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April 2010:

To Be an American

April 2010 Newsletter:


* Friends that Change
* Judgments and Prejudices

Last year while overseas, someone called me an ‘American’.  It was the way it was said – as if to hurt and make me feel bad, like the world was dirty and as an American, I was responsible.  The hardest part:  I thought this person was a friend.  Sad – the realization that we have friends until they no longer are our friends.  Even sadder – I had known this person for years and would have done almost anything to help. This particular individual was one of the most spiritual people.  It became obvious that their physical body had not found a balance with their spiritual knowing.  For most of us – reality can destroy our world.  We can’t be truly spiritual without finding balance with the physically real world in which we live. 

Around the world, there are many people who dislike, even hate Americans.  How can an American help someone in another country when others dislike or hate what Americans stand for?  Are people who are prejudiced against other cultures or societies limited in the way they can change?  What kind of dynamics would they have based on their personal view of the world?  What kind of energies face Americans or any others wanting to help someone or someplace which is actually biased against them?

In a way, this could explain why so many who are helpers and healers find themselves stuck in a reality they don’t understand;  they begin with an intention to help and soon find themselves in something they could not escape – as if they were free falling into chaos.

The USA represents only about 5% of the population of our world.  How many of the 6.7 billion people on the planet judge Americans in some way?   How many Americans judge the rest of the world and all that they stand for?  It appears we all hate what we don’t understand or whatever threatens our world or our own reality.  Creator and creation have no limitations.

After being called an ‘American’, I returned home and immediately put the American flag outside our home.  Do you know why Nancy and I love being Americans?  Because we can be anything we want to be; free to have choices to be all or nothing, even invisible to our own reality or anything we don’t understand; free from a future only based on the past.  To be an American is to be free to explore who and what I am – without church or state control – without the cultural limitations of male vs. female or by having a different education or skin color. 

I am an American where  I have the most choices in the world.  So thank you – for reminding me of who I am and where I choose to live.


Thanks for reading,
Ken and Nancy


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