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January 2002 Message from Ken: New Beginnings

  • The Human Spiritual Experiment

  • Healing Vibrations

  • Note About Crystals in the Yucatan

  • Upcoming Events with Ken


As this year comes to a close, it becomes clear to me that I should show you the magical powers of the teachings I have shared with you over the last few years. These teachings and techniques will help with transformation — for each one of us and for the planet.

For twenty-four hours beginning at 12:00 PM (Noon, Pacific Standard Time), December 31, 2001 and ending at 11:59 AM PST, January 1, 2002, I will call into myself all the collective consciousnesses on our Earth and become One with everything. I will become One with each person and all living things, in the present, past, future, and all other times and places.

I will become One with the six billion plus people presently on the Earth. I will have and feel compassion for everyone, without judgment, honoring them as they are, from one CO-creator to all the other CO-creators

The purpose of this experiment is to free any person, any creature, and any piece of consciousness that might be trapped in thoughts, feelings, or emotions of the past. Many people are trapped in ideas from the cultures and religions of the past, as well as the present.

By balancing the energy around everyone and becoming One with all, our Higher Selves can merge. I believe this can change our vibrations so that we will no longer be attracted or attached in the same way to past energetics. Freedom means being free to choose what you want without being tied to the past.

If you would like to know how I will do this, read "The Way It Works," the first part of my book, "The Heart of Soul Healing," and my December newsletter. All are on my website. This material contains all the information to show you how to do this without using your energy or hurting or using anyone else's life force. If you've read this information and are following the techniques I've given, please join me in this experiment, if you wish.

About six months ago, I realized that all of the people who were coming to me for sessions or workshops had been religious or spiritual teachers in our history. This realization made it clear that part of my spiritual work is to free the way in which the ideas presented by the different religions and spiritual systems have been in conflict with each other for so long.

What I'm doing is the same thing each of you has the power to do. It is time each one of us steps up to our full potential to help Earth. This is not about being a hero or someone special. It is about becoming conscious.

I have no ideas about the outcome of this experiment. If you believe you can help, it is your responsibility to assist others to be free to choose their own path.

In my next newsletter, I will explain what, how, and why I did this experiment.

I will begin this experiment on December 31, at 12 o'clock PST (Noon, Pacific Standard Time) and will continue for 24 hours. God bless us all. It is show time.


If you would like to use this time to free yourself of any sickness, pain, or hurt of any kind just say your name and my name over and over. This is the fastest way of changing your vibration to where you become energetically invisible to old collective consciousness of the past. It's only when you are one with everything, and there is no separation, that energy can take a new form.



I had inquiries about the various crystals that Drunvalo and I left at the sacred sites in the Yucatan.

Below is a complete list:

  • Uxmal: Black Tourmaline
  • Labna: Carnelian
  • Kabal: Gold Calcite
  • Chichen-Itza: Green Adventurine
  • Tulum: Blue-lace Agate
  • Kohunlich: Purple Florite
  • Palanque: Translucent Amethyst
  • Tikal: Light-pink Kunzite

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