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August 2002 Message from Ken: RELEASING ANCIENT GODS


  • Homage to a Friend

  • Workshop Opening

  • The Last Chapter Continues

  • Old Sexual Projections

  • Insights on My Relationships

  • Another Long Night

  • Putting It All Together



We just heard that a very close family friend and supporter of the spiritual community, Ahmed Fayed, died on August 8, 2002, in his homeland, Egypt. Many of you know Ahmed through the brilliant tours he led through Egypt, sharing his knowledge, expertise, and wisdom. He is loved and will be missed.


I am available for a workshop on the East Coast for December 7, 2002. We are also booking workshops for next year. Dates in January and throughout the rest of 2003 are open. If you would like me to give a workshop, a Practitioner Training, or give private healing sessions in your area and know of a preexisting group that would be interested, please call us: Toll free in the United States: 800-809-1290, or 1-209-754-3040. We will send you a sponsor packet and answer your questions.


The last few months have been emotionally exhausting. I have pushed myself far past my comfort. Every relationship — my work, my friends, my home, and my family — changed. In order for me to change, my Higher Self had to break down my ego so that I would let go of how I had been holding on to my life and ideas. I knew immediately that I was in this process and that it was a prerequisite for new information to come in. I believe this is how Spirit has done this for many generations.

The shift for me came in London, England, between June 10 and July 8, 2002 while I was staying at the College of Psychic Studies. Established in 1884, The College is known as a place for spiritual development and healing, and they were hosting a couple of my workshops. I was also doing private healing sessions there during the day. The College staff became my family, and I truly felt at home. My sleeping room, a small 6 x 10 foot hideaway, was on the fourth floor of this beautiful, elegant, old building in the center of London. The College was busy with lectures and activities during the day, and at night, I was alone with the ghosts (nice ones, I might add). I had a lot of help from many realities.

The day I flew in, the group Alternatives sponsored my lecture at St. James's Cathedral, near Piccadilly. The cathedral was built in the 16th century, and I had always wanted to speak there. Four hundred people were present at my lecture and it was one of the highlights of my career. During my talk, I clearly stated that I was here on Earth to balance the ancient consciousness of religion.

I first became aware that one of my new/old jobs was to balance the energetics of religion in December of 2001 after I sent out my newsletter on "The Seed of Life." Sharing these thoughts created a space for new information to come to my awareness.

All the people that I attract as clients and students are spiritual and always have been. They lead spiritual lives today, and their spirituality has played out in past lives where they participated in different religious and spiritual paths. They were a part of religious history and pieces of them were frozen in space.

My clients and students helped me to understand that rigid religious ideologies, formulated from the Bible, the Koran, and other religious and spiritual writings and belief systems were holding people and religions of today in the dynamics of the past. My clients were still energetically connected to their past religious heritage, and by releasing the religious / spiritual ideas that they were holding onto, we were able to release the rigid patterns of the past and present — our ultimate goal being to free the consciousness of religion.

A short time later, I also understood that if this was my job, then I would also have to free all the ways that the idea of God was being held on to and how these ideas were used to justify holy wars, hate, martyrdom, and murder, both historically and today.

I knew that I had to state my intentions in a special, holy place, such as St. James's Cathedral. The witness to my declaration was Sharon Hyde, a friend who flew in from the United States. Sharon had previously shared events in her life in our June newsletter.

There will always be a witness for every major transformational event in your life. Witnesses have unconditional love for themselves and a high level of unconditional compassion for others. A witness has many levels of depth and can affect time itself. At some point, each of you will be asked by spirit to support others as they complete their past.

The group at St. James' Church understood my talk. It was perfect and confirmed my awareness of my job to balance the energetics of religion, a task of mine since the beginning. Within seven days of my talk, I received further information that I had been seeking for many years.


During my days in London, I did private sessions with clients at the College of Psychic Studies. During one session, I worked with a lady who was taking my Practitioner Training through one of my teacher trainers who co-founded The British School of Multidimensional Cellular Healing. She was training to be a Heart & Soul Healing practitioner, had already had a session, and was ready for the next step. She wore a crystal given to her by a guru, a powerful Afghanistan general who had started a spiritual cult group in London. This particular guru had been unethical. He gave all the group members the same kind of crystal and used the crystal to enter their bodies and use their life-force energy.

I asked her to remove the crystal and started the clearing work. We worked together for about forty-five minutes and then a pattern appeared — a million plus projections on the sexual organs of her body. I had never been so aware of grids or patterns before. They were like spider webs overlapping each other.

I centered myself and allowed my vibration to dissolve these patterns — it took about half an hour. I realized that the patterns were the projections that men and woman put on each other — powerful human-force, orgasmic projections. Think about the energy on Earth today: the distorted-perverted-using-raping energies. Think about the ideas that teenagers today have about sex. What kind of consciousness does this create?

As I dissolved these patterns on my client, I downloaded information about the consciousness that represented these distorted patterns. After the session, I realized that this consciousness is what the Kaula Circle, spoken of in many mystery schools, was trying to tap into. (I talk about the left-handed spiritual path and the Kaula Circle in my December 2001 newsletter)

Many times, we will step into a powerful consciousness that changes our awareness and our vibration. We never know when this will happen. When you discover one of these consciousnesses, it is important to have a quiet mind, thus allowing the energy to take a new form. It is also important not to use or tap into the energy — just allow it to flow through you. Doing this will change your vibration and allow you to objectively interpret the information you are being given without overwhelming your nervous system. (The average healer lasts three years before his of her nervous system burns out. The average massage therapist last five years.)

That night, around midnight, the full understanding of this information came to me. The chaotic, sexual-energy patterns that I had witnessed earlier on my client represented the most powerful and charged consciousness known to humanity. This consciousness was composed of all the energy generated during any kind of sexual thought or activity — trillions of projections going back into time and space and affecting everyone and all life forms and creations.

I understood how people project their thoughts onto each other's sexual organs and how easy it is to be caught up in these powerful energies. If someone you have been with projected his or her distorted thoughts, fantasies, or high emotions onto you, this could leave a pattern that may possibly attract this consciousness. Carlos Castaneda says that the energy of sexual encounters can stay with us for up to seven years. I realized that it would be impossible to balance the male and female energy within us without also balancing the consciousness of the outward sexual projections of the 6.5 billion people on Earth. I could see how my friend Magdalen was helping with these projections, also.

People seeking power have tried to control this consciousness, which is a key ingredient to creation. If they mastered it, they would be able to control others, as well as time and space. (I will share more on this idea later.) By not using this energy, but allowing it to flow through me, it could take another form, which could free the sexual projections that have been holding us.

"Only a person who wanted to find the stone,
find it but not use,
would be able to get it."
Professor Albus Dumbledore
Headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
from the movie, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone."


Back in London, locked up in my castle for a month, I had a lot of time to think about my life, my relationships, and my family. I was worried about four of my six children who were experiencing digestive and reproductive organ problems. Their problems seemed to start at the same time that I had a hernia operation two years ago. I spent days thinking about how my work and my physical problem could have affected them. Then it became clear to me.

I was loving my girls more than they were loving themselves, and by loving them this way, I was energetically saying that they were not perfect. I realized that love is fluid and ever changing. I knew that Creator was fluid, but I had not made this connection about love. By loving them more, I was holding them in place and there was a transfer of energy between us. I also saw how the energy in London could be affecting them. I felt deeply satisfied freeing my children from this old consciousness. Changing this energy for a split second allows for more choices to individuals caught up in this consciousness. If people make similar choices to the ones they made in the past, the consciousness reconstructs in a similar way, but the possibility of making a different choice is still available. Having a choice is the greatest gift one can give to another. It is called freedom.

My four youngest daughters have belly piercings and wear "Britney Spears" style clothes that expose their abdomens. Do men and boys project their thoughts onto these areas? The same thing goes for cleavage. The list goes on. In many cultures, people use artistic, personal display to attract people to them, but what energies does this attract?

I allowed myself to become fluid and met my children where they were. Our love then became fluid. My love was there for them, but not holding them. We became partners in a fluid dance of unconditional love.

How do you love yourself more than you have been loved? How many times do you have to love yourself before you believe it?


Next, I received insight into the dynamics of my relationship with my partner. If you have read any of my books or newsletters, you know that I believe we energetically continue to attract people who reflect our own issues. My remaining issues are trust, power and control, and acceptance. I have known that these are my issues for years and it has helped me interact with people around me, but when it came to my partner,we were continually struggling with these dynamics.

In a workshop that I had given a few months back, a woman who attended, a practicing Buddhist for thirty years, told me that I was teaching the Kalachakra Tantra rite of initiation. There are only four people authorized by the Dalai Lama to teach this rite. I know that I have been receiving information from some very old spiritual consciousnesses: Buddhism, Taoism, and Shamanic traditions. This knowing has always been with me, but I had to allow myself to be more than the idea of the teachings. (I might add that the Dalai Lama and I had not spoken of this before.)

I got a book on the rite and studied it. The material was a little confusing. Similar to the Bible, it had been translated over thousands of years. What I found was that there were many different initiations. As all of you are aware of, if you are not in alignment with the vibration of the initiation, nothing will happen. When you are ready, this vibration will align itself with you. We are alone for most of our important initiations, whether they are "witnessed" or not.

I read the section titled: "The Thirty-seven Practices," by the Bodhisattva Tok-may-sang-bo. I felt that if I was not in alignment with these practices, then I could not be teaching this work. I looked over the material for days and realized that I was doing almost everything. There were a few points that I was not in alignment with, but I was not sure that I understood the true meaning of the translated text. For example, I believe that if you take on someone else's pain, you are not honoring them as a creator.

I found an important clue in "The Thirty-seven Practices:"

Number 35:
If one becomes accustomed to the afflictive emotions,
They are hard to overcome through their antidotes.
Therefore, it is a practice of Bodhisattvas to overcome
The afflictive emotions of desire and so forth immediately upon their first being introduced.

The dynamics of the afflictive emotions, or as I felt them, the addictive emotions, were part of what I was playing out with my partner. This emotion was the energy I came into at my conception, gestation, and birth.

I met with my mother when I got home to talk about her feelings and ideas about where she and my father were when I was conceived. They were very young when they married and were deeply affected by the war. My mother told me that I was a wanted, loved child, and my parents were very excited about having me. I wanted to understand their world at that time: the influence of her Italian Catholic heritage, the energy in the U.S. and England after WW II (where my Dad was a radio operator on a bomber), their personal passions, their money issues, religious and cultural ideas, and their relationship with each other

My father became a tough guy in the war and this energy stayed with him when he drank. I never shared with anyone that he would repeatedly tell me how he would announce in bars that he could "out drink, out f__k, and out fight any man." I believe this is the energy of anger and rage, and power and control. I have known for years that these are the energies that I have to balance.

For more than thirty years, when I met with my father, he would shake my hand, tell me to squeeze, and say, "You still don't have it." I realized that I have been looking for "it" my entire life. The only understanding I had come to was knowing that "it" was not who I was. I did not know how to be a man.

My parents divorced, and my father moved out of my life when I was very young. I realize now, that after my parent's divorce, I may have reminded my mother of the old addictive emotions that were energetically around my parents in their relationship. Both my father and mother's energy must have been a part of my vibration. However, I ended up with more complicated issues with my mother and the women in my life than with men. With men, I always felt competitive and had to be better than they were. With woman, however, I had issues of trust, power and control, and acceptance that were overlaid by the consciousnesses I found in London.


After my mother and I talked, I realized the different energies that made up the emotions that were affecting me. The consciousness that I became aware of in London, the consciousness of sexual projections, was a key to understanding the emotional patterns that my partner and I were playing out. I realized that projected sexual energy could have affected everyone at conception. This awareness, along with no longer projecting my ideas about love onto others, changed the charge of the emotions and they dissipated into calmness, which I believe equals innocence, the true vibration of Creator.

Balancing the sexual projections of the past and our own issues around our male and female natures, would free our inner male and female selves, and we could create anew, which could be a closer expression of humanity and God becoming One. Balancing and releasing the ancient consciousnesses of religion and God, allows us to discover and claim our own Godselves, and be in the consciousness of fluid love. Being in the consciousness of fluid love is the vibration we use in our own immaculate conception.

You can read more about the idea of the Immaculate Conception in my December 2001 newsletter.

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