May 2008 - Where Do We Go When We Die?
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May, 2008 Newsletter
Where Do We Go When We Die?


* Thoughts in the Collective Consciousness
* Channeling
Where Do We Go When We Die?
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Thoughts Into the Collective Consciousness

Last month, before we left the home to begin our work overseas, we were getting this newsletter together for May. A phone call came in from a woman in Houston, Texas. She said she had just received the ‘Indigo Sun’ magazine in which a person said they had channeled the information for an article called ‘Where Do We Go When We Die?’. Reading the article puzzled her as she remembered having read the same words years before. She reviewed her stack of magazines and found the ‘Indigo Sun’ issue from 1999 in which I had written an article entitled ‘Where Do We Go When We Die?’.

So the question now is: Does the information we give out become a part of the collective consciousness in order that others can pick up that information when they tune in to the frequency and vibration of the words and information?

To respond to that question, we are providing you with Chapter 20 from ‘The Way It Works’, first issued in 1997:



What is a medium or channel? Channeling is a method of communicating with beings, entities, spirits, or divine messengers. The entity or spirit partners with a physical person who gives voice to the thoughts and insights of the channeled being.

Who or what is actually being channeled? Are these aspects of the channeler or are they really beings — St. Germaine, Jesus, Michael the Archangel, or extraterrestrials — as the channeler claims? If I were to channel my guides, acknowledging they were aspects of myself, would anyone listen? Would you listen if I said, “I am now going to channel Ken Page’s Higher Self”? Would you not rather pay attention to someone who said, “I channel Michael the Archangel”?

Some of these channeled beings often have brilliant and insightful messages that greatly enhance our spiritual lives. Some do not. I believe hate, fear, and cruelty do not exist in higher vibrations. Source is pure love and so are the higher vibrations where dualities do not exist.

We must have discernment when listening to different channels and notice whether the beings they channel are fearful or cruel. Does the channeled being say things that hurt others or are not congruent with our perceptions of love? If they do, are the channels merely sharing aspects of themselves or a particular being filtered and distorted through the dualities of their own reality?

I know people who have changed their lives — moved, left their families, quit their jobs — to follow a person who was channeling a being from another time or reality. They found out later that different interpretations of the information coming in were made by the physical channel based on what that channel needed for his or her own life, ego, or survival. When any channel starts modifying messages or incorporating their own ideas when communicating words to express a feeling, the message may become distorted.

I once worked in an area of the United States where a well-known channeler had lived and worked for several years. The channeler’s center had several thousand students in a multi-level school. The students had to take a pledge of secrecy regarding the teachings.

After two workshops in this community, I was becoming fairly well known. In planning my return for a third workshop. I checked the school’s calendar to be certain there were no activities scheduled for the same weekend date as my workshop. As soon as the dates were scheduled and all the brochures mailed out, every one of the student levels of the center were called in for a “special teaching” on the exact dates chosen for my workshop.

Was this intentional? Was my coming to town a threat? How could that be? What was I sharing that concerned them? A high-ranking individual in the school explained the situation to me. They did not want their students to attend my workshop, because - 'I was sharing some of the exact material their leader was channeling' - and that created a problem for them. Since I am “just a normal man,” and I had this information, they were concerned that each one of the students would discover that they, too, had this information inside themselves. With that awareness, their students would no longer need to hear the words of a being channeled from another reality for insight.

It is important for channels to acknowledge they are bringing forth a unique aspect of themselves. This does not make their information any less valuable. Giving our power away, however, to an outside source that identifies itself as a “higher being” is dangerous, especially if the being is filled with confusion, anger, jealousy, or fear. These are not the vibrations of higher realities. They are the vibrations of people communicating from realities and places that are potentially less evolved than our own. It is important not to give our power away. All of our answers are within us already.


Where Do We Go When We Die?

Here is an updated version of the same article written for the Indigo Sun Magazine in 1999:

We live in a society largely uncomfortable with the idea of death. A few television shows such as ‘Medium’ and Ghost Whisperer’ and movies such as ‘Sixth Sense’ and ‘Ghost’ have begun to address this issue. For the most part however, we prefer the 'happy ending.' Even though death is one of the few inevitable events we all experience, there still is a great fear of death and the unknown

Poets and writers throughout time have all called death the greatest mystery of all. Other than traditional bereavement classes and records of near death experiences, there really is very little written or shared about what happens after we die, even in alternative therapies. We have been searching for the answer to this issue each time someone we know dies.

In our combined healing practices, Nancy and I have performed more than 50,000 past life regressions and more than 30,000 private Heart & Soul Healing sessions. The moment of death is, in our opinion, where most souls or spirits get confused or lost.

We believe that one of the reasons we are here on Earth is to experience everything. Think about this: Isn't it true we can have the most compassion for people when we have experienced what they are going through; and we have the most judgment for those things we have not yet experienced? What we have learned in personal sessions, it appears the only way we can understand this fact is to experience lifetime after lifetime of doing everything, until we find peace, as well as unconditional love for ourselves and compassion for others. Clients say that death is a moment where all things come together for the soul or spirit. It is a time to feel and be aware of the highest light and love available on this place of existence.

If this is true, if we come to Earth over and over again, why then aren't we all perfect? What happens to cause us to get confused or lost, if the moment of death is such a special and sacred time?

There may well be a combination of reasons to answer these questions. First it appears there is free will after we die. We all know free will exists here on Earth, yet the questions remain: ‘does free will affect us at the time of our death’ and if so, ‘why would it cause us confusion?’ We don’t claim to have your answers, but we feel that while we are physically present here on Earth, we have our body to help us with time, to give us a reference in space. All of our senses: what we see, hear, feel, taste and smell and what we know, is based on our education and experience. When we leave our body those reference points are no longer with us.

The problem begins with what we are feeling and thinking at the moment of death. As we pass over, perhaps we do not know we can leave these feelings with the body as we die, so we bring them with us. What would happen if we were drinking at the time we died? Could something like this confuse us? How about drugs or addictions? There are also many possibilities that might cause confusion if we were to look at the history of war or disease.

It becomes very important to know the kind of energy around a person who is ready to move on. Is it fear, anger, hate, pain, suffering, war, torture or sickness? The specific consciousness around each of us at the time we die becomes the catalyst for confusion, entangling us energetically. A highly charged consciousness could easily add another layer of ideas to the moment of free will. It would be as if a part of us gets caught up in all these energetics, confusing us.

There are many souls or pieces of spirit caught up in the different collective consciousnesses that we, as humans, have created: war, disease, sickness, addictions. I also believe each of us is here to help these pieces to be set free, free from all of these beliefs and ideas which history has trapped in the name of something. Each of us has the ability to free these souls by loving the different consciousnesses they represent. The second factor that may lead to our confusion is what happens to our life force energy when we die. From my experiences with clients, I believe we go into everything at that moment, much like the experiences in the movie, 'Powder'. If this seems strange to you, ask yourself: "Is God in everything? I believe we are all one, so we too are a part of everything. If this is true, then is there a possibility we go into everything when we die? If so, what would this mean to each of us and how could it change or affect us?

For example, if a person who died came into me, it would represent only one cell in the 70 trillion cells making up my body. Most likely I would not feel any difference in my normal cycle of daily living, a cycle of five million cells which either die or are created every day I am alive. It appears this experience changes when a close family member dies and a part of them goes into us. The cell of them, which is now with us, affects us to the degree we are holding on to them or thinking about them. The third factor that might contribute to our confusion at the time of death are our ideas, the beliefs we have about the afterlife. Do we believe in heaven or hell or purgatory? Are we afraid of being judged after we die? Are there people in our family holding onto us? Do we have ideas like, "I can't leave until I complete something. "The final factor which influences our death experience is how much of us is energetically present at the moment we die.

What we hear over and over from our clients is that each of us say many times in this life: "I do not want to be here,"" whether that is on Earth or in our body. A typical age for these feelings to start is around the age of three, when a part of us does leave energetically and begins to watch ourselves from outside of our body. A part of us stays out side the body and can get caught up in the feelings or emotions around us. Since many of us are not comfortable with death, how best can we support someone we love to pass on? By support I mean being open to talking with them or finding someone who can talk to them about what they are going through, their feelings of death and what they think will happen to them when they pass over. It is important not to judge what is shared or to put the person in a place where they think what is happening is wrong or bad. Find out what specific worries they might have about dying, such as what will happen to the family and how the family will support each other.

The most comforting and healing thing you can do for someone in this place is to just let them talk. Enjoy the time you have left with them. If possible go out together, listen to music, play cards or do what they love to do. Be open as well and share your feelings with them. Ask them about the types of dreams they are having. Give them an opportunity to talk about their experience and anything they have been hiding, or thought was bad or unpleasant.

The days immediately following a loved one's death are also very important. Be sure the funeral plans are in alignment with the requests of the deceased. Do just what the person has asked for and what you have promised them you will do. If you feel you must do more, do that only after you have given that person their respect and completed their requests.

Should you feel any heaviness around you or within you after someone you have been close to passes on, it is likely you are holding onto a part of them or you have taken on some of their emotions or worries. If you feel spacey after being in the presence of someone who has died, make sure a part of you did not follow them. If you feel this may have happened to you, center yourself, get grounded and in your body and ask for that part of you to return back to you. Do not be frightened or worried about this. This is easily corrected and changed.

A very simple and effective way to release these energetics is to do the following technique: Put your right hand over your left and place them over your heart. With your eyes closed, look up with your spiritual eyes. There will be a light or a presence that comes from Source, which feels good. From that light, ask for a guide or angel to come and hold any part of the person which may still be with you. Ask that they now be sent back home to God. To do that say, "I send you back home to God with love, on the count of three." Count to three and then release your hands from your chest and know that they have been taken back to God. It is also a good idea at this time to avoid drugs or alcohol so your own energy has a chance to remain clear.

Staying energetically clear is important at all times and most important when we are emotionally vulnerable. Freeing a piece of a spirit or soul trapped in the past is one of the greatest gifts we can ever give to others or ourselves. This is not something just a chosen few can do; this is something everyone can realize. On your spiritual path, many of you have loved and felt God. In doing so you are becoming a walking gate, a light, an inter-dimensional doorway into all space and time. Any lost spirit or soul could then see or feel your light or vibration and will become attracted to you. This is not something to be afraid of. Just allow yourself to be open. At the moment of death, a gate, door or space is created that will not only allow the person you have loved to go back home to God, but can release any other souls which might need to be freed from wherever they are. In some cases, thousands of lost souls can be released in a spilt second.

If you believe you know where there are trapped souls or spirits that need help, you can let us know. We would love to support you in freeing them. Just think about these words: We can each make a difference. Our next journey can take us to where we have many choices in the next vibration of being.


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