Back in the Business of Helping People
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March, 2008
Back in the Business of Helping People

*Email - A Blast of Information
*Manual of Quan Yin
*How to Clear Yourself
*Calendar of Events


Email - A Blast of Information

Well did you miss us last month? We missed you ! Some of you may not even realize you've missed us, we've been gone from your 'inbox' for such a long time. We hope that has finally straightened itself out. For those of you who do get the information each month, you know there's been a lot going on in the last couple of years. We've had our share of ups and downs, just like all of you. There's a lot that has happened in our own lives that has affected our direction. For good or for bad, it is a path that we did not plan or anticipate. Do any of us know we have stepped into something until we discover where we are? What about if you did not know you were there until you arrived! Now that's a reality experience.

While we had a new dedicated website address, we found out last month that we were on a shared server. Apparently, other websites on the same server can have an effect on each other, especially when sending out bulk e-mails, like we do in our monthly newsletters. In attempting to get our website address ‘whitelisted/approved’ as mail to your inbox, we had to become educated on a topic we really did not want to have to learn... How many of us when faced with yet another learning curve would like to just avoid it altogether!

Apparently, another website on our same shared server had been reported as sending out 'spam'. That meant that the entire server was flagged by major email providers. So even if we did everything right, our host server's internet signature was being blocked. In turn, that caused email from our website to be rejected or re-directed to spam mail folders. Not many individuals regularly check their junk or spam folder, so it felt a bit lonely just sitting there - waiting for someone to notice that we had a message that might help them that month.

There was no fault or blame to anyone or anything. Sometimes even well-intentioned projects just don’t turn out the way we think they can. So our excitement at a new webserver in January was short-lived. Here we were now in February, working as hard as we could to get the 'word out' and still, something did not feel right. After long hours and many days of investigation, we made the proverbial leap. Our website is now on a dedicated server.

Here's the question: Why didn't Spirit let us know? Doesn't Spirit know about shared servers, blacklisting, approved mail servers and IP addresses? Why not? Doesn't Spirit care whether or not the message could help someone else? Truth is, at what is happening to all of us in our daily rush-rush busy-ness called 'Life', can we even hear what Spirit is saying? Do we even see the clues? Do any of us know we are in trouble until it's almost too late?

For us, the answer came that is best as a stand alone on its own server. If you have the time, check out the shape of things to come - take a look at some of the newer pages like the shopping cart - behind the scenes work over many day and evening hours, some of them stretching into the next day morning. We have to say thank you to our wonderful Tom ( who helps with everything from graphics to website IP technology. Coming soon - eBooks ! video and audio streaming and more. Right now there are almost 6,000 (yes - 6,000!) pages of free information on creativity and healing.

And now for the good news: Since we felt we just needed to work harder, we have two new books.

The Manual of Quan Yin

After many years of working on: 'Guidebook to the Independent Self - Initiation of the Chakras through the Gates of Quan Yin' (now in final edit), pertinent excerpts have been compiled in a short version: 'Manual of the Chakras and the Gates of Quan Yin'. This manual contains lots of information about the seven main chakras, emotional imbalances, clearings, meditations, and the Symbols-Gates of Quan Yin, all shared in color plates.

How to Clear Yourself - Release Old Energy & Feel Free

Because of those desperate emails and phone calls that we get from all over the world, we also wrote a new book: "How to Clear Yourself, Release Old Energy & Feel Free". Ken put together this Manual based on our popular ‘Stop-Look & Listen’ newsletter. There were many links in that newsletter and we have refined the information together in this manual. At only $6.95, it’s a sequel of sorts to ‘The Way It Works’, Ken’s best-selling technique book.

Both the Quan Yin Manual and the Energy Book are available for sale on the website - no longer blocked -

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