June, 2008: The Secret Experience
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June, 2008 Newsletter
The Secret Experience



* The Art of Transference - Healing Through Compassion
* Change - the Only Constant
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The Secret Experience

We have just completed two months of solid work in private sessions, workshops, lectures and courses. We've been on the road for two months, living in strange places, often with no privacy, working in over 150 personal sessions, at least 14 workshops, courses and classes. This was also the first time that all types of people came to see us - not just metaphysical or spiritual people; the individuals that came had all different belief systems and educational backgrounds. They came from all walks of life, young and old. We became witnesses of their change as they said they felt free and clear. Our new way of working was confirmed over and over again - every time with every person.

Change – the Only Constant

There was a quietness that came over us with this awareness. Then the truth and reality came: Do other healers or teachers change the way they heal or teach? Do they even know that they can change after years of using the same methods? Yet, why should they? You've heard the old saying: 'If it isn't broken, don't fix it'. For more than twenty (20) years, Heart & Soul Healing (HSH) has been working. It has been fine-tuned, minor changes made and clearing techniques enhanced to conform with the changes and shifts in consciousness. Writing the methods, practices and techniques was re-done more than 17 times. Over these years, we have found a way of healing that frees people from their past patterns.

Now we have an even more powerful way to facilitate healing. This information has been coming in for a long time. Individuals are able to release all the energetic dynamics within themselves, letting them feel totally free and clear; often for the first time in their lives. Most of us find we have a preference with the way we are able to receive, learn and remember information. We learn by three basic modalities: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. During these last months, individuals came without an ability to trust their inner modality – their own method of learning. After their session, they left happy and trusting of themselves. Everyone said they changed in some way. We felt such satisfaction knowing that we had helped to create a special way of helping them: The Art of Transference - Healing Through Compassion (the secret manuscript we wrote last Fall).

How can we best share this so that others will know there is another way, an easier way to work with even the densest of energies? How can people accept change if they are fearful that change will disrupt their life style, their way of living or their identity? All of us know healers and teachers who are still doing the same type of healing work and teaching the same information for many years without changing anything. It's just hard for some individuals to recognize that change is constant - that change is everywhere and that there is always another way to look at everything in a different way.


Many times in the past, the course in HSH has been freely offered to other healers and teachers, even to entire groups of facilitators around the world. The information for an easier and safer way for healing to occur has been given away - free for the asking. This gift was turned down. That has led to releasing HSH itself. This work is different than what is being taught by others; it is different than what is offered 'out there' in the world; it empowers people to accept responsibility for themselves. Heart & Soul Healing asks you to be One with everything in creation - not a popular idea.

For the first time, we taught everyone in the intensive course how to work in the new way of transference and compassion. We found individuals who were willing to push themselves beyond their own ideas and open up new space for new creations for themselves. We know from experience that the secret is to push yourself past your own comfort zone - farther than you have ever been before. Even though this is very simple, we have come to realize that there are still those individuals who would rather die than change. The fear of change is so great in their lives, the path they are on and the energetic dynamics of their own lives will most likely hurt or destroy them - and yet they can not change. For us this is sad, yet we can not do anything. For them, for their beliefs and for their way of being we have great compassion - after all, they are creators - perfect in their own creations.

We also had such great joy, looking at the faces of the people who came for sessions. When they left, they looked wonderful, actually looking younger by some 10 or 15 years. For some, this was the first time they felt quiet in their own space. It was a moment in time that changed many realities to allow for anything to occur. This is just a part of what happened. We saw many types of changes and witnessed a direct reaction to the collective consciousness of the entire country where we worked. We felt it caused
a chain reaction that affected time itself.

Some people came who had no idea what HSH was all about. We would say we would assist them release old energy patterns that were holding onto them from the past, from other people and from their relationships; everyone understood. For all of us, no matter how advanced, how educated or how aware we are, relationships seem to be the most challenging issue; yet releasing the energy around relationships of all types is something we have to do in order to feel free.

Over the last twenty years, I have enjoyed sharing new information with others. Now we also share with our readers. Knowledge, insight and awareness continues to come and each time feels better than the last time. We've enjoyed sharing everything with everyone. This time it's different. Now, sharing this new awareness only matters to us. If others are interested, they only have to ask. We have released the information and made it available to everyone. This is where we have to let it go to find its own way into the world. In this way, we continue to do what we are doing and everyone else can continue to do what they are doing in whatever way they choose. No judgments, no opinions and no ideas. Just pure compassion for our own path and the paths of others.

Change can only occur within ourselves. Everything is within ourselves. The only thing outside ourselves is what we have not yet looked at within ourselves. That's what it means to be sensitive to everything and reactive to what you choose in life; invisible to most and where quietness is a choice.


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