The Exorcist
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October 2004 Message - The Exorcist  

** Dancing with Ghosts

** They call me an Exorcist

They Call Me an Exorcist

Some people have called me an exorcist. I prefer being called a facilitator or a spiritualist. Now even that term frightens some people. Everyone wants to be liked, to have others admire you or respect the work that you are doing. Who wants to go into the heaviness of the dark energy and help to transform that consciousness? My willingness to assist any kind of energy on this planet to return to Source has placed me in a career where I am different. Not many understand my work. Some people are afraid of me and many want to change either my ideas or my work because of their own feelings or ideas. Fitting in becomes a bit of a challenge.

What I have experienced on my own personal journey is that I no longer belong. I don't fit in with my culture, the past, what other people are doing or what other healers are teaching, so I am on my path alone. Whatever you are passionate about, or whatever you believe in your heart of hearts; that is the most rewarding feeling as there is a connection inside you that allows you to feel you are a part of everything. That part of you feels like the creator incarnated into a physical body.

There are so many rich experiences that occur in your expanded sense of being, that you may not relate to others in the way in which you have previously communicated. Think about it, most of the things we have done in the past, we don't want to do any longer. I don't want to create with others in the way that I had created with them before. I want to create in a new way with freedom and respect by nurturing my relationships so others can follow their own path and passion without the need for power and control. This is a different way of supporting and creating. It does not allow for manipulation or any attempt to direct an outcome based on our own ideas.

Thousands of individuals all over the world have experienced a transformation as a result of releasing old energy patterns that needed to change. What we want to do is allow for a miracle to happen, or for change to occur which can be felt. As other people become open and vulnerable to releasing their past, we must always remain focused on their well-being. We can do this by providing options which allow for miracles to occur and by not personally taking or using any part of their power but rather, empowering them on their path. My own ideas, opinions or judgments have no meaning, as these place a limitation on their outcome. In the past I have witnessed others become addicted to the energetic 'high' that comes from helping energy transform. This will be a challenge for some. If I were to use even a little bit of this energy for my own physical gains, I could become obsessed and want more. This could physically affect me as I would be using the energy of others to fulfill my own desires. Many teachers or healers often do not realize the energetics involved in helping others on their path. The energetics overwhelm their nervous system which in turn breaks down their immune system.

The quietness and the stillness of one's mind will be the key to balancing that energy. No one ought to attempt working with the energetics of others unless they have previously developed the practice of a quiet mind. Quiet mind means there is an inner stillness that does not have any mind chatter.
So who wants to become an Exorcist? Certainly by the very nature of the work, my intention has been declared to the Collective. A lot of the old energy that some might call negative or evil could be attracted to me, wanting me to stop attempting to change or transform it. In reality, that is just what I have been doing on many levels

In an old exorcism or the right of passage, one person is calling in all the forces of Good to deal with all the forces of Evil. When I began a hypnotherapy practice in the 1980's and encountered a demonic energy or what my clients considered a negative, I would call in a positive energy. So if they said they were Satan, I would then call in Michael the Archangel. The amount of negativity drawn from the individual would be met with the same amount of positive energy, or the opposite duality. A literal collision of these two energies would then be created, hit and consume each other. These extreme forces would manifest in the physical world so that items in the room would begin to move, shift or even fly off the wall. As the medium for this, I was the physical body required to hold onto the energy and allow it to transform or take another form within myself. I had to trap it or contain it, and my physical self took the brunt of the dynamics. Our bodies are not prepared to handle that amount of energy for very long. Did you know that a priest in the Catholic Church once beginning an active practice in exorcism has an average life span of only 3-5 years?

In a spirit release or exorcism, a demonic energy is taken out of someone and cast away. Examine some of the teachings of Christ; the apostles were taught how to release entities, or unclean spirits; thereby freeing people obsessed or possessed by lower vibrations. In casting out entities, one must be extremely careful that the entity is not just sent down the street or left in the atmosphere where it can find another host - someone open and vulnerable to this state of being. It becomes critical to balance demonic energy or entities while not leaving any residual to affect another family member, the house next door, the area of the country or even our planet.

Disincarnate souls/spirits or fragments of spirits can also be energetically stuck in a past that cannot move and therefore affects other people and other life forms. It is like having something several hundreds years old creating a vacuum or a vortex and feeding on other life force energy. I believe the more distorted or perverted types of energetics occur when people have found a negative vibration and have misused that energy in the past for their own benefit.

Working with demonic energy has demonstrated to me that everything wants to be more than it is. This energy actually forms its own consciousness and only wants to continue to perpetuate itself, becoming obsessed in using the energy of others. My experience shows that this consciousness can form by a catalyst such as evil, anger, war, addictions to drugs or alcohol or other negative thoughts. Anytime we pick up the thoughts, energy, essence or fragment of another entity or soul, their energy has the ability to affect us on more levels than we can realize. The influence of persons we knew who subsequently died also play a role in spirit attraction. When these souls are stuck or trapped in past energy, they are called entities and reflect the last traumatizing energetic consciousness around them at the moment of their death. All these energies are attracted to people with similar vibrations, addictions or emotions. These are only some explanations for spirit possession and psychic attachment.

The forms that distorted energetics can take in a person are extremely varied and can be attached to any of the bodies: mental, emotional, etheric, physical or spiritual. By themselves, certain indications do not mean that a person is under the influence of an entity. Certain patterns or combination of patterns can reflect spiritual attachment. These patterns can range from a minor illness to an abrupt change in attitude or a complete change of personality.

Most of us would agree there is a part of us connected to Source. We each are therefore a unique reflection or representation, connected to everyone present in this three-dimensional domain, whether seen or unseen. As one of us experiences something, all others within living consciousness also experience it on some level of their being. Each thought, action and emotion we experience affects and changes us with each second of every day. On the cellular level, all is known. On very subtle levels, thoughts we have can be assimilated on many other levels of our being.

I have been tested many times over the years for working as a spiritualist. Years ago in the desert between New Mexico and Colorado, I decided to face the devil and walked deep into the valley of the sand dunes. I challenged the devil by drawing a big circle. I sat in the circle and called to the devil. I thought if there was a physical devil I wanted to find out. I sat, yelled and called to this energy. I sat for hours and nothing happened. Then this voice said, Come, follow me. I got up and walked down the valley. It was symbolically called the Valley of Death. At the end there was a small piece of wood that looked just like a snake. I picked it up, realizing it was only a piece of wood. Had I been afraid or fearful, it would have become a snake or that destructive consciousness. I then knew it was only my belief that gave this consciousness any substance.

What kind of test will you need to create for yourself before you believe? We have had thousands of years that have told us something energetically is going to get us.

My work has forced me to look at good versus evil, light versus dark and positive versus negative in a whole new way. Over the years, I have worked with demonic energy thousands of times. I prefer to say that my technique of treating disincarnate spirits, psychic attack, earth-bound entities, possessions, hauntings, implants and other forms of confused or fragmented spirits is actually finding the balance within each of these vibrations.

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