Who is ready for the Big Shift? No one I know, including myself. Isn't the process of Ascension about instantaneous creation? About loving everything and everybody and becoming creators, gods and goddesses? How can you become a master if you don't trust yourself to know your own answers, if you don't love yourself for who you are now? Until we have mastered these ideas and lessons, are we ready for anything else?

There are many ideas about how to create personal transformation. But maybe it's already happening. Are your relationships different? Is the way you create and feel different? Are you and others changing? Do you feel like you don't fit in with others or family or even the planet? Yes, I would say things are changing already.

Learning to trust ourselves and having discernment is an important step in our spiritual growth. If someone is sharing something that doesn't feel right, let it go. Look at your teachers. Are they happy and kind? Are they in harmony with what they teach and how they live their own spiritual path? Do they accept your questions about their ideas without feeling threatened? Is their teaching based on fear or separation? Can it only be one way? Do they withhold information and ideas, saying others are not ready? If these things are true, run as fast as you can the other way.

Our spiritual paths are taking us into uncharted territory -- there is nothing familiar that we can trust, and it sometimes feels uncomfortable. We cannot return to how we were. Our old patterns, however, are what other people in our lives are comfortable with. Our change and growth affects everyone around us. We may not be there for them like we were before. We may be on our own.

Learning to love ourselves is also an important step in our spiritual journey. So many people that I work with are bound up in self loathing. Where did all this self hatred come from? How is it possible to change, shift, or transcend, if we hate who we are? If we don't recognize that we are the perfect angels of God? Don't judge yourself so harshly. Our lives are a journey. It's not about winning or losing. There is no report card we have to worry about. Our mistakes help us learn, grow, and evolve.

Did you know that you can clear old energy from your body, relax, be in the moment, be in your body, and love yourself - all in the space of thirty seconds? Well, it is that simple. It's done each time you use the toilet. As you sit in the bathroom, think clear, pull your etheric fields in toward yourself, hold your hands on your belly and love yourself -- including the list of what you don't like about yourself. If you have a hard time loving yourself, or you don't know what this means - just begin with a really good feeling (like a warm bath, walking in the woods, watching a sunset). Hold this very beautiful feeling and you will have the vibration of love enter into your body. This only takes a few seconds to do. We call it the energetic clearing technique.

Anything you do all day long will become a state of mind -- to be clear, to be present, to love yourself. This simple exercise will change your vibration within three days. The next thing to do is to re-center yourself from your heart center to your pineal gland. This will allow you to move away from your emotional center (the third chakra), become more sensitive, and yet you will become less reactive to energy in the way you have experienced in the past. It will be easier for you to stay in your body. Remember, when you fell in love in the past, you went to the base chakra and began looping from there. By changing your center to your pineal, you can move back to your heart in a whole new way. Feeling everything full body can be very exciting and will allow you to open in ways you have never felt safe to do before. This is the Living Light Breath.

We are living in a challenging and thrilling times. By trusting and loving ourselves and the divine natures we were gifted with, we can follow our spiritual paths with joyful hearts, knowing that we are loved, cherished, safe, and whole. We give that gift to ourselves.

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