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Testimonials about Heart and Soul Healing

Testimonials from participants at Heart & Soul Workshops

"We found a whole new way of looking at the ancient teachings found throughout the world. As we researched their origins, stretching over thousands of years, and intertwined with all the major civilizations of the world, we discovered a blending of the polarities, a middle path to wisdom. Understand and enter these sacred states from the middle path, the path of full enlightenment and power. Find out if your first four levels of consciousness are out of balance and how to consciously re-imprint and balance them. This middle path accesses higher brain states and shows us how to stay in those higher states, incorporating them into our daily lives.""..Ken Page & Nancy Nester

Discover How Your Own Sacred Initiation
of Personal Wisdom
Has Already Begun.

Ken and Nancy will share their latest healing and energy techniques to assist you in achieving the highest and purest vibration available within yourself. This experience will support you in attracting and creating a more positive and healthy life.

Every participant in Heart & Soul Workshops is shown how to find their own self-empowerment and become One with their Higher Self.

We live in the time mankind has awaited since the beginning, in an initiation encoded into our DNA millions of years ago. To help prepare for the tremendous changes about to take place, Ken and Nancy will guide you through a series of personal experiences that will leave you forever changed. You will be able to witness for yourself what is happening on the planet at this time.

We are at a time where all information is collapsing onto this very moment and there are no longer any secrets. In these workshops, you will be guided and supported in understanding this knowledge. Ken has developed a way of sharing this information in eight hours. He will give you many very simple techniques that you can use after the workshop to help you continue to be empowered and to understand and access your Higher Self more clearly.

In the Heaven On Earth workshop, we will show you how to:

  • Re-center yourself in your body so that other people's energy will not affect you in the old way.
  • Re-center yourself to open some 366 senses, and allow you to feel completely safe in your body. You will experience that there is no separation in this quiet space.
  • Breathe in with the Living Light Breath technique. This breathe tastes sweet. It's very similar to the breath of a breatharian.
  • Create inward balance with all your chakras and find a safe way to open your first, second, and third chakras to your full creative ability without attracting old patterns.
  • Connect your body, mind, soul, and heart into oneness and allow your heart and soul to merge.
  • Develop your psychic, clairvoyant, and auditory abilities and bring balance to your nervous system so that large amounts of creative energy can flow through you without harm.
  • Free yourself from old karmic patterns that resulted from energy and people that have been energetically attracted to you.
  • Take your full power and be one with your creative God self.
  • Learn to run all your sexual and creative energy without affecting others.
  • Discover how to holographically read and understand the Akashic records
  • Create abundance in a new way
  • Clear thousands of years of thoughts and feelings from the consciousness of you DNA.
  • Experience a Kundalini awakening from a balanced, empowered place
  • Experience the ancient initiation of activating and igniting your pineal gland
  • Connect to Universal Consciousness and become the sun
  • Learn the Alchemy of the Soul: how to be fluid and let go of old patterns
  • Find out how to change your vibration so old thoughts and programs will not effect you
  • Open your heart and feel like you are expressing love for the first time
  • Receive sacred knowledge about how to access the secret location of the soul
  • Free yourself from past relationships and learn new ways of finding inner peace and joy
  • Learn how to take back your power and to be safe with who you really are
  • Be able to run all the energy of consciousness through yourself and tap into pure creation
  • Learn how you are here to help balance consciousness and assist in the coming changes
  • Learn to see Living Light Language and read sacred geometry

In some workshops, you will also learn three Heart & Soul Healing Techniques (previously taught only to HSH practitioners):

  1. Nervous System Balancing: Clears old patterns and energy you have been carrying your entire life. The average person has 60,000 thoughts a day, 90% of which are thoughts of yesterday. Clear all of these old thoughts and patterns!
  2. Spinal Cord Balancing: Clear karmic patterns from your brain and spinal cord fluids taken on from your parent's genetic line.
  3. Chakra Clearing: Release millions of old thoughts and feelings around chakras so the energetics of your Higher Self can flow through you.

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