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by Ken Page and Nancy Nester

We wrote this newsletter in March of 2004. At this time in consciousness, we feel the message is very important once again.

There are many shifts happening energetically around the planet today. We all receive hundreds of e-mails from different websites that speak to these various occurrences on specific upcoming dates. There are many ideas on what will take place or how we will react or what we ought to be doing. Surely none of us have all the answers. This game called ‘Life’ is created as we experience ourselves, moment by moment. At this time in consciousness, we feel it is vital for each one of us to discern the truth of our own message, honor the path of our own creation and release what no longer serves us on our own journey. There is a sign in our teaching facility: “Before Enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After Enlightenment, chop wood and carry water”. Sometimes we think that if we have a change of location or environment, our lives will change. That may be true, as long as we remember to leave behind past energy dynamics and only bring our changed self with us! Our past can hold onto us with a vengeance. No matter where we go – there we are. Wherever we travel, we take ourselves with us.

Have you found yourself in a space where you ‘know’ that you are finally complete with one of your issues? That you are finished with testing yourself over and over to ensure that you really are ‘done’? What do you think happens when we complete what we came in to learn on a soul level? Perhaps the question is: what happens when we no longer react to karma or dharma?

We believe at that time, we are asked by Spirit to witness others who are approaching their own completion. In this way, Spirit – Source – can learn, feel and experience a human and spiritual moment in a complete way. We can teach or assist the spiritual world to feel these experiences so there is a better understanding as new souls come onto the earth plane as new beings. By now most of you realize you have been ‘giving classes’ (based upon your own human experiences) on different levels and dimensional subjects, like: taking your power, abundance, feelings of being happy or sad, anger and other emotional challenges. New souls can not begin to imagine the depth of the experience we choose coming onto this plane of existence. After all, if you came from another reality or a place of pure love, how could you ever understand the emotional factors present here on earth? There would have to be a way of experiencing before coming into the shocking reality we have come to know on this planet.

So, how many of you believe you were angels before? How many of you have felt a deep connection to someone else - a close or even distant family member, friend or teacher – so close it feels as if they were a guide or caretaker of some kind. These people could have been your teachers when you were more light energy than physical energy before you came to earth. In our workshops, we are very aware that the room is often full of beings from the angelic realm and various other lighter dimensional energies; all of them listening and feeling through the group participants. Many of you have sensed this presence for yourself at different times of your life experiences.

Being a witness for Spirit/Source is a very important job. This may perhaps be the most important job we can ever have. The role of being a witness can include reviewing a person, a couple, a group, a city or even a country. There are many levels of awareness for a witness, including allowing complete consciousness to become expansive through the experience of the witness. This can affect all other dimensions and realities.

We have been aware of being asked to be a witness for many years; aware of why we travel or show up in certain areas at certain times. Being present in an particular region gives insight into what consciousness a group of individuals or even the entire area might be working towards releasing or shifting.

The criteria in being a witness for Spirit is to have experienced everything that has ever been created. This allows for the presence of a higher level of compassion in the exact moment of choice and/or change. The most important factor in the job is to not interfere or change the outcome but merely to witness with all of the compassion of Creator. The challenge for each of us is not to have any ideas or get in the way; just allow ourselves to be in a place where anything can happen. Having any thoughts about control or getting caught up in the way we feel or in the ideas we have on how the result ought to be or what should be done - is where most of us can get hurt. We believe this may be the reason some spiritual teachers fall back into the old patterns of the past; wanting to change the outcome rather than being a witness; feeling they know what is best for others. If you try to change the outcome or allow yourself to be pulled into the energies of that moment, you are no longer a witness. It could then be a long while before you are ready to be a witness again. This could energetically feel quite sad. You may feel as if you do not quite belong, and are isolated.

The collective consciousness of an entire area has an opportunity to change when you are asked to be a witness. There could be a part of you that is not sure you will even come out of this space. Time as you know it changes to allow for the vibration to expand. You are the catalyst needed to allow the possibility for creation of a new space within which others can make a choice. It is very necessary to remain focused, present and very aware of the moment. If you have any difficulty realizing how you are being used and the role that you are playing in that moment, this could become a challenge to your physical self.

Remember, this is a job that you have been training for since time began and your knowing is a part of your training. The complete separation from the past and the future, the Oneness of all possibilities is an expanded reality that you may not be able to share with other friends or family members. You may not feel that others will understand, and this can become a frustration. The best way is to just do your job and get out of the way. Don’t give it any thought or energy after the job. Take good care of your physical body. Drink a lot of water, allow for rest time and keep out of physical conflict with individuals – especially those who are close to you. When you are on your spiritual path, conflict with lovers or family members can be the most damaging to yourself and to your family. We do not t have all the answers for you. Surely we know that the clearing technique and changing your center to your pineal gland with the Living Light Breath can be the most helpful tools for you on this path. Reading ‘The Way It Works’ and ‘The Heart of Soul Healing’ will give you more information to assist in your understanding of your experiences.


Tag – You are IT

A willingness to be open and allow for anything to happen will have a large effect on you. Never attempt to hold back, for stopping the flow or changing it in any way might hurt you. We are all becoming conscious, moving into uncomfortable places of the unknown. This new future has no past so anything is possible. It is just that we have no experience with this new space.

What we are sharing is what each of you are going through in your own way and perhaps have varying degrees of understanding. We hope by sharing, you can see that this space will change and things will become easier. It is important to ask Spirit to allow your spiritual path to become physical for you so you can experience and understand this reality. The picture is bigger than you can even imagine! If you need rest, you can always ask Spirit to slow things down. Going slower, getting healthier and back to a controllable place is all up to you – just ask. It’s like tag wrestling. Tag your partner, they will come in to wrestle again, allowing you to rest. Just remember that when you are tagged, you’d better be physically ready to go the distance.

We are all very, very good at what we are doing. For many of us, the replacements have not yet showed up and it can feel like we are barely holding it all together. Some of you have been on the front lines far too long. Let’s hope that your neighbor will awaken in time to step into the being they are and say TAG.

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