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January 2003 Message from Ken: NEW YEAR

January, 2003: HAPPY NEW YEAR

  • Being Clear with Your Future

  • Listening between Worlds

  • The United Nations, by SarahLouise



I have received many phone calls and emails from people close to me about accidents. Two friends have totaled their cars. Another good friend fell. And some of their family members were having serious accidents, also. What was going on?

The reason I bring this up is this is a time when we should be very clear with our thoughts and goals. Do your best not to get caught up with what others project onto you. When energy has no place to go it will create chaos. Energy has to change form. We must allow these old idea patterns to take a new form. The more we hold on to anything, the more challenging it is for our physically body. These accidents are the physical manifestation of energy taking form to evolve and change. Chaos will do anything, including explode or implode. We cannot keep giving energy to something that does not serve us any longer.


  1. Eat right, rest, and drink a lot of water. Relax.
  2. Be physical. Follow through with hobbies and activities that will quiet your mind and get you into the moment.
  3. To help you get out of your head, ask for your spiritual path to be made physical. Stay aware.
  4. Do not plan your life more than six months ahead.
  5. Get focused on one thing for your future. If you get confused in daily life, focus on your goal. Your goal should be something you can get physical with.
  6. Change one thing that does not support you each day.
  7. Do the clearing technique. Clear, pull your field in, and love what you do not like about yourself.
  8. Remember, we come from a serious nature. Let go. Do something fun and play. Lighten up on yourself.
  9. Be careful and pay attention to what you are doing: driving, healing work, tasks. Do one thing at t time. Multitasking can create chaos.
  10. Do not push yourself so hard. Stay focused with your goals.
  11. Do your best to stay away from angry or critical people. Give yourself a rest. Don't give others your energy.
  12. Please read The Way It Works.


It took two years of planning for me to speak at the UNSRC Enlightenment Society, which is a special interest club of UN employees. The events of September 11, 2001 canceled me out last year, and I ran into many obstacles this year. I knew, however, that I was supposed to speak. The president of the society asked me to speak about projections after reading my August 2002 newsletter. She was excited about my speaking to the group, because there are so many projections flying about the UN — inside and outside projections onto people and their countries.

I knew this was an important talk, but I only had an hour. How could I cover the major points of my eight-hour workshop in that time? I knew I had to tell them that I was going to balance the consciousness of religion so they could see it was possible for them to step into their power. The strangest thing happened as I started my talk. There were at least three different bands of information coming in at the same time. Each band of information was changing phase with its own energy, so I was following the band with the most charge, constantly changing the information within the different vibrations as if I was speaking to many different groups at the same time. It's a totally encompassing experience.

I had so many different topics coming in that I had to let go and allow this information to come out. I didn't finish assimilating one band of information before another two were coming through me. I could have been speaking to thousands or millions of people in different languages through my vibration of feeling.

I was not sure what had happened. I just allowed myself to become a receiver for knowledge that I could translate to each person based on how they needed to feel it. It was an exhausting process. My physical body felt like I had been run over. It took me three intense days to process this experience through my body. I felt like I used the UN building as a transformer to send the message all over the world.

After my talk, I met with twenty-five UNSRC Enlightenment Society members in the UN cafeteria for a late lunch and an hour and a half of discussion. There were many questions. More than I had ever had before. I know that I did what I was supposed to do. The next moment I was on a train out of New York.

It was perfect — whatever happened. We all did what we came to do. And with that, we completed another part of our agreement.

An Invitation to Dance with a Soul Calling

Have you ever had the feeling that you where born to do something? Have you ever felt that knowing inside so strong that you could taste it with every cell of your being?

Well, an invitation to accompany Ken Page to the United Nations was one of those life moments when you know you are exactly where you are supposed to be, doing exactly what you were born to do.

A few months ago Ken shared with me that he was asked to speak at the UNSRC Enlightenment Society. He explained that on his return trip he would be traveling to NYC and wondered if I would like to join him. As this question was posed to me, I felt a pull at a core level to answer a resounding "YES."

So began the journey… We rendezvoused, mapped, and charted our course. Everything was falling into place with ease and grace; it had begun. We were living in the ebb & flow of the universes beckoning. It seemed as though we were being ever so gently shown how to maneuver in this foreign land. Like a seed pod dropped into a new environment, everything felt strange, and unfamiliar. We found comfort in the deeper understanding.

Our mission … Should we choose to accept it…

Plans made, constructed and reconstructed to accommodate one and all. We began again. Our hosts inspired us as we were warmly welcomed; a common thread was weaving us together, we were all on task. Our talk was set to start so we made our way to the great building, The UN.

I felt small with the largeness, the enormity of this place wrapping around me. Not just the building but what has taken place, and what will take place on this sacred ground. There were many people of different races, religions, sects, and society's. Truly this was a reflection of the vastness of the world around us.

It humbled me to understand that I am in a minority… not for my race or religious beliefs, or even my sect, but because I am so taken care of. I have never had to wonder about where my food will come from, rarely worry about my safety, and have never had to think about where I would lay my head at night. All of my needs are taken care of. I am healthy, I have a wonderful family, and security in my life. Everything has been provided for and I live among the privileged.

My eyes where opened, and the world has my attention. Mission accomplished? I don't think so, I have only just begun. In the scheme of things it helped me to clarify my mission, and the importance of the scenarios each day, each moment, presents. More importantly what it is we do with it.

Why are we here…

We were escorted through security and the various checkpoints. Our guides carried badges that gave us preferential treatment, and we settled into the rhythm, the dance, the contractions, and the expansion. Looking back on this I can understand that we were creating an opportunity of choice, an in breath, an exhalation, an opportunity for creation. We each carried, our heritage, the polarity's, the male, the female.

Ken began to speak. The room was buzzing with anticipation, with reaction, and people began to process as every particle was charged. I can say that it was as though you stepped into a room of static electricity; everything was alive, hot wired, and supercharged. It was a joy to be a witness. I was able to see the light bulbs going off, the "Ah Ha's"… the moment when something is said and assimilated to a deeper level, an understanding had been forged… maybe even a new reality created. Shift is in the subtle energies, change is in choice, what a gift.

An interesting thing happened. Ken was downloading so much information that he actually had to discern what to say, how to say it, and what to do with the amount of nformation passing through. It was as though yet another reality of communication was being formulated to expand the group even more, to further stretch each and every one of us, including Ken. Again the expansion and contraction was apparent, it seemed to be the theme.

We gathered to allow for questions to be answered, and saw a thirst, quenched, a hunger fulfilled. My mind was filled with the wonder of it all. Think about what has transpired in this place, what it takes to staff, to secure, to allow the world teachers, diplomats, and political leaders from around the globe to transfigure, sculpt, and implement. Think about the enormity of it all, the mothering and fathering of us.

We complain as children often do. We sit back in non-participation, content with the outcome. Our voices hushed. We claim it is not ours to do, but isn't it? What exactly does the United Nations represent, mean; what is the microcosm, the macrocosm? How does this affect the journey of each and every one of us? For me it has become Self-Evident. Like the United Nations says "It's Your World," but I'd like to add what are you creating in it? This is no time to quiver, no time to hold back.

We are being given a chance to create our world again. What will our masterpiece look like? What will our collaboration consist of? Will we go inside of ourselves and seek our own resurrection; will we point fingers and pass blame on the generations that have come before us, or those who will walk on after us? Will we lay down our power again and again? Or will we be the masters of our destiny with intention, and create the New World from within? What will our legacy be? Do we have the courage to respond to greater awareness, to the dance, to the invitation of the soul? Could it be? Let it begin with me.

Thanks Ken for being in my world, for showing me that I have choice, for doing exactly what it is you were born to do on this earth at this time. You are a Way-Shower and I am grateful that I accepted the dance, the invitation.

SarahLouise — Facilitator SoulWorks

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