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October 2011

Clearing Out the Past

October 2011 News:

*Clearing out the Past
*Insights from Clients
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*November special on Remote
Heart & Soul Healing Sessions


The picture below was taken recently when we were clearing out old files from the past. We have saved every single folder from workshops and classes as well as every session for the past 14 years. We had accumulated literally hundreds of pounds of paper and it was time to clean out our storage room. The stacks of papers in this photo are individual client sheets gathered over 11 years - one page for each
time we have worked with an individual in session. We stopped counting at 50,000. It's hard to imagine or even put a face with each 8"x11" page. Yet these client sessions have given us much insight and information over the years. The stacks of client sheets don't include the last three years, which we have kept for now.

The other picture shows more than 750 information index cards for people that Ken worked with on the weekends for nearly five yers, before he began his healing work full time.

We decided to shred all this sensitive information at a very special place - a service that shreds documents for Home Land Security and provides a certificate of destruction. What a surprise that our paper weighed almost 1,000 pounds! It felt good to clear out the past and we were proud that so many individuals around the world trusted us to help them change their lives. We really don't know anyone else who has worked with as many individuals as we have.

The number of sheets gives you a glimpse into the experiences we have shared and the insights we have received from each of our clients. There are similar histories that we have heard over and over again. So it appears there must be some truth to these stories and how our bodies are affected by the emotions of our past.

Here is what we DO know:
1) We are all made up of energy, a life force that exists as creative energy in everything and everyone
2) We all have old energetic patterns based on the emotions and experiences from our past. How far our past goes is up to us and how we are holding onto the old energy.

So what do you think it means when we say we must first heal our past in order to create consciously in our future? There are literally millions of emotions that make up our individual history - our family, culture, religion, were we have lived and much more. Since we have been a part of everything that has ever been created, the emotions of our past often seem endless and overwhelming. Yet we can change our past creations and return them to pure creation - pure life force energy. By changing our part in the emotions of our past and releasing all prior experiences, we are free from what has been holding us back - keeping us stuck. what if you had been involved in an event much earlier in this life. Did the trauma of that situation cause a small piece of you to fragment off or get stuck in that timeframe? This piece may still be with you, yet it is not in balance or alignment with who you are now or who you want to be. It seems for most individuals that there has always been a part of you watching yourself, yet not feeling safe to be fully present. If that's true, then there might also be a piece of you in the past that was also not safe.

Finding those 'lost' pieces of you is what we do in our individual sessions. We also discover if you are energetically attached or corded to others; whether or not they are still with you. Sometimes there is a piece of someone from our past that remains a part of us today. We are connected to that person by energetic emotions or feelings that can also become our ddictions. The emotions behind cording or energetic looping can be fear, anger, sexual dynamics or even some kind of pain. Actually, the most powerful, yet damaging of all emotions is love, representing all the times we were hurt, rejected, abandoned or disappointed by love. That can close us down to ourselves and to our creative connection with Source. Are the energies
you feel outside yourself actually pieces of others that you have brought with you to this time? There are many ways in which you could be looking for yourself - feeling stuck - and you may not know why.

There are tools you can use to help yourself become lighter - less reactive to what exists in your life. The first is the energetic clearing technique: http://www.kenpage.com/healingtechniques/moment.html

The second is becoming liquid light.

The third is moving your center to your pineal gland by using the Living Light Breath.

Remember, the lighter you become, the less reactive you are to old patterns, the easier it is for you to change and move forward. We consider these the basics of self-empowerment for everyone.

Read more about how the energetic dynamics of our past are stored as imprints on our bodies here.

There are many ways in which you can empower yourself to change and have the compassion for helping others. Read more here.

In a Heart & Soul Healing session, you will discover your soul purpose and mission for being here now; identify any part of you that is out of the moment or held in past feelings or emotions; learn what energy or patterns you have picked up from your parents; release any karmic attachments to parents, lovers or others from the past; release and balance all thoughts within your nervous system; release energetic patterns you are carrying from past traumas; discover if you have conflicting programs in your subconscious that keep you from creating and manifesting; bring in all of your essence and any part of you that has not been safe to be here and finally integrate fully into your own time with a true connection with your God self.

Thanks for reading,

Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy


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