MAY 2007: The Alchemy of Emotion -
A Conscious Creation from the Heart
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The Alchemy of Emotion
A Conscious Creation from the Heart

* The Alchemy of Emotion
* Conscious Creation from the Heart
* Communication with Our Higher Self

The Alchemy of Emotion
(a Third Eye of Horus Mystery School Teaching)

The actual origin of the word alchemy comes from a Greek word referring to the ancient Egyptian art of renown Alexandrian alchemists who were seeking the chemical transmutation of base elements into the precious metals of silver and gold. The science of alchemy was primarily practiced in the Middle Ages and the sixteenth century. Alchemy was based on the search for the universal solvent as well as the search for a universal remedy, by which man could actively possess the magical and miraculous power of transmutation of his physical world.

As successive centuries passed, although many tales were told, positive proof of the transmutation of base metals into gold eluded alchemists. Through time, the science and practice of alchemy fell into disrepute and disuse. Yet, even today, the lure of the miraculous and the possibility of transmuting physical objects still intrigues and beckons mankind. Throughout history men and women who have possessed the power of transmutation, such as Jesus (changing water into wine), and Sai Baba (vabooti and other objects from thin air) have been revered.

Interestingly enough, the word emotion traces its original meaning to identify the process of moving out, migration, or transference from one place to another, in a physical sense. Psychology defines emotion as a mental feeling (pleasure or pain, confidence or fear), and distinguishes emotion from cognitive or known states of consciousness. Common words define emotion to be a state of active expression through spoken words, body language, or energetic creation. Human communication is said to consist of 55% body language, 38% tone of voice, and 7% spoken word.

Perhaps it is easiest to identify emotion simply as E-motion: Energy in motion. By combining the words Alchemy and Emotion, we are introducing the idea of the art of being able to transmute our physical world into the realm of personal miracles, simply through applying feelings.

The magical art of transmutation is one we all innately possess, through the very genetic code which identifies us as human beings. Our unique ability to physically create using feelings and emotions has been described by every major religion and school of thought, from the ancient philosophers to internationally recognized teachings and modern philosophers. Our emotions are the foundation and the true key to physical creation of our dreams and the deepest desires of our heart.

The ability to know and clearly express the deepest desires of our heart is the unique key which, once accessed with awareness, enables each of us to create everything we truly desire for ourselves.

Conscious Creation from the Heart

A good place to start with knowing your own heart is to simply know how you are feeling. When someone asks you how you are, do you automatically find yourself replying 'fine, just fine,' when in fact your love has just left you, you have the worst case of stomach flu you ever experienced, and your boss was especially irrational today?

While admittedly all of us have probably many times replied in just this way, the message we give ourselves over and over again is deadening to our soul and our spirit, and is out of personal integrity and our 100% commitment to life. How far have we stepped away from the truth of our authentic divine self, and our real mission and purpose for being here on the planet at this time? How numb have we made ourselves to our true heart felt emotions? When was the last time we were fully honest with ourselves about how we really feel about our job? our current personal relationship? our abundance? our daily pattern of living? Are we honestly living our deepest desires?

If our answer is no to any of these questions, we are short changing ourselves. If we are not here to live our life, who is going to do it for us?

So, just how do we begin to live our life with true enthusiasm and joy? We begin by being honest with ourselves. We begin by going to the very 'heart of the matter' by being directly in touch with our-innermost feelings. We begin by our mere willingness to acknowledge and feel our deepest held emotions. We begin by reestablishing our natural God given connection with our Higher Self in a way we can trust and understand.

In the past, through my own journey of self discovery, I learned this for myself, many times the hard way. The gift of my willingness to be honest with myself and my emotions has led me to my heart's desire. I discovered, through our very desire to know ourselves, each of us can generate enough Emotion, or energy in motion, to collapse our own self-imposed shields, blocks or barriers. My commitment to acknowledging my emotions has also given me the creative energy to bring to my conscious awareness, my personal purpose and mission on the planet at this time. Heart & Soul Healing is the 25 year product of my willingness to establish aware interaction with my Higher Self. The cornerstone of my work is acknowledgment and conscious connection with our own Higher Self, which is available to each of us in every moment of our existence.

Communication with our Higher Self

One of the easiest ways to connect with your Higher Self, which Nancy and I teach in our workshops, is the following exercise:

Sit comfortably in a room free of distractions. Have at least one piece of paper, a strong writing surface, and a pencil available. Write down a question which has some meaning for you, such as: 'What is my purpose here on Earth?'

Take several deep breaths and center yourself. Now, repeat the question in your own mind, as quickly as you can, three times in a row, and write down the first word you perceive in your awareness, whether it makes sense to your conscious mind or not. You are now in direct communication with your Higher Self! Your Higher Self is the first, usually very quiet, response you receive. A second, louder, sometimes overriding response is actually your ego and filtering, logical left brain.

Common one word answers to the above question are love, service and teaching. Using the word you have received, without judging, or invalidating your answer, formulate your next question: Such as, 'Who am I here to serve?' 'How am I supposed to serve?' etc. Take a deep breath or two, repeat the second question in your mind, quickly, three times in a row. Write down the word or words you receive, and use them to formulate your next question. Continue this process, becoming more and more specific with each question.

Very quickly, at some point, usually about the fourth or fifth round of questions you ask yourself, you will find you begin writing in sentences, or even paragraphs, all in the same original quiet voice. You have now elicited the direct flow and always present line of communication with your Higher Self.

Remember, if you are able to formulate a question, you must already have the answer within your own self, otherwise you would not even have the ability or vocabulary to ask the question in the first place! It is just as simple as that.

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