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Becoming Liquid Light

One of the easiest ways to maintain a clearer vibration is to think of ourselves as Liquid Light. Remember, water does not stop its movement or flow. Even when faced with a boulder in the river, water goes over or around the obstacle without hesitation. As Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research has proven, our thoughts, emotions, feelings, or ideas have a resultant effect on the structure of water.

Our bodies are 70-80% water. We are actually more liquid than solid. As we are really a liquid vibration, our multidimensional cells are directly affected by our thoughts, emotions, feelings and ideas. Liquid Light is the same feeling that one feels when they connect with Spirit.

Here's how to Become Liquid Light:
First, let yourself feel fluid, everything in your body turning to liquid; your bones are liquid, your muscles are liquid, your organs are liquid etc.

Then, can add a color to that light, (a color that you love, or a color that represents our essence).

Now, you are (your color) Liquid Light. Experience yourself as fluid and adaptable.

When you think of yourself as solid, it's as if you are a target for all of the projections of the world. When you are liquid light with your chosen spiritual color, you can change how you perceive yourself, and also how others perceive you, so their projections do not affect you in the same way.

In this way, we can all begin unconditional acceptance of ourselves which becomes the unconditional love needed for true healing and pure creative vulnerability.

TIP: Next time you are in a store that sells paint, there are normally paint colors on small pieces of cardboard - called paint samples. Look for the color that is YOU. When you get it home, cut it up into small square pieces. Put one on your wallet, one on your mobile/cell phone, one on your computer... everywhere you will look that can continually remind you: you are (your color) liquid light.


There are four (4) techniques that we recommend to change your vibration entirely:
the energetic clearing technique, becoming liquid light, moving your center to your pineal gland until you become safe to open your heart and changing the vibration of your name.