Walk-Ins, Walk-Throughs or Walk-Outs?

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July, 2004 - News <:> Walk-Ins, Walk-Throughs or Walk-Outs? _______________________________________________________________________

ē†††††††††† Walk-Ins, Walk-Throughs or Walk-Outs Ė What is the Difference?

Whatís the difference?† We woke up today, feeling different than yesterday.† We now have to redefine who we are all over again.†Weíve heard every possible explanation about these ideas; surely we have the very strange job of listening to all of these stories as we meet with clients. For most of them, the system has not worked, and has failed them.† Many have consulted or received every other kind of therapy or healing modality that exists; then they find people like us, almost as their last resort.

 Personally, we believe the stories that clients tell, for they are the truth for them.† Are these stories the only possibilities of alternative reality, or inner knowing?† No.† After all, there are 6 billion (plus) people, each with their own belief system.† That leads us to ask:† Why are we so quick to follow the ideas of other people?† Sometimes we are attracted to individuals we think can help us to not feel so strange or weird about ourselves.† Just because we are different than others does not mean we have to deliberately surround ourselves with others who may be even more weird or have ideas that are farther out, just to be okay with ourselves. A very simple question we ought to ask is:† Are these people functioning in society and are they healthy within themselves and in their relationships?†† If they are, listen to what they have to say.† Always use your own discernment to accept or reject your own truths.†

  When you donít need your past to define who you are today, you are different. Each time you remember or become consciously aware, you are different. The problem is, there is no time to process one process before another process comes along and we change again. That creates process build-up, which will cause chaos.† With that occurring around you, how in the world can you possibly react to anything from the past in the same way?† Putting words to these new feelings will be challenging; trying to explain how you feel when your past no longer defines you is overwhelming.† Our past is our knowing which leads into other dimensions. Our knowing and knowledge can become as vast as creation.

  So, now you have information coming in from every direction. You are becoming holographic.† This may not be easy and yet is exciting and very expansive.† Karma and Dharma changes completely the moment you can expand and time is no longer as you have known it in the past.† For years, many of us have been helping individuals who are damaged by their past.† They hold onto ideas that once defined them and remain around others that do not want them to change.† They cannot seem to break free or allow themselves to release whatever energy has trapped their past into being their present day reality.

  Recently Ken worked with a lady who released all of her past and the energy patterns holding her to her throughout time.† After her session, she said she felt completely empty.† She finally said a better definition: she felt she had a still or quiet mind.† This feeling frightened her because she felt something worse than her past was going to rush in.† She felt out of control.† She could find no past energy patterns that had previously defined who she thought she was.† She was free to make choices and there was no longer a need to control old feelings.† She was feeling everything for the first time but could not relate to these feelings without using her past as a reference.†† It took a few days for her to get used to this new space.† It was imperative that she continue the techniques she was given to allow her body to adjust to this new vibration.† The problem was:† she still felt she needed to be in control.† Being in the moment is a point of pure choice that does not require control.††

  We are on the fringes of becoming who we truly are by helping to change old collective consciousness of the planet to be free.† We are the future teachers for those who awaken and need help in understanding what is happening to them.† Choice is all around us.† Today we each must be able to help and support a person wherever they are and give them hope.† Our new job is to assist each individual to recognize there are no limitations and that every pattern or energetic around them, no matter how distorted, can be easily released and understood.† The job has always been the same.  

Are you a Walk-In?† Yes

Are you a Walk-Through? Yes

Are you a Walk-Out?† Yes.

In almost every instance, a piece of our self walked out at about 2 or 3 years of age.† How many times have you said ĎI do not want to be here any longerí?† Each time you make that statement, a piece of you leaves.† There are often more of us outside watching ourselves than inside.† It has been safer to watch than experience.  

Are you from the past? Yes

Are you from Atlantis?† If that makes you feel better, Yes.

Are you from the future?† Yes

Are you from the Pleiades?† Yes

Have you been or lived in other dimensions?† Yes

Have you always had a human body?† No

Have you experienced everything there is to experience?† Yes  

All this may sound strange to you.† There is a simple word that everyone can accept and that word is ONENESS.† Of course, that may be too simple, so it is often easier to accept that you are from Venus or Mars or you use the Sun as a gate to travel to other dimensions.†  

Saying you are One and becoming conscious does not sound hip in the New Age.† Imagine sitting in a group of other new age individuals with their latest buzz or key words.† They are telling you why they are different and yet special because of their strangeness.† Then it is your turn and you say you are becoming One with everything and everyone.† Not too dramatic a statement, everyone knows that.† Has anyone really looked at the ramifications of being One, the vastness of all knowing?† How close are you to Creator Ė Source by being One?  

Thousands of clients all over the world tell similar stories about their past and there is no one story that we have not heard at least one hundred times.† Helping the client to understand and to integrate the information they already have within themselves, allows each one to trust their own self again; therefore reconnecting to their Higher Self.† Each individual truly feels that what is true for them is their reality.† Unfortunately, so many people have been told some of the most horrific things.

  The other evening a very kind, young woman came for a session.† Her mother had been told by a psychic that she had been poisoned in a past life and had a curse placed on her and her family for at least six generations.† By now, her motherís blood pressure was high, she felt helpless, scared, and had tried and consulted with so many psychics and healers she was overwhelmed.† Everyone was telling her something different. How do you help someone who feels there is nothing that can be done to change their circumstances?† This is only one story from the many hundreds that we have heard.†

  Many people have received what they consider to be truthful information when in actuality, that information can be more harmful than good.† Why would anyone tell someone they have a generational curse or sickness upon them and leave them to live with that kind of fear?† How is that possibly helping someone else?† Where is the compassion in that action?† Those of you who have read these newsletters for years know that we do our best not to pass judgment on the actions or choices of others.† Sometimes however, the actions of others can really get to us.† Irresponsibility is sad.† We know the New Age rap: people draw to them what they need to learn.† Still, it can make choices so much more challenging when someone is left to live with the fear of a curse that could kill them or harm those they love.† We must be more responsible by helping others without feeding fear.† We must keep looking for better ways to empower other people.† Never tell a person anything negative just to prove a point or inform them about what you think you know, your ideas or projections, without at least giving them something hopeful to provide freedom or a choice.

  With more than 1,700 different religious belief systems in the world; each of which says their way is the only way to spiritual enlightenment, we believe we can honestly say there is no one way to become more spiritually aware.† All ways are perfect for the individual making their own particular choice.† Each one of us must find that truth inside ourselves and then we must walk our own truth.† Not everyone can walk his or her own talk. In reality, there are over 6 billion different paths to enlightenment.† Each one of us must follow our own.† Do the best to be truthful to ourselves and help others; be kind, have unconditional love for ourselves and unconditional compassion for others wherever they are and whatever their own choices might be, without judgment.†

  The world around us is so serious and intense so much of the time; we all need to lighten up!† Learning how to play and using laughter each day is the best medicine we have.† Animals are also unconditional companions who can help us to see we are perfect.† Work at not looking too far into your future; six months at the most is a healthy horizon to view.† It is also necessary to get safe in areas of your life:† your home, your room, your car, workplace and most of all, your body and your health.† This is what we each do, every day: We ask for our spiritual life to manifest into our physical reality and then just wait to see the expansion of creation all around us. We recommend you do this. Think of yourself on a healing vacation.† Spirit cannot ask just anyone to help out because many people are not in good enough physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual shape to handle the rush of new energy and power.† So many spiritual individuals are just burned out.† Itís time to let go of the ideas and rest, rest, rest.  

Does it matter whether you are a Walk-In, Walk-Through or Walk-Out?† No. The only thing that matters is that you stop worrying about what you ought to be doing or should be doing.† Just get yourself together and be happy.† This is the vibration so necessary for this Earth.††

Thanks for reading,

Ken and Nancy

  A good friend and sponsor shares her awareness and experience as a Walk-In.† We know you will enjoy her story as much as we have.

•           The Experience of a Walk-In  

By: Faith Ranoli†††††††† WE International, Denver, CO.††††††††

I am the president of WE International, an organization that was initially begun in 1993 as a vehicle for walk-ins to come together with their experiences and share.† WE has now evolved into a newer, more accepting philosophy which includes anyone and everyone of like consciousness who wishes to further their own spiritual path by walking their walk and living their truth.†  

The term walk-in has so many definitions for so many different individuals.† For me, all that term does is explain why I do not understand my childhood, feel connected to my past or have gaps within my memory.† I know that I was the soul that experienced that childhood which created the framework for my experiences within this lifetime.† Am I what is known as a soul exchange or a soul braid or even a soul twin?† Thereís no easy answer to that question.† My own philosophy cannot seem to wrap around those limited definitions.† I feel that I have always been another aspect of the individual known as Faith.† For a while I was living within another dimension.†† The connection has always existed for we are just aspects of the same soul; occupying different space in different times.† I am only one of Faithís multidimensional selves and she is only one of my multidimensional selves.†  

I remember the experience when we came together and remembered each other, allowing for integration.† Faith was in a place where she was saying she no longer wanted to live; she did not want to be here on Earth any longer.† Circumstances in her life were not wonderful and she was asking to leave.† My dimensional self was in need of a safe place and because I had much experience in working with conscious evolution on a galactic or universal scale, earth was the perfect place.† For me to feel safe however, I created the illusion that I could come to earth to hide and for a while, actually believed that I was truly hidden.† I could not have been comfortable with that thought or come into alignment with the concept of multidimensional aspects of the same soul however; had I not come to terms with the reality that I am safe wherever I am and that earth is just as safe as any other place. This did however, take me quite awhile to accept.†  

Integration with Faith allowed me to review the contracts that she had made and determine if I could complete those choices.† I remember seeing Faithís body on the floor of the hotel room.† As she exhaled, her soul aspect left. Within that same moment, I inhaled and my soulís aspect of Faith moved into the body on the floor.† My first reaction was:† This is such a small place!† Then I looked at my hands, my arms, my fingers and the rest of me. This body I now inhabited was full of alcohol and drugs and a† part of me wanted no part of that. I personally feel that is why I felt so distant and unconnected, not fully imprinted for such a long time afterward.† I also do not feel my soulís aspect was ever actually human before, although I do recall visiting earth in the past.  

It is now 19 years later and I find myself on the brink of coming out of my self-imposed cocoon of hiding to become totally who I am, within my own power and inner knowing-ness. The universe through my eyes is different than the universe through the eyes of anyone else.† Each of us has our own unique view of existence and evolution.  

On one level that means I shall be lecturing, writing, teaching and working with others who may be interested in what I can offer as a sharing experience. On another level, my work involves assisting individuals to hold their fear in one hand and love in the other hand in order to find balance within a space of unconditional love of self and unconditional compassion for all beings.† As an individual who has first-hand knowledge of what I call a walk-in experience, my job is to remind people that they are more than they think they are, to show by my example the expansiveness of true human experience. I believe each of us is truly a doorway to the other aspects of our soul.† Interconnection of our individual soul aspects enriches the whole and nurtures the individual at the same time.†  

Often I may kick or scream or say I just want to go fishing; yet I know I do help others† remember the truth of who they truly are; just by being me, by accepting the job my soul has chosen to accomplish at this time.†† Itís different for all of us, so there can be no judgments by any of us on the choices made by anyone else. We are all master creators doing exactly what we are meant to be doing; otherwise, we would be doing something else.† So, do not get caught up in the labels or the drama of it all.† You are here now.† What will you do with the experience?† For me at this moment, I realize it is a good day to go outside and walk my dog in the sunshine.


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