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Connecting with a state of oneness can be a difficult process. The concept of oneness can leave you initially with the feeling that you are alone in this world as you are shifting and working out who you are within it.
One of the main aspects about being here on this planet is trying to figure out who we are and what our role is in relation to ourselves and others. We often look at others and outside of ourselves to try and figure this out.
The concept of being one with all things is to realize that the only way to find ourselves is to look within, heal the parts that do not feel right and serve our highest good and clear them. Ken and Nancy have to capacity to help you find who you really are.
If you would like to expedite your spiritual growth in a safe environment, this is the course for you. If you feel it’s time for a change and would like to understand more of who you are and what you have to offer in this world, come to this course.
You will have the opportunity to learn:
  • Healing on a Soul level
  • Energetic scanning of the body's electrical field (both human and animal)
  • Creating empathic connections
  • Clairvoyant listening
  • Healing male/female energies within you
  • Techniques to energetically clear old patterns in the brain and activate new ones
  • Activation of will, power, control and complete awareness of the physical body
  • Understanding who you on higher levels and allowing you to integrate them in the physical body.
  • Healing and balancing all of the chakra’s
  • A new sense of loving yourself, others and everything around you.
Within you is a state of beingness unlimited in its' expression. It holds the possibility to expand all your understandings and perceptions. Have you been wanting to gain an understanding of your inner self, inner child, inner BEing and your connection to all that IS?
If you are reading these words, your heart has yearned and unknowingly longed to awaken to the true nature of your reality. What you have come to know in your present state of reality is based on the information you have received from the words, actions and perceptions of others. This 'story' has filtered into your awareness and has come to be accepted as your 'truth'. These thoughts, words and actions have manifested into the creation of your world.
A shift within your understanding of what is truly 'real' and what may only be a 'story' can lead you towards the experience of a unified existence only glimpsed through the smaller recognition of 'self'.
It is possible to connect the fragmented or frozen aspects of yourself and release the karmic ball and chain that holds you in a state of separation. Unravel the linear events of your history and become more than your past; arrive at a place of understanding your own journey.
Stop following the old path and create a new space of possibilities for yourself. Join us to experience an unlimited state of being, the timeless state you have only read about in books or heard spoken by others.
You will come to know yourself as ONE, connecting with the ONENESS that is your right, the truth of your being, free to be only who YOU are.

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In one Harry Potter movie, 'The Goblet of Fire', Dumbledoor gives a profound statement to young Harry: In the end result, do we do what is easy, or do we do what is right?
For both of us, the knowing that what we teach may be so radically different from other spiritual teachers is not easy.  For those of you who have followed our newsletters and other writings for years, you have heard our philosophy that the truth of BEing is really only about being ONE with everything - not separate from anything. 
Sounds simple yet for the majority of humans on this earth, this simple statement is not easily put into practice.  Oh it sounds good to say: ' I AM ONE with all there is'.  Yet how many really know and can actually accept what that means?  To be ONE with everyOne is to accept - without thought, judgment or fear - every single human in existence as a creator capable of experiencing their own truth.  It means that there really is only ONE mind, ONE thought, ONE existence in this Universe.  Only a small problem though - that also includes your neighbors, landlords, co-workers, boss, partner, wife/husband, children, the exploiters, war mongers etc. etc.
If you're like us, you love transformational learning—the kind of direct, experiential learning that really changes your life. This workshop and its' information has never been presented in this format. The energies of our planet afford the most unique opportunity to accelerate your own processes as never before. Experience for yourself the Divine timing.
Remember this Truth: We are truly ONE, looking for parts of ourselves that are lost in an older time, like being stuck in a bubble, frozen in the past, needing to be a part of ourselves in this time, and wanting to release old emotions that keep us from feeling free. We wish each person could find all their pieces and parts to feel complete and One. The past is no longer a part of the present moment; it only provides us with an awareness of the experience; we don't need the emotional baggage any longer.


Many Blessings,

Ken Page and Nancy Nester
Nancy and Ken Page




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