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A Summary of Heart & Soul Healing

It is time for those in the healing arts to give people back their power. It is time to move from being a 'healer,' to becoming a facilitator for healing. It is time for every individual to claim their own power within themselves. It is time for all of us to recognize that we are truly ONE with all creation. It is time for each of us to accept our world with compassion - not with judgment or opinion or our own ideas. Compassion is total acceptance of What Is without claiming a 'right' or 'wrong'. By recognizing the Oneness within each of us - we can shift the consciousness of our entire planet.

We are in a time when the most important thing any of us can do is to create a safe space for others. Creating a safe space for another enables them to find their answers within themselves. Creating a safe space for someone is very different from getting into their space. Most of us would agree enough people get into our space every day.

The biggest danger we can place ourselves in is when we begin to believe someone else can save us, someone else has all the magical answers to our lives, and our truths and answers lie outside ourselves. True healing is about getting people in tune with themselves, back into harmony and balance, and reconnected with their own inner truth. Our Higher Self is the aspect of us which knows how to live free and authentically.

Unless a lesson is understood simultaneously on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level, true understanding and healing does not take place. When a lesson is understood, learned and released on all four of these levels, healing occurs on a cellular level, and the change is permanent. In Heart & Soul Healing, the energy fields around our body are scanned. Scanning will detect any variance in our fields at the etheric level. A variance occurs when there is energy being given to an area by our subconscious mind, which our conscious mind is unaware. Our conscious mind consists of our ego and our five senses. What we are looking for in the scanning process are patterns we are giving energy to which our conscious mind is not aware of. Our subconscious mind, however, is very well aware of our patterns, as well as the true lessons and reasons behind them. Our subconscious mind knows all about us. It knows everything that has ever happened to us plus all our multidimensional realities, beginning with the time we came from the Creator. Our Higher Self, the intuitive part of ourselves which does not judge and has all the answers we're looking for, is accessed through our subconscious mind.

The energy of a variance in our energetic fields, accessed through our subconscious mind, enables us to find out why this pattern or lesson is still active in our life today. Variances could be caused by lessons of power and control, unconditional love, love and hate, and so forth.

Because we live in polarities, maybe the only way we can learn everything there is to learn about love is to also learn about hate or anger. Perhaps we are here to learn the polarity, or opposite of what our lessons seem to be, so we can learn the unconditional or compassionate part of each particular lesson. For example, we might come to Earth to find out and even teach about love, and then experience a lifetime of being confronted and challenged with anger and hatred. Whatever our lessons, when we are giving energy to some pattern (in the etheric energy field of our physical body), it only means there is some part of an experience or lesson we are still not clear about. Even though there may be a very small part of the bigger picture we have yet to understand, it will be enough to generate the energy to attract versions of that specific lesson to us until we 'get it.'

As we all know, there are many different (and sometimes endless) aspects to our major life's lessons. The good news is, through cellular healing, we are able to follow the energy variance back to our subconscious mind where all of our information is stored. Our subconscious mind is like a big giant computer we can plug into once we have the right access code and our codes lie in the energetic patterns we wear on our bodies.

Once we know and really understand the truth of our particular lesson, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, our truth sets us free. There is nothing more powerful than our truth to bring about a change or shift in our entire being, and in all the realities we exist. Once understood, the original energy imprint no longer needs to be in place to get our attention. It can now become part of our wisdom and awareness. Within each pattern are all the answers to all the lessons we are carrying, based on all of our experiences, and all the things we have come to learn. The energy which was being devoted into holding our patterns in place, until we could look at the lesson in question, now becomes energy which can be used by us for the creations we intentionally desire to manifest in our lives.

Heart & Soul Healing is different from most work of this type for several reasons. By accessing specific energy patterns, we can move directly to the moment it was imprinted on our etheric body. Unlike most other therapies which ask us to go back to the last occurrence of the emotion or behavior in question, this method goes right to the source point of our lesson. The reason this is such a streamlined and efficient method (getting precisely to the information needed), is it does not need to go to our "general pool" of emotions, to then spiral back, layer after layer, to get to our understanding. Imagine how many layers and layers of experiences we would have to get through to access, let's say, the starting point of a major issue like power and control. When we have to go through layers and layers of built-up emotions, the chance of retraumatizing ourselves in the process is extremely high, further complicating our original issue. With Heart & Soul Healing, this does not occur.

The main job of a Heart & Soul Healing Practitioner is to create a safe and neutral place for you to look at the issues in question. This enables a clearer picture and understanding of your lessons without distortion and illusion. Our Practitioners support your space, without getting into your space. Even though it would be just as easy to merely read your mind and tell you everything going on with you, to do so would take away your power. You would begin to believe someone else had all the answers. You might not realize you can find the truth within yourself. Who is a better authority about you than you, yourself, anyway? It's truly only you who has all the information and answers about yourself. When you give your power away, you forget your truth is within yourself. This is empowering because your truth is being accessed and understood from within you, by you.

Heart & Soul Healing Practitioners are empathic. Being empathic simply means being able to pick up what's going on in your body by scanning your fields. This can be done in person or by remote work. Spirit knows no time or distance in these matters. We are all empathic, yet many of us spend most of our lives trying not to be. Would it ever really be safe or wise to feel everyone else's pain? Who would want to do that? Yet being empathic is something we all do, every day of our lives. It's as simple as walking into a room where there has been an argument, and immediately being able to feel something is wrong, even though those involved are no longer verbally engaged.

When most of us were little we got into situations with our parents, or with teachers at school, where we felt we had to protect ourselves. In protecting ourselves, we began to shut down the empathic part of ourselves because it was safer for us. Any of us can reopen that aspect of ourselves by learning to trust the empathic part of ourselves again.

Creating a space for you, uncluttered by illusion, distortion or emotion, is like being able to walk down a dark alley with a friend by your side. It doesn't take anything away from you because you still have to walk down the alley. Yet with support, you are able to do so without being distracted by emotional or traumatic fears and illusions. You can look at and really see what is at the end of the alley, instead of worrying about all the things which could be out there. This enables you to look at the major underlying themes and patterns in your life, seeing and understanding them clearly.

The many transformational changes that naturally and effortlessly occur through
the Heart & Soul Healing process include:

  • Awareness of how energy affects our mind and our body
  • The ability to become present in the here and now of each moment
  • Feeling less resistance to things that are out of our personal control
  • Improved health by decreasing the negative effects of stress
  • Eliminating the feelings of burnout, compassion fatigue and exhaustion
  • Responding and no longer “reacting” emotionally to stressful situations
  • Common stress-producing events no longer have the same effect
  • Reduction of conflicts or challenges in interpersonal relationships
  • Greater opportunities for honesty and intimacy in relationships
  • The ability to forgive those who have hurt us in any way
  • Letting go of patterns of guilt, shame, and unworthiness
  • Becoming more accepting of the imperfections in others and in ourselves
  • Letting go of problems and burdens, especially the ones that are beyond our control
  • An experience of unconditional acceptance of the chosen path of others
  • An enhanced awareness of unconditional love and acceptance of self
  • The ability to establish healthier boundaries in relationships
  • Releasing sabotaging patterns
  • Recognizing and releasing belief systems that no longer serve us

When we feel ‘lighter’, less dense in our vibration (our energy) and more accepting of ourselves here and now as a powerful creator of our own destiny, our responses to situations as they unfold are different than how our mind attempted to manage or control emotions and circumstances in our past. As we experience being lighter, things that used to trigger us might not even trigger us at all, or at very least, the frequency and intensity of our emotional reactions to any trigger is greatly reduced. Our experience of thriving rather than striving becomes the natural outcome.

By practicing the four (4) energetic clearing techniques daily, we remain lighter – above the dense band of energy of normal life.  This results in a fuller awareness, a better quality of thoughts, perceptions, interpretations, and awareness. 

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A Summary of Heart & Soul Healing

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