Completing A Cycle

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April, 2004 Message from Ken <:> Completing a Cycle

* A Feng Shui Challenge,  Completing a Cycle



A Feng Shui Challenge, Completing a Cycle

I was just in Canada and stayed with friends who had a serious energy problem all around their apartment.  She had been teaching Feng Shui for many years.  This is her story on how she cleared a space that was bombarded by outside energetic projections and a lot of old energy from railroad tracks and structured buildings. This is a very important experience that can help you in clearing your home or business area.

Bridget’s story:
“In November of 2003 Ken Page stayed with us in Toronto.  During that time we decided to sell our home that we had been in for 5 years to “get ourselves free” -free from debt and attachments so we could travel.  We also had a dream to immigrate to Australia, a land that we fell in love with. After deciding to sell our house, we moved very quickly. On the surface, the apartment we rented looked brand new: new tiles, walls, kitchen, bathroom, and a big new skylight in the living room.  No one had lived here before. Upon moving in we realized there was a streetcar yard behind the building.  That’s where the Toronto streetcars come in to turnaround.  There is also a hospital behind us, and a brick building with no name beside us.  Later we found out that building is a former power station for the streetcar yards. 

  This apartment is above a Goodwill store where people bring stuff they no longer want. Being a fengshui consultant I thought “ok this is a feng shui challenge”. I set out to balance the energy of the apartment. For the first time in my career however, the energy did not stay clear . In fact it was a daily task. I was clearing it nightly as part of my process, and ritually space clearing it once per week. I started to wonder why I was in this place, and my partner and I talked about moving.  I even wondered if it was about letting go of the home we had, the garden and everything we built.  Was it my job to balance the energy of this building and land? Why was the energy constantly coming into the apartment ? (I would normally in the past, space clear a home and it would stay clear with very little maintenance).  I was at a loss.  Two and half months later we thought about moving again.  I started to doubt my abilities to balance energy in spaces, despite being trained and practicing this for years. In addition I discovered the neighborhood was weird, drunken people wandering around at night, and drug deals going down next door.  It seemed as if there were lots of addicted people to.  There was a lot of chaos around the building.  I wondered at the irony of my teaching and running fengshui groups on clutter, while living above the Goodwill store full of other peoples clutter. 

 I also work with people with eating disorders and addictions.  It was ironic that I came to live in an area of addicted people!. I noticed the energy constantly arriving in the apartment, but I struggled to pin point the source.   I thought it was geopathic stress lines.  So I doused the apartment only to find a grid almost everywhere in the apartment.  Usually there are lines, but you can map them and find “safe” areas to sit, sleep and meditate.  I found one square foot to meditate.  I got concerned with the list of challenges in this apartment. Meanwhile I kept asking the universe for help.

 In March 2004, Ken Page came again and stayed with us for 5 days.  I mentioned to him the concern around being able to keep the space clear and feeling frustrated in my efforts to keep the apartment clear.  Ken spoke about the energetics of the area and the energetics behind the name GOODWILL (the store downstairs).  He asked me what that meant to me.  I said freewill and good Karma.  We explored what happens at a goodwill store:  people donate what they want to let go of; people who have very little are spending money and getting great value; and finding treasures.  Ken said this was symbolic of what is going on in our lives; we are working out how to receive everything we want without having to give up our essence.  He also said that I am learning the essence of fengshui on a deeper level. Ken said  ‘If you want to understand it, you live it’. He also walked the outside of the building and found the energy of this area comes in to turn around (along with the streetcars).  Later, he found old photos of the area from the 1930’s showing the laying of the streetcar tracks.  The tracks and the electricity went in 3 different directions all around our building.  The meant the energy and the streetcars came to this corner to turnaround and go back out.  What happens is the energy comes in, yet has been stuck for some 60-70 years.  Ken told me this situation was placing me close to chaos in order for me to learn about this energy.  If I could balance this space and the complicated energies to create stillness in my apartment amid the chaos, then I can balance ALL space.  He said often we get into things yet don’t realize the magnitude of what we are doing.  I was there to free the trapped energy, allowing it to change, allowing it to move. We discussed my working energetically with the energy of this area, balancing goodwill, and the energy of addictions and the energy of money.

 When we walked into the Goodwill store below our apartment, Ken and I noticed that the doorway, counter and cash register were directly beside a supporting column that ran up to the ceiling.  Ken pointed out that the energy was entering our apartment directly above the column. We set about the task of the physical adjustment of the space to reinforce the intention on an energetic level. We had two goals: to redirect the energy out from the apartment, and to keep the energy moving in the store.  A mirror was placed on our 4ft x 4 ft coffee table to bring the sky energy into the apartment through the skylight.  A 3ft x 3ft mirror was placed face down on the carpet under the coffee table to send the energy back down to the store.  In the Goodwill store on the first floor we placed mirrors facing outwards on the columns directly in line with the front door; on the counter we placed 2 small mirrors facing out.  Small discreet mirrors facing outwards to the street were placed at the end of racks and on the wall to push the energy back out onto the street. Mirrors were also placed inside the rear of the building facing the power station, redirecting the energy back out from the apartment.  The glass front door to the apartments on the street is where people can look in at the stairs up to the second floor, so we placed small mirrors on the 2,3,4th steps facing outwards.  The mirrors on the steps redirected the energy of the street outwards.

After doing  the placement and acknowledging the energetics of the situation, the apartment started to feel lighter and still.  The next day I woke up and felt very tired, like I could sleep all day. He said by setting the intention to keep my apartment and my energy clear, and redirecting the energy, I am changing the energy of this area. He said I am also freeing energy and consciousness around addictions, money and free will that has been trapped for a long time.  I realized that I engaged on one level (for example to keep my apartment clear) but ended up engaged with the consciousness around addictions and freewill that I had not anticipated. Then I realized the bigger challenge for me was: how do I become one with the energies of addiction, money and freewill that surround my apartment?  In becoming one with these energies, they will be transmuted and non-reactive. Ken felt this was one of the most complex energies coming in to be balanced. He said by changing the energy in this area, I am changing the energy of the city. No wonder I felt tired! 

We talked about my cat Sam who died after moving to this apartment.  When we moved, we had doubts and worries about selling our home and moving. My partner also had worries about his career. We had doubts and worries about the big step of immigrating to a new country.  Given the complex energies in this apartment, Ken felt our cat was helping us to let go, for when he died he helped to take the energy to another place. He encouraged us to do a ritual to allow our intentions to be felt.  In working with these complex energies, Ken felt it may be a way of giving back to Spirit for all the skills that I have learned. It became clear to me that when we balance and heal situations or ourselves, we heal the collective consciousness. We agreed that Ken’s role was to act as a witness to the completion of a cycle for us.  In publishing and writing about this I am also the witness and master in the completion of this cycle. Ken then encouraged us to take action towards our next step, our next cycle: completing the application for immigration to Australia.

Thank you for this learning process.”  B.McF.


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