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June 2010 Newsletter:

Healer/Teacher or Savior?

June 2010 Newsletter:

*Healer/Teacher or Savior?
*Victim or Creator? / One or Separate?
*Starting Over
*Releasing the Doom of 2012*

Over the years of being a teacher/healer, one of the most important messages I have attempted to share is that I am a person just searching for truth. I have also strived to teach that everyone has power within themselves - their own god-self. Some teachers have set themselves apart, taking on the role of 'savior'. They often receive insights or information which they do not completely share or which they continue to hold for themselves; compelling students to look to them for answers. Many respond well to this 'savior' role because that is the way most individuals were taught to view God; as many of us have been conditioned to the idea that God is separate and apart from us. We consider this to be the last duality in our spiritual reality - that we are separate from God. There are also teachers within this mindset who have achieved money and fame with many 'followers'.

Over these years we have been witness to many addictions caused by money, power and the ability to control knowledge; not just by teachers, but by all types of influential individuals and leaders who then think they are saving their ideas, their cultures or their world. Unfortunately these forces often create completely different outcomes than what was initially intended. If we fall into our own 'story' really hard, we think it to be the only right 'story' for everyone else and it can place us on a long journey back to reality. We have a great deal of compassion for those who put themselves on the path of savior without finding a way to empower others to think or act responsibly for themselves.

*Victim or Creator?
*One or Separate?

There are really only two questions we face in life.
First: Am I a Creator or am I a victim? The victim consciousness results in the savior necessity.

Second: Am I One or am I separate? We often wonder how many others can truly be 'One' with all the different energetic forces of our world, and share that level of compassion with everyone.

For years I have practiced being 'One' with every kind of energy. I often demonstrate this by calling all energy that exists into myself, including war, hunger, sickness, disaster, cancer - everything that has been created throughout history. By not having fear or any reaction to the energy of negativity, these bands of consciousness merely exist as part of creation. It remains my choice whether or not I react to any type of energy. Hopefully this practice can prove to others that what we fear is only energy; and it is energy that we can process because we already have everything within us. As we are part of creator, we are part of all creation and thus, all the energy created by humankind - even that energy we often label as bad or evil. In calling all creation into yourself every day, you develop a level of compassion for all that exists. This is what I have been practicing over the last 15 years - three to four hours every day.

Each month for the last 11 years,we have sent newsletters to share stories, shifts in the dynamics of consciousness and our own vulnerabilities. Physical challenges for me have included a knee replacement, cancer and a stroke. There have also been personal experiences such as the changes in important relationships as I tried to be open and honest about my emotions. These experiences were shared to help each of you realize that you can choose to change your own lives and also know deep down that you can survive your changes.

I am aware that many people just do not understand me. That's okay because how much of anyone else do we really understand. The challenge is - we find it easier to judge what we don't understand. Some people have often found it easier to judge me instead of attempting to understand me. Judgment of others is really - judgment of yourself. There are two specific newsletters you might want to read: The Witness and The Judge/Creator. The information shared in these two newsletters is very important and sets out clearly why judgment of others can be so detrimental to the self.

*Starting Over

If I were to start over, would it be easier to choose being a normal person or a savior? I honestly now believe that had I chosen the savior role, this work would have reached many millions of people. Wanting to empower people when they don’t really want to be empowered can often be difficult. After all, it is sometimes easier to remain within our comfort zone rather than challenge ourselves to be more than we are and take back the power we've given to others. There's that question again: Am I a Creator or am I a victim? Perhaps it's too late for me to become famous or even known as a great savior. Sharing the philosophy of Heart & Soul Healing stresses the importance of self-empowerment so I never would be a savior anyway.

Yet there is something I know that is needed and that I am capable of doing; perhaps this is my real job after all. We do understand that there is a great deal of negative energy caught up in the emotions of our past. The more we hold onto our own 'story', the more we are holding onto the emotions of our past. I can release all the negative energy that people are experiencing on earth right now. Just for this moment, people might then feel within themselves less fear, less depression, less hopelessness than they have felt in the past. This release will allow each person to find a space within themselves they might not have recognized before - a space where choice can be seen and felt, a choice that can change their future. This space is where creation begins.

*Releasing the Doom of 2012*

So beginning on the 1st of July, 2010 and continuing until the 31st of December, 2012, for two hours each day, I will call all of the negativity within creation into myself, including the energy of the doomsayers about 2012.

This process of release will provide a space within everyone to become aware of a lessened sense of burden, to escape from the negative confines of their own minds and a choice to remove themselves from the negative dynamics of their lives. This release will merely create a space where energy can change form. Who knows what shape it will take? Will it appear as savior energy? Each individual creator can choose for themselves, knowing they can help the world be a better place.

We hope that the compassion found in being One with everything - separate from nothing will allow everyone to recognize their own Creator-ship and release the bondage of victim mentality. Perhaps by being One with all the energy on earth, we can help to balance karma in some way so everyone trapped in the 'story' of their past can be free to move or change.

Thanks for reading,
Ken and Nancy



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