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October, 2003: The New Book

Chapter One: The Energy Connection
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As promised, here is an excerpt from our newest book: Healing through Miracles: Staying Healthy While Helping Others by Ken Page with Nancy Nester

Chapter One:  The Energy Connection:

As we help others, we are actually healing ourselves.  Often, however, we do not fully or completely understand this symbiotic energy connection to all life.  We assist others without any real thought to the effect that energy has upon our family and ourselves.  So, if our intentions are good, and our heart is in the right place, why do we sometimes feel so tired – as if our own life force was literally being drained from us?  Why do we get sick, emotionally, mentally or physically? 

When Nancy and I began our own healing paths, we soon noticed that many fellow practitioners of various healing modalities would get sick, or worse – weakened or broken.  We witnessed not only physical sickness but emotional and mental dis-harmony.  This insight came from years in which we facilitated thousands of personal healing sessions on many types of individuals – primarily other healers, medical and social personnel, teachers and religious or spiritual leaders.  People who are in service and put themselves ‘out there’ to help others have such compassion for their human or animal friends, and yet find their nervous systems getting burned out or their energy compromised in some way.   We have found the most credible representation of this fact to be those individuals practicing the healing arts.  Within three to five years, the nervous system of most ‘healers’ begins to burn itself out – they are often in such physical or emotional pain they can not work full time at their chosen life’s work. Wanting to help others is innate in each of us.  There may be no dramatic occurrence or experience that sets us in motion.  We may not always know exactly what is wrong, but we are aware intuitively or instinctively on some level, that there is an imbalance, that something is just not quite right.  And so, we simply, easily and naturally awaken to the fact that we have limitless potential to heal ourselves and the ability to assist or facilitate others in their own healing. 

 The philosophy of our own personal power and our shared purpose for being alive has been spoken about, discussed and taught in many arenas – both intellectually and spiritually.  Merely telling you that your own sense of Self - your own power and self-esteem - is necessary, even vital for your good health, will not encourage you to read any further.  Surely this is not new information being presented.  Rather, our hope is that you will find a new awareness of the inner-workings of Universal energy – the life force generated  by your body’s own existence.  One cannot begin to comprehend the energy of the physical body without considering the spiritual context or framework that surrounds and connects each of us.   Even our own conventional medical establishment is beginning to recognize the connection of illness and energetic dis-harmony.  Our combined hope is that soon there will no longer be a division between body and spirit.  In the interim, Ken and I would like to show you ways in which you can maintain your own energetic balance of life – to see within yourself the causes for dis-harmony so you can care for yourself both spiritually as well as physically.

The human energy field is often extended very far from our physical bodies.  In our experience, most individuals use their energetic field for protection.  This field can extend hundreds of yards.   Based on our years of experience in helping others to heal themselves, we believe that most human fields of energy are so far out because the average person says to themselves by the age of three: “I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to do this any longer”.   We make this statement on some level before we even have the true capacity to verbally communicate.  We make this decision upon looking around and feeling our home, our environment, the people who care for us or our family members. We intuitively or instinctively felt that something was very wrong – so wrong that it would be easier not to be here on earth anymore.  Remember, at that tender age, we still have a knowing sense of spiritual ease and comfort, of being part of God or Creator.  At the moment we make that decisive choice, part of us does leave.  Where did we go?  It appears that our spirit, part of our soul or essence decided it was safer to watch ourselves from outside ourselves rather than continue with the experiences of remaining in our physical bodies.  We believe this has been true in all of our past experiences, however we’ve existed before.

Dis-harmony, dis-ease does not begin within our physical body.  Energetically, every emotional, mental or even spiritual thought and action has a corresponding re-action within the physical body.  By understanding how energy works in your own life, you can identify certain patterns – certain causes for all sickness or conflicts.  Remember – nothing is random.   Energetically, we have always been a part of everything and everyone.  Our energy, like a ripple in a still pond, touches all other energy.  The energy of everyone else also touches each one of us.  That concept is part of almost every belief structure, although not fully understood.   Our personal makeup is formed from many different places, many different experiences.  Some persons observe past lives in a linear way.   That is only one possibility.  Let’s reason it another way: When we are in between lives, or in another reality as part of God or Source or Creation, the creative body of God or Source or Creation experiences.  It might not experience in the same way we as humans experience, but it does sense all life force.  If this were not so, there would be no reason for creation to continue.  If Creator did not experience, there would be no reason for continual evolution.  In that space between physical lives, we observe other lives, not just our own but the lives of everyone else within creation.  We are part of Creator.  Our level of compassion for the life experiences of others allows us to become One with creation.  Isn’t it possible therefore, that each one of us has experienced everything in one form or another?   Just be with that thought for a moment.  We have experienced every single emotion and feeling that any other person has ever felt; we have experienced everything from all other times and all other realities.    As we gently awaken to this conscious awareness, floods of memories and understanding come to us.

            --- To be continued in the next newsletter

 Please feel free to share this information. Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this newsletter with the condition that full credit is given to Ken Page and the full web site is referenced: Thank you for sharing this newsletter with your friends.

A New Workshop

My last newsletter mentioned that we have much information dealing with the energetics involved when one shares abilities to assist others in their own healing process.   Individuals in the healing arts and everyone who provides a service to anyone else in any fashion will benefit from the insights we have gathered from years of thousands of personal healing sessions.  We are now teaching “Healing the Healers  an experiential workshop which provides specific techniques to maintain energetic clarity for health and well-being.   If you have interest in bringing this workshop to your area, please contact us.

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