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We've been writing these newsletters for more than ten years. Each month we talk about a different challenge and hopefully, provide you with a way of empowering yourself and others.  We've shown you that vulnerability or being open can be the most powerful force on earth where there is no space for FEAR. 

What can we say or do to show you that there is nothing invisible that can hurt you?  It's only your mind that creates things outside of you - entities, demons, other dimensions, ET's, monsters, reptilians, greys, secret conspiracies, implants…  Just name it and we have seen individuals who bring that type of FEAR into the healing arts.  Fear is how people get hooked and keep coming back - FEAR is an addiction.

The only thing that can 'get you' is whatever you have been a part of in the past.  You can change that by your awareness and then - just stop giving it any energy.  Soon it disappears.

Instead of looking at our past to find what triggers us, what emotions entangled us or what traumas are still lurking in the shadows, we continue to attract things into our present that make us feel helpless, afraid, stuck and hopeless.  Actually, our past - based upon history-  is far worse than anything we could imagine ‘out there’ trying to get us or hurt us.  We can heal our past because we have a level of compassion that can change the energy that holds us. 

You may want to re-read the newsletter we wrote about Oneness:  It took us about 6 months to formulate and explain our perceptions and awareness based on the reports of our clients.  Here is the direct link to read more.    Oneness

We also were very excited to find confirmation of what we’ve been saying for years:  change/release the emotions and the past will heal.  Putting this another way, research by Dr. Masaru Emoto proved that changing the vibration of water (through emotions, thoughts, words, sound), the molecular structure of the water was changed.  Our October 2006 newsletter gave you a technique for becoming Liquid Light to help recognize old patterns and change your very structure. 

When we initially released ‘The Art of Transference – Healing through Compassion’ , we suggested that releasing the emotions from our past could actually change an endless past and have a direct affect upon the clearing and healing of our DNA.  Subsequent to the publishing of that book, we received research information that suggested the magnetized ‘wormholes’ in our DNA were similar to the Einstein-Rosen bridges found in the vicinity of black holes (burned out stars) in the Universe.  These tunnel connections transmit information outside of space and time to our DNA which passes them on to our consciousness.  Read more of Chapter 19.

You might have read it before; here’s a link to our newest manual:  ‘How to Clear Yourself, Release Old Energy and Feel Free’.

We have marked what we have come to complete.  It is within our very DNA.  We can’t get away from what we have said we wanted to do – because it is our destiny and we planned it. Fear will be with us until we complete our past and we move into our new creation - the future.

THE BIG RELEASE – October 31 – November 2, 2009

We witness individuals who cannot let go of their fears or their feelings about change. They have been holding these emotions far too long. We watch people get sick because of fear. Their resistance to change has only created more terror and panic within themselves. They have now become the energy of fear in its purest state. This emotion begins to overwhelm them, causing them to break down. The only answer we continue to receive is: ‘surrender, let go’ of the emotions we are holding. Complete surrender to everything and anything is necessary. We know that old ideas limit us from being more; fears limit us from seeing the available space of change. We have such compassion for individuals who live in fear and resistance. Hopefully our compassion will create a space for new choices to be found.

To create a space within which you can release your fears and allow for a change, beginning at 9:00 am on Saturday, October 31 and continuing until 9:00 am on Sunday November 1, Ken will call in all of the energy created by all your fears and help transmute those fears back to Clear Light - back to pure creative energy.  Feel free to release all your ideas, thoughts, beliefs which contribute to the global consciousness of fear  (i.e. loss, abandonment, rejection, living, illness, disease, black magic, witchcraft, sorcery, demonic practices, entities, attachments, ETs and more).

Beginning at 9:00 am on Sunday November 1 (also known as ‘All Saints’ Day), and continuing through 9:00 am on Monday November 2, Ken will call in all of the energy created by the projections, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, judgments and hurts from past and present religions.


What ‘The Secret’ does not tell you

If there is a subconscious program playing out that says ‘you do not deserve’, ‘you can never have’, or any other self-sabotaging statement – you will not be able to attract to you what you do choose and want. 

Finally discover a healing approach that does not create more fear in your life but empowers you to change, bringing about something brand new for yourself, your family and your community. 

Does your area need help? Do you know others who would like to free themselves from whatever is weighing them down?  Sometimes life just gets too much. 

We would love to help you help yourself and others to bring about change.  We are completing our schedule for 2010 – contact us for information about bringing Ken and/or Nancy to your area.


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