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We’ve been saying that fear is now Global.  With a new Hollywood movie called 2012 – we hope this newsletter allows you to move away from fear and towards positive change.

The following is a transcript from “The Hidden/Shadow Side of 2012” – from THE WAY IT WORKS RADIO SHOW. Initial Air date was  December 25, 2008.   So – you don’t have to read this, you can listen to it and other radio shows on our website.

Ken Page and Dr. Nancy Nester:   
“There are so many fears in the world today, we’d like to give you some insights into much of the factual information about 2012 so that you can find the balance within yourself.  December 21, 2012 – the winter solstice has had many prophecies.  Is this truly going to be an end of a cosmic cycle?  Is this going to be an age of awakening – a new step in human evolution?  Will this be the end of the world?  Some individuals believe this date will signify the beginning of 1,000 years of peace.    What is really going to happen?   These questions come about because of the Mayan calendar and the specific date on which this calendar ends:  December 21, 2012.

We are thinking that perhaps it is a powerful window for the collective emergence on this planet to come out of fear and move towards change. 

We also have to realize that while we have been discussing and reading about what seems to be a concern with this Mayan calendar date – does the rest of our world population even care?  Are they even going to be affected by this date?  They might now – because a new movie entitled ‘2012’ will be playing in theatres shortly.  It appears to signal disaster, doom and gloom.  That alone might get more people thinking and fearing what could happen.

2012 is beginning to gain even more widespread phenomena question marks.  It’s almost like Y2K – the beginning of our new millennia.  Many people thought – ‘it’s just another date and I’m going to wake up and it will be the year 2000 – no big deal’. We will merely move from 1999 to 2000.  Others however, were storing food, building shelters and had predictions of the world coming to an end. 

We do know:  fear never creates beneficial change.  When people dwell on a fearful idea, they begin projecting into a scary future – that keeps them from even knowing what’s going on in their present moment.  Actually, fear disconnects us – or filters us- from our own Higher Self.  So if we are in the grips of fear, that we can’t do anything about it – that will actually keep us away from our own intuitive and creative self.  So fear keeps us in fear.

Whether or not we even look at the prophecies or predictions surrounding 2012, we are living in a very fearful world.  ‘Fear is Global’.  That is actually coming across on the tele-prompters on our television news reports.  Even the brightest and best women and men in the world can not agree on what is going to happen  – with the economy, with the violence, the turbulent wars, with anything else that is going on with life as we know it today.

So what our wish would be:  We’d like to help you move past fear and limitation, to find another way of looking – of thinking outside the box and believing something other than what others might consider the ‘norm’ of what is real.  When you put your thoughts, feelings or emotions into the possibility of something fearful happening – it is actually created because you gave it energy.  Now with only one person, you might think that would not have an effect on the rest of us; yet one leads to two which leads to four which leads to hundreds, thousands, millions of people giving energy to something fearful.   How does that energy affect the rest of the world? 

There is nothing that fear can create other than more fear.  If enough people give energy to their fear, their fearful ideas and beliefs can actually manifest physically in their real world.  If you have enough fear around you and you project that fear into your scary future, your thoughts in this moment are going to create your reality in the next moment.  You are creating your experiences of fear because you are feeding the energetics of fear and you are the one continuing your own fear.

Think of yourself as a battery – you keep giving energy to this battery and pretty soon it is full.  When the battery gives you back the energy – it will be the same vibration that is set in motion.  Fear creates more fear and they amplify themselves.  We must always be concerned that we are not merely repeating the same type of addiction and pattern that has been in existence for many years, if not decades or lifetimes.  We have been part of this fear-based society.  And yet, we ask, why not?  Throughout history, there have been many things that have destroyed us – hunger, war, disaster, disease.  It is only natural that any time we begin to get fearful it compounds based on our past experiences of life.

We are today overloaded with information – 24 hour news programs, the internet – we are connected to the world in a time unlike any before.  We get saturated with so much information; through it all we continue to seek meaning in our lives and try to get answers to the same question:  okay what does all this mean for me?  We have so many different ideas from all this information, it challenges our beliefs, the very core of who we are.  Now there are all these predictions, possibilities and prophecies.  2012 has become the great mystery that everyone needs to solve.

So – here’s a thought !  Maybe we are only a bunch of old guys making the Mayan calendar.  Our society is beginning to break down – our paychecks are beginning to dry up.  People are leaving and dying.  Maybe we are just tired of making this calendar and we’re going to go home.  So we just stop. Lots of people think that is just a ‘ken page-ism’ but what if that was true?  What is the real meaning of why the Mayan calendar stopped on that very date?

There are a lot of theories about the Mayan calendar.  While there are lots of theories – it still remains a riddle.  No one has actually definitively solved the riddle. We do know scientifically that there is going to be an event that will happen in our very lifetime.  It only occurs once every 26,000 years.  There have been many individuals who have been studying what has been happening to our planet.  Geophysicists, scientists, geologists, philosophers, engineers:  all of them putting their great minds together to work on the phenomena that will occur.  Our good friend Gregg Braden was part of the book ‘The Mystery of 2012’ which discussed the different opinions and theories of the date and its effect upon us.  If we were to read everything that has been predicted, everything that has been promoted about this 26,000 year event, you will come to accept what Gregg has stated:  ‘the planetary alignment is a rare occurrence that we are actually lucky to be alive to see’. 

2012 has become one of the polarities on our planet.  Like the north and south poles are polarities, as are good and bad, light and dark.  This rare event has polarized the opinions and feelings of everyone. On one hand we have those individuals who will discount this as an interesting occurrence, not unique, just some more planet stuff that means nothing to us.  On the other hand, we have philosophers who direct us to the close of a 5,000 year evolutionary journey which is what the Mayan calendar speaks to as a gestation period.  Since gestation signals a time for birth, then perhaps the 2012 date signifies the birth of a new age of humanity.  Another theory is that the date from the Mayan calendar, because it coincides with celestial events, will hold a profound consequence for life on earth as we know it. 

We do know facts:  the 5,000 year old Mayan calendar tracks a solar cycle and a lunar cycle.  The Mayans recorded a 260-day galactic calendar versus the 365-day calendar that we have come to accept and commonly use on this planet today.  On December 21, 2012, there will be a rare celestial alignment of our solar system:  our sun, our planet and the very center of our galaxy.  We are privileged to be alive during this very powerful event.  Another alignment of this type will not occur for yet another 26,000 years.  

To put some things into perspective, when you are flying and the plane is 32,000 feet high, what happens to you?  How does that space feel to you?  For sure, there are many of us who experience more insights when we are in a different altitude.  Maybe this occurrence in 2012 is nothing more than us changing the space that we are in – getting lighter or there might be a shift within us, or our intuitiveness expands.  It could just be that we will occupy another space, different than before.  Perhaps it will be a gentler space where 

Throughout the last 50 years we have seen many different planetary alignments, and each one has been the subject of writings suggesting ‘this is the opening, this is the portal, this is the time to move forward, change, harness our own awareness’.  We have been privileged to witness changes within people when they become aware of their own expanded viewpoints.  We liken this to watching television on a 13” screen, then moving to a 16” screen and then to a 20” screen.  Each time we might notice things that we did not in our previous viewing ability. 

So this occurrence on December 21, 2012 signifies yet another opportunity for us to change.  No wonder there is so much fear in the world!  Each day our awareness creates change.  Each moment we become aware that we can not return to old moments for we have changed and those moments no longer hold the same energy.  How many people really want to have such change occurring that they might no longer know who they are?  Would that make you uncomfortable?  Even minor change creates fear, what if 2012 brings about major changes?

The magnetic forces, the energetic dynamics existing today, are what we believe to be the vibrations necessary to bring about the full change in 2012.  So we are actually experiencing 2012 right now.  The Mayan calendar speaks to the winter solstice of 2012 as being the end of a cycle.  The vibrations we feel today are the preparations being made for us to handle the change in 2012.  The energies of today’s world could not be more chaotic:  the housing market, global economy, health care crisis, epidemics, wars, violence, disasters…  We have said over and over that chaos is necessary to bring about change.  We are in an age where we daily witness a different, alternative and new way of thinking from world leaders. 

Scientists have proven that in terms of the history of our planet, the geologic record shows that polar reversals have routinely happened. Magnetic pole reversals have happened 171 times in the last 76 million years.  In the last 4 million years, they have occurred 14 times.  Earth scientists suggest that the magnetics of this planet are overdue for another polar shift and they point to the deteriorating weather patterns and the rapid weakening of the planet’s magnetic field as the early stages of a polar reversal.  A polar shift could bring about major dynamics in the way people react on this planet.  Humans are reactive to electro-magnetic changes.  Surely law enforcement officials and health care practitioners can point to numerous occurrences when a full moon occurs.  

Technology now exists to tell us that the sound from space is getting louder; that the core of our planet and its vibratory rate have now increased.  What would happen to us if December 21, 2012 would bring about a pole reversal?  Since there is no one alive who has ever experienced this historic occurrence, there are no guidelines or answers available.  We do know that never before in the history of our planet have there been so many people living within our gravity well:  6.5 billion+. 

So while these events have scientifically and geologically been documented to have occurred on the planet – they have never happened with so many people, so much technology, power grids, global positioning satellites, internet capability and computer connections, can we even accept that we have the wisdom to bring science, history, tradition and beliefs into perhaps a miracle awaiting us?  Not a prediction of gloom, doom and fear.  All prophecies have pointed to this time in history and said that great change will occur – a major time in our lives is here, now. 

From the 8,000 year old Hindu Vedas, the 5,000 year old Mayan and Hebrew Calendars, the prophecies of the indigenous from Asia and the Americas, to all the ancient traditions – everything points to ‘something very great will occur’ during this time in history.  We feel it is also important to note:  NONE of these prophecies say unconditionally that the world will come to an end.  What they do say:  the world as we have known it will enter or begin a new time of change.  How we respond to that change is going to define how we experience it and how our lives will exist in the next evolutionary cycle – the next age of mankind. 

Is it possible that by altering the way we feel about this event will actually change or transform the way we experience the vibrations we feel between now and December 21, 2012?  If there is a frightening prediction we read about 2012 or a movie that we see that brings fear to us – our consciousness (the way we think, the way that we feel) will be fearful and will create more fear.  Is it possible that we will bring about and in turn experience a frightening event? 

Do yourself a favor – do your family a favor – do the people you love a favor:  stop being afraid of something we truly do not know anything about.  There is no fear whatsoever – it is only the fear in our minds that will create more fear.  We’ve spoken about fear over and over, written about releasing fear and we’ve been doing releasing of fear around the planet – and there’s still more fear. 

So what is going to happen in 2012?  Will it be a time of magic – a 1,000 year cycle of peace?  Will it be the end of the world?  What actually do we know?

Yes, we do know that winter solstice 2012 will bring about a rare 26,000 year planetary alignment.  Will this be something we step outside to watch one evening, or sit before our computer and watch it being photographed through a powerful earth telescope?  Will this be a magical moment in time?  The planetary alignment of our son, our planet and the center of our galaxy is the same type of alignment that we practice whenever we work with the Living Light Breath. We breathe up to receive the energy of the sun, harness that energy and bring it back into our bodies (our earth) to the core, the center of our being (into our hara point).  We are preparing for 2012 by creating balance within ourselves - just as the cosmic alignment that will occur on December 21, 2012.

It does appear to be that this date in time will be a great cosmic window of opportunity – an opportunity for us to benefit from our experiences, individual and collective, from the past 5,000 years of gestation when we get to birth something new.  So we get to release all of the beliefs that have created disease in our bodies and limited our lifespans; we get to release all the differences that have separated us as humans; we get to have a possibility where change can converge into this wonderful time for us to experience. 

To prepare for 2012 – allow yourself to be quiet, become energetically clear and use the Living Light Breath to move your center to your pineal gland, align with the core of your being and activate your DNA.  These techniques will only take you minutes each day and they will allow you to be flexible during the changes in vibration of our planet and the electro-magnetics of our world. 


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