April 2009 - Empower Yourself and Others
to Change

*Words are Limiting
*Monthly Release for Change

Sometimes words just don’t seem to express what is going on. I’ve often said that verbal communication – our words, are limiting. So it’s been challenging to find the right words to explain what I have been experiencing in a way that would be helpful to anyone other than myself. We all know one thing: times are now very different. The choices we thought we had in the past sure don’t feel that way now. Many people throughout the world (and some entire countries) appear to be consumed by the feelings of being fear, hopelessness and desperation.

This unfortunately isn’t something new just because of the recent economic problems. Those old stuck, trapped, desperate feelings and energetic dynamics have been felt by many people around the world for many years. Some of us were just a bit removed - insulated from a lot of the raw pain of being hungry, sick or at war as experienced by our fellow man. Some have even found their own belief system shattered by others who only want to destroy complete societies or cultures. I found myself a little ashamed of those powerful countries that turned their backs on the problems of others around the world. That only encouraged the crippling of their spirit

Now, however, we are looking at a change in the structure of many powerful countries, even a possible internal collapse of their way of thinking. So I guess in this way, we can say that everything is changing; and for some people, change can represent a good thing. For many though, the fear of change is so great, it is almost overwhelming. It’s not about things or stuff or possessions or careers or whatever you want to call it. It’s not about having some ‘thing’ define us or tell us what or who we are. The old identity we thought we had is now lost in the rubble of crisis and change. We must seek to find our new space within the stillness inside us or remain caught in the veil of illusion.

We cannot control anything outside ourselves. We must seek that inner peace or risk losing ourselves to the consuming energy around us that only leads to helplessness or hopelessness. As I write this, I am sitting in a little apartment in the middle of Europe, wondering what I could or should be doing. Most of you might understand this type of feeling, just in your own way. I have now mastered the art of transference in my healing practice through having pure compassion for others.

The word ‘compassion’ has many different meanings. Sometimes there is no real way to define or translate the word ‘compassion’. What I have been witness to are nothing short of miracles. In each session, clients are able to release all of the old emotions of their past. Often, what they are releasing is not even originally theirs - it is the old emotional energy of others who have been holding them in their own ideas (others like family, cultures, countries, religions or the way men hold ideas of women and the way women hold ideas of men). It’s everything all mixed up inside us, our own emotions and the emotions of others – until we wake up one day and truly do not know who we really are. Most of the time, we don’t realize how much we pick up from others – until we do. There is a certain knowing that we have within ourselves, we just don’t need to wear the emotions of others on our bodies. Because these emotions are so old and have been with us for such a long time, a heavier energy with its own vibration begins to exist within us. This energy is so dense that it can attract the energies of sickness or disease.

I have never before experienced the depth of release or the level of understanding that is occurring now in my practice. This creates a new challenge that leads me to question: Just how much can one person actually release? How much are we willing to change? What Nancy and I now find in our practice is that people are holding old/past thoughts, feelings and emotions of others. By releasing what is not truly theirs, they discover a quiet, still, non-reactive space where they can then look within themselves to determine who or what they want to be. As an added bonus, the average person is walking out, looking years younger. Their appearance becomes lighter, freer and thus, younger.

Can an area or even a country really change and let go of its past ideas and beliefs, its fears or limitations in comparison to other countries? I believe with all my heart that this can happen. When it does, it can begin the chain reaction within our own area – like a pebble in a pond; ripples allow for subtle changes. That’s what Nancy and I believe is possible. For the past three years, we have allowed for these changes to happen.

What we now witness are those individuals who cannot let go of their fears or feelings about change. They have been holding these emotions far too long. We watch people get sick because of fear. Their resistance to change has only created more terror and panic within themselves. They have now become the energy of fear in its purest state. This emotion begins to overwhelm them, causing them to break down. The only answer we continue to receive is: ‘surrender, let go’ of the emotions we are holding. Complete surrender to everything and anything is necessary. We know that old ideas limit us from being more; fears limit us from seeing the available space of change. We have such compassion for individuals who live in fear and resistance. Hopefully our compassion will create a space for new choices to be found so they can find that place inside themselves that allows for change. We must stop using our past to tell us who we are today; we are always more today than we were yesterday.

So back to my original question: what do I do now in this country? I don’t speak the language even though others do the best they can to speak mine. It feels like I am waiting for something to occur, something that I don’t yet understand. The only way for me to stay emotionally healthy is to ‘surrender - let go’ of everything and everyone (even Nancy until she gets here in a few days). This ensures that I am not adding to any of the problems or challenges or others around me. I have to allow myself to be completely open, vulnerable to the innocence of creativity that allows for change.

The realm of healing (or helping) others who need our assistance or guidance must also change. I am asking all healers, intuitives, psychics and other spiritual teachers to eliminate from their work: all information, negative words or feelings that could scare others or place fear into anyone in any way. If you sense something hurtful or ‘bad’, just release it. We don’t need to contribute any more fear to the consuming energy that already exists. Please also stop using the words “holding a space”. Rather, we suggest that all of us should “be the space”.

We must always be responsible in what we do and in what we say. Often, clients relate to us that they received their fearful information from someone else, someone to whom they went for healing or for help. We must always be conscious of helping others, asking them not to react to fear or the feelings of being stuck, trapped, helpless or hopeless. These are lifeless feelings; each a very old consciousness that no longer needs to exist. We can no longer be a part of these energetic dynamics any longer.

Help others release fears around entities, spirit attachment, evil or demonic beings; fears around UFOs or ETs or alien cultures or races. Don’t add your own feelings, thoughts or ideas to the fears of others. This does not empower anyone.

Please don’t provide insights or information to another that would only create more fear in their reality. We must allow others to find peace within themselves. We all can help them find this place. Please think about what we are asking. It is now time for all of us to help others, not hold them back. It is now time for us to empower others to be more than they are.

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