my work, to our work together and to our future.


During my sabbatical, I had surgery on my right hand (more about that later too), gum surgery and had my teeth fixed. So I am becoming a new person. A 9-day intensive class just completed in our new facility. It was very successful for me. It is good to be back in the sharing and teaching roll. Of course, that is the place where we learn the most. It was good to teach with Nancy again and provide the participants a different perspective on the same information.

A good friend, one whom I have known for sometime, came to the class. He stayed for another three weeks and together, we cleared the forest in the back of our property. It had never been done before so again, I was very physical. That’s always a good thing when I get too much inside my own head.

I had taken a number of books from our personal library with me to the ranch. Going through them I realized that many things have been written before, just in different ways; the same information being presented throughout many different cultures. The common thread appears: if one could become proficient at KI, CHI or Life Force energy, one could change or heal anything and anyone. The challenge for each of us is that there would need to be a place for our old patterns to go. We certainly would not want them to be sent down the street to another spiritual soul. In working over 20 years, I certainly had realized this was possible. My personal challenge became: how could I teach this and put it into cohesive thinking for others to understand? How could I help others find that place within themselves?

An important teacher once told me: Never share your secrets. I have found that if I do not share my secrets, new secrets would stop coming. Sharing information allows room for more information to come in from Source/Creator. This is not meant as criticism of healers who say they are masters of their healing craft; however I pose the question: masters of what? Masters of all energy, good and bad – masters of everything that has ever been created? Can they bring everything back into balance? That is the challenge they have each had to look at by being called a Master. Of course, one could say that the questions alone might cause a great deal of resistance.

During the time that I was gone, it became possible for me to finally put together about 85% of our new book: Compassionate Healing: The Art of Energy Transference. That’s the title Nancy and I have given it right now. This book began as: Why Healers Get Sick to then: Staying Healthy in an Unhealthy World. The evolution in titles comes from the experiences we have had since my stroke in August, 2005.

For much of our journey in life, we hear that things outside of ourselves identify and define us; that there is something or someone outside ourselves that is more powerful, more skilled, has more knowledge or wisdom and therefore more authority over our own life. Everything comes back to the old questions: Am I a Victim or Am I a Creator? Am I One or Am I Separate? (March 2003 newsletter)

In our new book, this is what we are attempting to express by examples and drawings. The charts/drawings have never been published before and we are anxious to share them. We are now working to bring this book/manual easily to you to download over the internet. First, we have to learn how to do this. So anyone who knows how, we sure would appreciate some insight.


I am about to embark on yet another wild ride of self-discovery by way of alpha brain-wave neurofeedback training. By synchronistic occurrences, one of the trainers at the Biocybernaut Institute was interested in our 9-day Heart & Soul Healing Intensive course. She called our office and spoke at length with Nancy. My wife cares so much about me re-claiming that part of myself that is fully alive, that she knew this neurofeedback training was something I had to experience. She was very instrumental in creating a space for this to occur. I was invited to become a participant in the training at their California center. This wonderful gift from Dr. Jim Hardt excites me. I have always loved being a part of a new frontier.

From their website - benefits of this type of brain training include:

"The Biocybernaut Institute training programs can dramatically improve your brain wave control through state of the art training with Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback training has demonstrated success in improving: Spiritual Awareness, Self-Understanding, Creativity, Mental clarity , Physical and emotional well-being, relieving stress and anxiety and personality therapy.

Much as the body is able to increase its strength, endurance and flexibility through physical training, so is the mind able to expand its power, creativity and resilience through Neurofeedback training. The clarity and creativity of your awareness affects how well you perform and feel at all levels. By improving self control of our own brain states, we dramatically improve our abilities to operate at optimal levels of mental and physical activity".

For me, working on my own frustrations will be the best. Since my stroke, Nancy and I have noticed that while my flow of creative ability and thought is still there, my mind no longer communicates as quickly as my flow wants it to. In spite of all best efforts, I find an inability to express myself, to say what is in my mind quickly. I then get frustrated and angry. While my anger is at myself, it is not always easy to be around. By now we know that my attitude might need a bit of adjusting too!

So I am asking myself: Can I change completely? Can I become all that I can become - a new person? How different will my creativity and awareness become? I am excited and ready for the exploration of this new world. Keep posted for more news about my brain!

Read more about the fascinating work being done at the Biocybernaut Institute.
Dr. James Hardt has impressive credentials and abilities. I invite you to read about his many accomplishments and findings.

Spiritual Madness (from Nancy)

Ken continues to surprise me with his willingness to be so frank and candid in our newsletters. Thank you for offering so many comforting and supportive wishes and blessings these past months. Ken needed to leave and be alone with himself. While I understood that need, it was not easy watching him pack to leave. We had been experiencing survival struggles for much of the past year. While I trusted that Ken would find himself, I did not trust that he would find his way back home. Let us just say that the holidays were not very happy, and the cold, grey, winter days seemed endless.

I knew I had to release my fear of losing Ken entirely, or the energy of my fears would only bring more fear into my space and create exactly what I did not want. Teaching that our greatest fears will occur if we give them enough energy was not the reminder I wanted to face. Days rolled into weeks and then into months. Here I was in a new city and state. I did not know anyone in the area, and the spiritual community resources I had previously enjoyed were non-existent. Soon I found myself questioning my own identity and what my future would hold. I found myself holding my breath. Then one of my dearest friends reminded me that I had journeyed my entire life by steering my own path. She proceeded to ask why I had given up control and who was this whining, fearful woman who was occupying my body? She pointed out that I ought to listen to the wise words that I have always taught. Then she reminded me to re-read the section on Spiritual Madness that I had written in April 2003. Well, that was the much-needed mirror to reflect what I had to see.

Soon I began to welcome the quietness and peace of being alone. I taught a few classes and a workshop. Being back in the flow of what I loved to do felt magical. So - Ken's sabbatical brought me full circle back to myself. He came home to teach the course in February and together, we moved back into the rhythm of partnership that had felt so elusive those past months.

I too am excited about the brain wave technology that Ken will experience. I have found Dr. Hardt to be a sincere, compassionate and gifted man. Dr. Hardt has been working for years with brain technology that he now calls Spiritual Science. Ken has been working for years with exploration of Spiritual Oneness held in the subconscious. These two men have much in common to share.

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