March 2009 - A New Space to Create

*Spring is about new creation
*Welcome Choices

Well - Spring is just about to happen for most of us in the world. It's been bursting and peeking out here and there, just waiting to birth from the pregnant Earth mother. Right now, I (Ken) am in Slovenia, Europe and here our days have gone from cold and ice to sunshine and rain. And at home, I (Nancy) am looking for some sunshine and warmer weather while welcoming rain to our drought-weary state.

The advent of Spring brings back memories of cleaning house, opening and washing windows, welcoming fresh air into the rooms that held the stale heat of winter for too long. For our personal selves, this means changing our winter-gathered internal awareness to an external adventure by creating something new. And that we have!

Welcome Choices

To prove that you do not have to remain in fear and that there can be a space created for choice, Ken called all the energy of the planet into himself. Nancy also participated in this energetic work. All that remained was quiet and stillness.

We asked you to email us with your fears. Thousands of you wrote, sending us long lists of fears, negative thoughts, emotions, and more that you wanted to release and clear from your space, your heritage, your culture, your country and your world. This exercise was to prove that you do have a choice, that we can create a new space for the consciousness of Choice.

The response to this global release of fear was so overwhelming and we heard such gratitude from you our readers, that we decided to continue the energetic release each month. We chose to welcome the birth of Spring and of new creation by releasing the old programs, the old thoughts, feelings and emotions, the old fears and the old energy of various bands of consciousness that affect everyone on the planet.

Your exterior world is a reflection of your interior world. Why keep doing the same things you've been doing and getting the same result? Why just keep hoping for changes and praying for choices without helping yourself create the changes you choose? Lots of information is available to you, beginning with a simple tool to help you love yourself, raise your vibration and release old stuff. That alone will help you feel freer. It's the energetic clearing technique and we know: you've heard this way too many times before. It only takes 2 minutes of your time each day and is very simple. Can you hear us now?

If you really want to create something new this spring, read this free book: 'How to Clear yourself, Release Old Energy and Feel Free'.

Now, get up from where you are, stretch, breathe some fresh air and begin your own new Spring creations.

Happy Creating !

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