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June, 2004 Message from Ken <<:>> Power & Dancing with Ghosts

"I loved your newsletter and I think it was timely. Everyone has a different take on taking ones power and I think you were on target and clear. Helping someone realize that they have another choice is the best gift one can give another. However I do want to chat a bit about hope. When one needs hope than ones attention is not totally present and it is easy to have a victim view of ones life. If each of us could focus on being totally present and to see the gift and the beauty of what we have chosen to create in this moment this will give us our power to make a different choice the next time. By each of us taking our full power we discover we no longer need hope since we are the creator and have created exactly what we needed in order to understand our past and present which in turn frees our future creations.

When I began working with the conciseness of hope I was shocked to see that this conciseness has touched all of us, many times. At first I could not understand how hope could be a problem for us as creators. Hope was the one belief that carried me through many tough times, hope was the reason I am still here, on earth. When I continued to stay with hope I began to see how the idea HOPE was tied into all religions, a golden thread of goodness, salvation and a future wither on earth or heaven. Then I noticed how we could have given our power away in exchange for the hope that someone will save us (Jesus could be an example of this) or hope that we get more money or hope we have better health etc. I began to see how entwined this Hope thread was. What would happen if we no longer gave energy to Hope, and became fully present to our choice to create right now in this moment and to clearly make a different choice if we are not satisfied with our current creation. If one is in their full power there is no need for hope for the creator with in has clearly chosen what showed up. This way there are no victims just creators." (Sharon USA)


" There's an incident that happened to me that I always relate when I'm talking with others about claiming our power: A few years ago, I decided to try to conquer my judgment of gambling and agreed to meet a friend at a casino to play bingo. The casino is over 50 miles from where I live. I was to meet her at the casino at 10:00 AM, but it was 9:10 AM and I was just getting on the interstate to make the drive down.

I realized that I'd never make it there in time using normal methods, but that I could easily shorten the trip. I focused all of my energy and pictured the next exit on the interstate (briefly - you don't close your eyes at 75mph for very long!), saying to myself, 'I'm now in the universe where I'm at [that] exit'. A few seconds later, there I was. Hey! This was fun! So, I pictured the next exit on the interstate, repeating the same words to myself. Another few seconds and again, there I was!

Then the absolute enormity of my completely unlimited power hit me. The only thing i could think of was "No Limits!'. It was one of the most truly frightening experiences of my life. I have always lived in a world of limits, boundaries, nots etc. I didn't feel like I knew where I was, even though I knew that I was truly in the center of my power at the same time. Along with fear, doubt began to set in. Did I really have the power to skip down the interstate like this? I repeated the procedure to reach the next exit, but it took me 3 tries before I suddenly arrived there. By then, I let fear take over totally. I drove the rest of the trip in the "normal" way.

Of course, as I arrived at the very, very crowded parking lot in front of the casino, I couldn't resist focusing and making a parking space for myself. After all, parking spaces are pretty inconsequential aren't they, so how could I get in trouble doing that? I walked into the casino, found my friend and asked her the time. Of course, it was exactly 10:00AM.

I have struggled with the fear of no limits on power, getting in trouble for using my power and fear of misusing my power ever since like most humans, but I have learned to play with it and enjoy the incredible things I sometimes create for myself. And, I have also found myself helping others to open up to their creative power quite by accident. By teaching beadwork classes at the local community college of all things. While this is certainly not an exaulted or lucrative endeavor, I've never enjoyed myself as much. Women have come to the classes to heal, to learn, to create and to celebrate the power of the feminine. Do we sometimes loop into power and control issues? Yes - we're all human. But, we also manage to get beyond this and to enjoy the powerful experience of creating something beautiful out of almost nothing.

I don't judge myself too much anymore on where I am with my power. I came here to learn about a lot of things - including power and control. Wherever I am with this at the moment is exactly the perfect place for me to be for my greatest and highest good as well as maximum learning benefits." ( JLG)


"I used to live in a 3-dimensional world where Money was Power. Then my energetic wiring was ripped out. I was like a house being re-wired by an electrician. The new wiring that was installed in me, is 5-dimensional. It runs on Love. Now, Love is Power.

However, I have not lost access to Money. My new source of power is 5-dimensional and, as such, it rules Money, which is a 3-dimensional energy. Love rules Money, and Love moves Money at will. Money comes one drop at a time. My house, my life assurance, my pension were all ripped out with the old wiring. Now I have no reserves of money.

Before, I lived next to a reservoir of water, symbolising a stock of money. Now, I live next to a splashing mountain stream that constantly drip-feeds me with water at the roots. This 5-dimensional energy that rules Money is simple. Unconditional Love. It´s the way God loves. It simply says to others, "no matter what you might think, say or do, I shall never love you less than I do now ... and that´s 100%". ( DMML)


"The following is an article I wrote. For me, the idea of claiming our power can be acheived best by discovering first how we are "giving it away". I am very interested in the work you are doing with exorcism. In my article I am focusing a lot on identifying our "Shadows" and putting a name on them so we can own them; it is while they remain hidden that they are able to get us to give them our power.

Dear Jedi Knights,

It is time to graduate from the class of Guilt 101. Schedule some time to take your final exam. Let us first do a self-examination of how guilt has been used on us; then how we have used guilt on others. Is guilt a good thing or a bad thing? (Don't rush to answer this question.)

Definition of Guilt: "A painful feeling of self-reproach resulting from a belief that one has done something wrong or immoral." The two key words in this definition, for those of us who are preparing to graduate from this class, are the words "painful" and "belief". Guilt is the most common 'civilized' tool used by those who have gone before us to teach and instill their belief systems upon us. We have continued the practice of using guilt as we have been taught. The use of guilt is so automatic in our lives that few stop to question whether it is necessary. Abusive behavior is triggered by (and results from) feelings of shame, which falls under the Shadow of Guilt. Once again - The buck stops here.

To give you an idea of what we are up against as Warriors in service; decide to spend a day being acutely aware of each time you notice yourself using guilt motivation on yourself or thers…even thinking we want someone to feel guilty about what they have done or haven't done. Is it possible to have a day without a single guilt thought or feeling? Not until we decide we no longer need to use pain on ourselves in order to motivate our selves and others, can we then decide to consciously stop using guilt as a tool for motivation. Setting an intention to no longer use guilt on ourselves or others, is the prerequisite for entering the next school of learning; How To Consciously Co-Create with Spirit.Skydeer." (LM)


"I am just now reading your newsletter about making choices and have enjoyed it, and agree with you. It does seem I bounce back and forth at time from being controlling, authentic, and even to knowingly giving my power away. The times in which I am at peace with myself, and others are the same times in which I honor their choices and honor my needs at the same time. Life in these times seemingly occurs much smoother and with grace. To do this however I must have no attachment to the outcome of a situation, which is for me the hardest part of the equation, and requires faith and of compassion, something my ego tells me (constantly) is the same as weakness.

On a simple level this occurred this week while I was driving my car to the dealership to drop it off for repair. It was raining, and getting to the dealership was looking ifffy. I asked my higher self to direct me and make the right turn as I was going in a new way to this dealership. I got the answer to turn left, and did so, and went on my way, but after a few blocks thought no, it could not be this way and proceeded to turn around and go the other way. After my car stopped running and the tow truck came, it turned out the left turn was the right way after all. It occurred to me as I rode in the tow truck that while higher knowledge is available to me in every moment, it takes faith and a choice to listen and respond according to it.

It has appeared to me that over my journey I have learned to listen and see, beyond the words and into the meaning, feeling and reality people are speaking or not speaking of. Sometimes their lives line up with what they speak, but many times do not. I view myself and them more now as how our lives mimic our beliefs and the choices we make based on our belief system. It is very hard to see someone suffering, hear the belief and see the choices they have made that cause their suffering, and know it is all for a reason, and lesson they have to learn. Maybe it is my lesson to learn to have the vision, but to experience compassion for others by letting things be" (MOC).

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