Practicing the Release of Rage

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Begin by thinking of a person with whom you have a lot of unresolved rage or anger. Focus on your feelings towards that person, go into them very intensely. Do not physically act them out. That is, do not yell or pound your pillow. Even though you are not outwardly expressing anything, this is a very powerful internal process. Continue being with your feelings until your rage and anger have dissolved and all is quiet.

Do not censor your experience; go into the anger, depression, sadness. To benefit the most from this process, do not hold back on your emotions, otherwise you will not enter the feeling of true rage. If you feel anger as you begin to do this release, go into the anger, don't retreat. You will be going into a void, which reflects whatever you are feeling back to you..

The mirror of the void reflects your feelings back to you. As soon as you match them, really feel them; you will move into them. You may feel you are losing control and just for a moment it might feel a little scary. Remember, what you are feeling is you. You are the one trapped in twenty or thirty years of inappropriate thoughts, locked into its vibration. This is what the Buddhists meant when they say it is important to lose control of every single thought we have ever had. This is how we can completely let go.

As soon as you completely 'step into your own stuff', you will feel out of control. This will be similar to those times in your life when you physically went into a rage. For those of you who have done this, remember how out-of-control you were. It was only when you came out of it that you realized you had brokne some object(s) or said many wild things. Don't worry that this will happen to you. It is safe using the lucid dreaming process, for you are only out of control in a dream.

You may repeat the exercise more than once. The first time you experience this, it will be the most intense. Give yourself time to process after the first exercise and wait perhaps a month. If you still feel a residue of old feelings, repeat this process until finally, you feel nothing. Your inner voice will tell you when to do it again.

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