August Moon

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August, 2003 Message from Ken – August Moon _______________________________________________________________________

Each month during the writing of these newsletters, there appears to be a personal process that I and the people around me must experience.  It’s almost as if we first must live and feel the depth of the information we are about to share.  For me, this process feels as if I am up against a wall, pushing against myself.  It’s like ‘walking your talk’, but not going anywhere.  I continue to ask for this to get easier each month and the process gets bigger in reply!  Is this what becoming conscious feels like?  In this process, the picture of reality continues to expand.  I would like to think the resistance is part of the consciousness or vibration of reality changing and/or shifting.   If any psychotherapist were to read this, they would say I have delusions of grandeur.  I guess I have narrowed down my struggles with my own outlook on life.  I live within the illusion that this world can be a better place.  I certainly do not want to bring you into this quandary with me – it’s way too deep.  Besides, it’s vacation - time for sun and fun…

So, to the point:  It’s summer and I decided to recap some of my past newsletters and what information is available to you by clicking a link on your computer.  Easy on you – easy on my derriere.   You’ll find these links at the bottom of this newsletter.  Please feel free to share with your friends – much of this information is just good stuff to know.

A Practitioner Training is scheduled for Boone, NCSeptember 3-7, 2003.  I’d like to personally invite each of you to consider these 5-days with me.  Whether you become a practitioner of Heart & Soul Healing™ or use the information for your own journey, it can provide you with a great foundation in your daily life.  These trainings have been life changing for past participants.


Following are some little quotes that I have written and collected over the years – I hope you enjoy these – just remember they come from an ‘illusional being’. 

“One day I realized that Knowing was Being

“The other day the sun came up and I shined inside for the first time”

“I remember where I put my soul – it was behind my heart”

“I gave my heart away to a person who said they had lost theirs”

“I broke my heart and became open to what was inside”

“Laughing is very powerful.  Those who laugh at others are afraid of themselves”

“I wish I could remember where I left myself”

“I wonder why people hold on to the past for so long.  I wish I could tell them it is okay to forget the past, and look in the mirror and say hello to the present.”

“Holding on must be the only thing people have left.  You think where it is taking them, they would let go.”

“One day I died. God said ‘ are you through yet?’  I asked God ‘are you my father?’ and he said ‘Yes, for today’.  Tomorrow – will he be mine?”

“I wonder why God said to go to Earth and help those people when He knew I did not speak their language.  I guess He looked inside of me and knew if I came, I would find myself in time.”

“I came to Earth to earn more credits so I could control the game”.

“God once said to me, ‘Son are you happy?’  I said ‘I don’t know, I have only felt peace’.  He asked me if I would like to know all feelings and emotions.  I thought about it for a time and then said ‘No’.  He sent me anyway.  I was pissed.

“Time is a funny thing and then it changes.  I looked at time the other day and it watched me back”

“The gate to the other side is hidden in your heart – no one looks that far.  You know the gate home is very close – just over there – behind the opening.”

“Eyes are the last gates into the universe of seeing.  How do we see more than we know?  By forgetting what we have seen”

“I wonder if people knew there was no time…what would they do?  Would they stop looking at clocks and find where they were??

“You know I remember what I dislike about this place the most – it’s that I always forget who I am.”

“I forgot the other day who I was and then remembered it was all just a dream”

“I guess there is a place for me – I’m just not sure anyone else can find it.”

“I guess when you let go of your past you have to let go of your life.  What is my life right now?  A space between my past and my future – waiting for creation to show me who I am”




March 2000:  Lost in my Dreams  - Living Light Language – (the way knowledge is given to us in Sacred Geometry)


May 2000:  Out of my Hands – (the story of me having a knee replacement and how I found balance with my feminine)


June 2000:  Beginning Cycles, Techniques for:  Being energetically clear, Getting your own Answers, Lucid Dreaming and The Living Light Breath  - (Great tools for any type of psychic attack or being affected by projections from other persons)


July 2000:  Religious Consciousness – Technique for Pattern Release -  (Good technique for keeping yourself clear)


August 2000:  New Template – Communicating with Higher Self – (An easy and clear technique for getting your own answers)


September 2000: Who is Ready? – Living Light Breath – (Change your center and open your Pineal to allow yourself connection with 366 subtle senses without overwhelming your nervous system)


October 2000:  Animal Healing – Dolphin and Whale Consciousness – (a unique technique to assist your animals heal past traumas and to release harmful human projections;  a way of using the consciousness of the Dolphins and Whales to protect your space from outward projections)


November 2000:  Many Thoughts – Indications of Spirit Attachment and Ways to Release Them and the Use of Clear Light (which will not attract polarities of light or dark)


December 2000:  Respect and Discernment – The Void (meaning and understanding why it was created)



There are more than 30 additional newsletters that cover everything I have taught and shared; including some of the secrets of the Great Mystery Schools.  Have fun exploring.     Here’s a direct link to all the newsletters:


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