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It's now January 10, 2009 and all is well. It took over eight hours to read the emails from everyone who took part in our 'Global Release of Fear' on December 31 - January 1. Thank you for participating. Some of the fears that were written were so sad and many people had thousands of fears.

I did just as I said I would: I called in all of the energy of the earth - all of the fears/darkness and all other energy in creation - into myself for more than 36 hours. Each day, I re-read all of the fears from the emails we received. Nancy also took part in this global release.

The purpose of this was to show you that there is nothing 'out there' but you - but us. The quieter you are inside - the quieter you can be outside and the more stillness you will feel. This is nothing new. We've been writing and teaching about Oneness and Compassion for so many years. It is only your conscious mind that 'thinks' of these fears and then they become part of your reality.

Compassion: Accepting what is without judgment - without opinion - without any right or wrong. Just total acceptance of what exists. That is what we did - we had compassion for everything and everyone in creation. By having this unconditional compassion, there was no resistance - no fear - no energy inside us that can react to us. So everything remains quiet.

You too can become one with everything. You can feel this Oneness with all creation. How? By loving yourself and having compassion for others. How do I do it? Because I have created it. I can have compassion for my own creations. If I am One , everything else becomes easy.

So why do you think that we are wrong? Why would anyone holding or keeping you in a space of fear want you to change? See - when someone else can get you to be fearful - they can then 'hook' you. It's easy for them to tap into your energy. Anyone who says they can fix you, anyone who preaches doom and gloom or promotes you to be afraid are using that fear for their own energetic purposes.

We have heard your questions: How do you love yourself when you are not perfect? The answer is: you love what you are and who you are. The more you have compassion for yourself (accepting everything about yourself without judging yourself to be good or bad, right or wrong), the easier it becomes to love yourself. Love yourself only one percent more than you have in the past and you will change.

We called in war, hate, killing,anger, greed, hurt and pain, sorrow, addictions, sadness, sorrow, sickness, disease, all religious beliefs that control or promote fear of others, the use of money, the energy between men and women, men and men and women and women, slavery, power and control, abuse, hunger, UFOs, ETs, aliens, Satan, Lucifer, all entities, lost souls, lost spirits, every negative energy or condition that exists and much more - everything that we as humans have created - from every culture, race, heritage and lineage of everyone in the world, all 6.6 billion people, the animals, the land, the water, ozone - all energies, all vibrations. We did this over and over in every combination we could think of.

Our purpose was to free old energy, old ideas, old thoughts, feelings and emotions that keep people in fear, that keep people in victim mentality, that keep people from realizing that they have choices. By freeing the old energy on the planet, this would create a space for a choice to do something different, to allow for a change to take place.

By stating openly that this is what we were going to do on December 31, 2008 through January 1, 2009, we knew that this would certainly get the attention of people who would want to stop us. We received e-mails from fearful people, saying anything they could to get this global fear release to be cancalled. They attempted to create fear within us that I would die, or that this would hurt me. These are the people for whom we have the most compassion. We released their fears as well.

We've been promoting simple tools that you can use to release old energy and to feel free. The energetic clearing technique will change your life.

We've put our new manual "How to Clear Yourself, Release Old Energy and Feel Free' on the website at this link:

For those of you who wrote to us or did your own release of fears, who knows? Perhaps your fears are gone; perhaps they no longer have the same effect upon you that they did in the past; perhaps you realized you really had no fears in the first place.

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By having compassion for all creation - Oneness - a new space can be created in the old energies or emotions of the past.

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