September, 2008: Earth Training
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September, 2008 Newsletter - EARTH TRAINING

* Earth Training
* First Four Brain States
* The Foundation
* Learning About Power
* When It All Changed
* Boys and Girls and Letting Go

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Earth Training

A newborn baby possesses the natural potential for unconditional love and trust. So what happens to us as we grow up to change this potential, causing us to shut down, withhold our love, and hide who we are? It is called life. The way in which we perceive the world around us determines our level of success, our degree of power, and our place in society.

According to developmental research, there are eight brain circuits that determine how we will process and react to life’s experiences and how we process information. The first four brain circuits in human development determine how connected or isolated we will be from our family, our culture, and the collective consciousness. Unless we have balanced these four circuits, we will never be able to achieve a consistent and ongoing connection with our Higher Self. Most of the four billion people living in third-world countries are locked in desperate day-to-day survival and cannot consistently connect to their Higher Selves.

The first four brain states are also connected with physical survival. The imprinting of these circuits occurs naturally as we grow up and determines our behavior for the rest of our lives unless consciously changed. The first brain state or circuit sets up our basic attitude of trust or suspicion and colors our awareness of the world. The second circuit defines our ego, determining our dominate/aggressive, or submissive/cooperative behavior. It processes territorial rules, emotional games, and pecking order. The third circuit determines the degree and style of cleverness/clumsiness with which we handle ideas and gauge our self worth. The brain's fourth circuit imprints what will become our characteristic sex role, usually remaining constant for life. This circuit also processes our moral, social, and sexual behavior, as well as our definition of right and wrong.

There are also four higher brain states that connect us to our inner wisdom, our Higher Self, and the oneness of Source.

Only a small minority of the global population, those with sufficient leisure time, have accessed any of these higher states that are concerned with time: body time, brain time, DNA time, and quantum time. Who and how we are usually changes dramatically when we begin to access the four higher brain states. They also deal with energies within the human body, the nervous system, the DNA code, and the structure of the atom. It is by accessing these higher brain states that we are able to activate our psychic abilities, bridge with past lives and other aspects of ourselves, and establish our conscious connection with our Higher Self.

The first four brain states represent ninety-five percent of the issues my clients present to me in their sessions. These issues show up in their subconscious programs: It is not safe to love; It is not safe to take my power; It is not safe to be who I am.


First Four Brain State Circuits

Here is a quick overview where you can determine for yourself how balanced you are in the first four brain states. I am grateful to Timothy Leary for his insights into brain states.

1. First Brain State: Is the world a safe place for you? Has it been safe for you to be fully present?
If so, there may be a part that is not safe to share or reveal to others, and you keep it hidden. Any situation where it is not safe to be who you are takes your energy and affects your ability to create and be present in the moment.

2. Second Brain State: Do you think of yourself as strong and powerful? Have you fully stepped into your own power? Are you all you can be?

3. Third Brain State: Do you think of yourself as smart and clever? Do you have issues of self worth? Are you hard on yourself? Do you secretly think of yourself as stupid?

4. Fourth Brain State: Are you fully balanced with your male and female? Are you happy being the gender that you are? Do you love yourself unconditionally?


The Foundation

Albert Einstein said that the most important thing we can learn about a person we choose to partner with, either personally or in business, is how they perceive the world. If a person believes the world to be unsafe, he or she will get up each morning and circle the wagons. Good luck in developing a close, trusting relationship.

The first brain state is the foundation for how we relate to the world. If the foundation of our first brain circuit is unbalanced, we will not be able to stay consistently connected to our spiritual heart center. This circuit is focused around survival and imprints perception into an “either/or” grid, dividing it into nurturing/helpful (which we will approach) or harmful/dangerous (which we will flee or attack).

This all important survival circuit is imprinted by our mother or the mothering person we have around us. This state is further conditioned by subsequent nourishment or threat. In modern day society, our physical survival has been replaced by the security of having or not having money to meet our needs.
Since the imprinting of this circuit occurs before we learn to speak, its programs create automatic and unconscious responses in the future. Throughout life, when our survival circuit is triggered by danger, other mental activity ceases and all other circuits are shut down until the particular survival problem or threat is resolved. When threatened, our acts are reflexive: without emotional ego, rational mind, or moral value.

There are a variety of ways to rebalance a first-circuit imprint, such as learning some form of martial arts. All martial arts use re-imprinting techniques that affect the survival circuit by ensuring that our reflexive actions serve our protection and survival. Exploring the subconscious mind and discovering what program was set as a child will also change the survival circuit.


:Learning About Power

The second brain state, the emotional/territorial circuit or ego, is imprinted during the toddler stage, when we begin to stand, walk, and struggle for power within the family. Once activated, this circuit identifies the stimuli that automatically triggers territorial rules, emotional games, pecking order, and aggressive or submissive behavior.

This emotional/territorial circuit is primarily imprinted by the father figure and marks if our aggressive/submissive behavior will predominantly take one of four forms: Hostile Strength or the tyrant (“I give the orders here.”), Friendly Strength or the good parent (“Have courage, it’s safe out there.”),Hostile Weakness or the paranoid (“Mommy, take me home.”), Friendly Weakness or the dependent neurotic (“Please tell me what to do.”).


When It All Changed

The imprinting of the third brain state takes place when we begin to interact with objects in the environment. This state defines our capacity to receive, integrate, and transmit signals and determines the degree and style of cleverness/clumsiness with which our minds and hands will handle ideas and tools. This third circuit deals with the transmission of culture across generations and introduces the concepts of invention, time, calculation, and prediction.

If our environment is stimulating during this period, we will become bright, dexterous, and articulate. If our environment is dull or static, we will feel dumb, clumsy, and inarticulate.


Boys and Girls and Letting Go

The fourth brain state is activated at puberty with the glandular release of sexual neurochemicals. Our first orgasms or mating experiences imprint moral, sexual, and social roles that usually remain constant for life, but are influenced by what society considers right and wrong. The imprinting of this circuit determines preferred sexual roles and favorite modes of sexual pleasure, as well as ideas about reproduction and parenthood. Many people spend a lifetime hiding his or her real sexual desires by mimicking the accepted sex roles of society and will only reveal true preferences to a trusted partner.

The fourth circuit could also be called the guilt circuit because many of us modify our behavior based on social acceptance or disapproval. The first effort in most mystical traditions is to change the normal fourth circuit attachment by having their followers either take a vow of celibacy (if they are on the right-hand path) or participate in group sexual activities (if they are on the left-hand path), such as the followers of Aleister Crowley.


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