A Tool, A Rope, A Lifeline for You
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April, 2008 Newsletter
A Tool, A Rope, A Lifeline for You

*A Place for more choices
*Stop, Look & Listen
*How to Clear Yourself, Release Old Energy & Feel Free


It is encouraging for us to see so many beautiful messages flowing all over the internet about people becoming aware, having the ability to make change in the world, being connected and offering hope. We see prayers going out for the earth today and people working to bring our world to a better place - a place where we can all have more choices.

On the other hand, we also work every day with people people who have fears they live with all the time. Some fears are so great they actually paralyze them and their life. Our question became: How can we help these people? Not only through our own work, teachings and sessions, but how can we help these people help themselves? The answer was the same one we have had: Empower them to recognize that they do not need to dig with their hands, they can have a tool; empower them to know that there are simple tools they can use in their everyday lives that will bring them to more choices.

In our line of work, we meet people who have some of the most complicated emotional energy patterns you can imagine and also deal with the simplest of patterns. It does not seem to matter which type it is, these patterns make people feel trapped or stuck. For some, it is as if they are caught up in the dark night of the soul - an emotional cycle that is like quick sand; pulling them deeper and deeper until they feel totally lost. You can read another newsletter about the dark night of the soul here.

Today, we possess a tool or a rope that can help to pull these people out. It does not matter how far along you feel you have progressed in your journey to becoming conscious and aware. These tools have help thousands of people to become clearer, quieter and more at peace. The answers to most fears are easy. The work on ourselves is more challenging. Reading this information is first. So it's now up to you and Spirit to ask us to help. This is about you and your own power - about your self-empowerment.

The greatest gift we can give is to hand a shovel for someone who is digging or to throw a rope to a drowning friend. We encourage you all to send this to a friend or to a family member. Give them their own choice. We have to let go of the outcome we want. Let's help others feel their own self-empowerment, recognize their own creator-ship. Take responsibility for themselves. This is their choice.

Some of you may recognize this information. It was in our January newsletter. Since it had more than twenty internet links, it became quite complicated for some. So we decided to take all the information and put it in one place - an easy to read book entitled 'How to Clear Yourself, Release Old Energy & Be Free".

If you'd like to order a printed copy for yourself, your friends or family, just visit the easy to use online shopping. Share this information with everyone you can - this will bring about change..



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