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May 2010:

Teachers from the Past are now the Future


*Teachers from the Past
*Change and Judgment
*Reactions to the April news

In the first part of this year, there was finally some time to read and study. What I found was that we have some very old and still very interesting books in our library. My review took in the writings of Carlos Castaneda, Jane Roberts (the Seth material) and many other authors. I found importance in their insights – and the fact that the same information was inside my own being. Perhaps the Collective Consciousness was affected by their knowing and awareness. We know the reality of that might be – just maybe. Even if that is true, how can anyone stay the same when life is always changing by the information and thoughts of our own mind?

The depth of knowledge and wisdom put forth by many of these authors and teachers from our past was perhaps before their time – for the most part. Seems like only now we are waking up again to old wisdom being a part of our today awareness. I wondered if the information these past teachers received had an effect on them at the times they were receiving it. What did it do to their nervous systems or their physical body? How did that information affect their relationships or even the reality they thought they had? Who were these people – were they at any given point the same persons they used to be? How did they belong in the same world when they changed and perhaps no longer ‘fit in’?

We’ve known healers and teachers who passed away before their life was really over. Healing work is serious and never goes away; there’s just more of it – and it often becomes more serious, more powerful, bigger, more intense; even more than one person can ‘hold’. While this word is quite popular, we don’t often use the word ‘hold’ for we know that ‘holding’ energy or ‘holding’ a space actually requires the individual doing the 'holding' to become One with everything outside – or run the risk of being destroyed from within by the intensity of the energy they are 'holding'. How does any person stay in such serious work without becoming serious? What does that do to their physical body? For us, one of the most powerful questions is finding a balance in life.

When I was younger, I was an artist, attending art college in the 1960’s. I was pretty good at what I was doing. One teacher told me never to use a lot of red, orange or contrasting colors in a painting as it would overwhelm the art and the painting would not have any balance. From that day on – I only used reds, oranges and hot colors. I found a way to be the best at what others did not want to be a part of. (sounds like that stubbornness carried over today). See a link to view some of my past photos on the bottom of the right-hand column.

Each month we get the SouthWest Art Magazine. Artists are doing things that we had never even thought of in the 1960’s. The beauty in their artwork is incredible and the colors are overwhelming with reds, oranges and hot colors. So my wanting to return to art today – well that might not be as easy as I would like since the art world has become a thousand times better than I had ever seen or thought I could have been. So again - I judged myself before I even began. Sound familiar?

Knowledge is wisdom. Wise words said often. Wisdom comes from a change in our vibration. The more creative we are, the more connected we are to our Higher creative Self. So we say: just go and do what you love. Don’t judge yourself or compare yourself to others. There is no end to knowing that everything is endless. The only thing we must be is prepared for change within our own awareness, for it is always expanding. Just like the Collective Consciousness that could be called ‘Creator’ by someone.

As for me, I can’t wait to get back to my painting with reds and oranges, allowing for this new me to come out and play – to explore the new reality that has been opened for each of us in this new world.


The April newsletter on Being an American sure got a lot of reactions. While there were only a few emails that were upset with us and our opinions, there were more that agreed with the real premise of the newsletter: Prejudice in all its’ forms is not acceptable – not in keeping with the Oneness of life and not to be condoned.

We understand that our country is strongly influenced by the news media and that news may often be presented one-sided. We understand that our government thinks it knows best for the rest of the world. Surely a lot of our own brothers have died or been hurt badly in war, all in the name of a government that can’t agree with itself. We understand that the financial condition of this country affects the entire economics of the world. We understand that approximately one-third of Americans are obese and unhealthy.

We also understand that in other countries, education has a greater degree of priority than here in our country. There is more that we just don’t understand. For one thing: how can a country that represents only about 5% of the global population have so much effect upon the rest of the world? There certainly can be many answers, responses and reactions to that question.

Yes, we feel lucky to live in the United States. There are so many other areas of our planet that are open to change. Yet – our travels around the world for the last twenty-five years have given us a unique bird’s eye view of the availability of choices in other places.

Compassion for all creation requires Oneness; no separation, no judgment, no opinions of right or wrong. Compassion is the only vibration that contains no emotion. It allows for Oneness. It is our philosophy and the way we live. The choices we find in our country allow us the freedom to find that within ourselves and to practice that openly. Prejudice against anyone because of their heritage, culture, race or belief certainly places resistance on those people who really just want to help.

Thanks for reading,
Ken and Nancy




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